Friday, April 28, 2017

march catch up

Our niece celebrated her birthday and everyone came to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They rented a hotel room and all the kids got to swim.  They all had so much fun together!  It was nice to have all the cousins able to make it.
The kids loved having water fights with their uncles!
Kerigan with the birthday girl, Abby!
Jack is the oldest cousin and he is getting so big.  He is so sweet with the younger kids and was playing with Kerigan and making her laugh!
A little fun in the hot tub
Everyone took a pool break for some cake!
These two are about a year apart and have become good friends this past year.  They love every opportunity to get together!
Then there's these two...
It's so awesome to have such great neighbors for the kids to play with.  Kerigan drew this the other day- her "plan" for getting all her friends together!  I love the circle with "I'm so happy" in the middle.
We decided to explore some of the parks in town one evening when it started warming up a little bit!
This one quickly became a favorite
Can't wait to start enjoying more days like these soon!
I think my favorite days are the days where the kids are outside from sun up until sun down playing with their friends on bikes, scooters, etc.
This girl came to my room after school and had chosen an Iowa State gymnastics book for her take home book!  I was so thrilled I had to take her picture!  Ha! 
Then one busy evening carting kids around to activities, this girl lost her first tooth!
Love that little toothless smile
The tooth fairy left $5 for how many years she had her tooth!
The kids school celebrated Dr. Seuss week.  This was green eggs and ham day in Kindergarten!
Wacky Wednesday
Then it was so funny because the following week the whole school did a Wacky Wednesday so Andrew was so excited to get to dress up.  Kerigan said she didn't really want to again because she was getting "sick of it."  Ha ha!  As you can see, she changed her mind at the last minute!
Then I got to go on the Kindergarten field trip to Hancher auditorium to see a performance called Circus Oz.  It was so special to be able to go with my girl!
A little fun with snapchat on Oscars night!  Ha!
A feline funny for you
My girl and I checking out Clarie's after her ice skating lesson.  There's a plus to having the ice arena inside the mall!
My sweet 4th grader had his concert right before spring break.  They had to wear red, white and blue for songs about America.
He did so good and actually sang this time!
I'll never forget as a little boy how he would just stand there and not sing!  At least he always looked cute!  Ha!
He said this was his favorite song because he got to play an instrument.
I loved the bow at the end!
My handsome boy.  How can he be 10 and going into 5th grade next year!? :(  Time slow down.
My loves
This is Andrew's best friend Tanner.  His family is so sweet and we have enjoyed getting to know them.  We found out that they used to live by us before we all had kids and lived in another town!  Such a small world.
They met us at our favorite froyo place after the concert.
Andrew's nice music teacher, Dr. Fairfield.
March was full of a lot of packing!  At least Belle found a comfy place to be right in the way! Ha!
Routine dentist appointments for the kids found this sassy girl with 4 wiggly teeth and no cavities!
Andrew does need a filling.  But it's okay because he loved playing with this dog just like he used to at our old dentist office when he was 3! #itsthelittlethings

I think I'm finally caught up to our amazing spring break trip!  Vacation updates coming soon!

Friday, February 17, 2017

valentines and concerts

My sweet girl had a Valentine concert in February.
The Kindergarteners did a fabulous job!
I just love them- I could watch this age perform all day, they are SO cute!
Kerigan got to play an instrument during one of the songs.
Proud of our sweet little singer!
Ga Ga came to watch her perform too!
Daddy had to work this evening but he arranged to get away just to see his girl's concert.  She just lit up when he walked in and made her night.
Kerigan's music teacher Ms. Grow.  This is her first year and was her first concert and she did a great job!
Our awesome principal Mr. Ewald!  Everyone LOVES him!
Ga Ga came the weekend before Valentines Day and brought surprises for the kids!
She also got to help with the kids' Valentines!
The school had a no candy rule for Valentines (I know, seriously?  What's fun about that??) But we made it work!
Andrew loves army men so this was perfect.
And Belle was of course enjoying helping too!  Ha ha.
Kerigan did Play doh.
Thank goodness for Pinterest!  Without candy, I was struggling for ideas!
She was so proud to write her classmates names on them and did it so neatly!  She loves doing things like this!
We tried out our new curlies for the Valentine party!
It turned out SO cute!
This is what it's like trying to take their picture!  Ha!
Andrew is usually the goofy one!  Ha!
Finally got a good one!
I got to visit Kerigan's classroom for her party.  I love getting to be at school with them for class parties!
She couldn't wait to go through her envelope of cards from her friends!

Could this be her first love note from a boy?!  I asked her about it and she said, "Oh yeah, he loves me."  Like it was no big deal.  Ha ha!  I think we're in trouble with this one!
I honestly don't know how Kindergarten teachers do it!  Kerigan has one of the best I've ever seen- she's amazing!
This was all I could get from Andrew at his party.  I think I cramp his style sometimes!  Ha ha.
This made me laugh.
Then that week on Friday morning I went in to read to Kerigan's class.  I brought a silly book and the kids LOVED it.  They were all giggling and Kerigan loved sitting on my lap and showing the pictures.  I treasure these times so much as I know they are short lived!
Then I helped set up this fun snack "buffet" in their room.  It was pajama day too!  So fun!
While I was there I peeked in on Andrew doing jump rope for heart in P.E.!

That night we took Avery with us to BWW for dinner.  Silly girls!
Andrew was so thrilled to have these boys sleep over!  They live right behind us and are twins! One of them is in his class and he's gotten to be good friends with them both.  He said "Mom I can't believe for 10 years of my life I've never had a friend sleep over!"  He was so happy.
I found out most normal boys eat a lot!  Ha!  I fixed them pancakes in the morning.

It was a fun and memorable Valentine's week!

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