Monday, April 17, 2017

valentines and concerts

My sweet girl had a Valentine concert in February.
The Kindergarteners did a fabulous job!
I just love them- I could watch this age perform all day, they are SO cute!
Kerigan got to play an instrument during one of the songs.
Proud of our sweet little singer!
Ga Ga came to watch her perform too!
Daddy had to work this evening but he arranged to get away just to see his girl's concert.  She just lit up when he walked in and made her night.
Kerigan's music teacher Ms. Grow.  This is her first year and was her first concert and she did a great job!
Our awesome principal Mr. Ewald!  Everyone LOVES him!
Ga Ga came the weekend before Valentines Day and brought surprises for the kids!
She also got to help with the kids' Valentines!
The school had a no candy rule for Valentines (I know, seriously?  What's fun about that??) But we made it work!
Andrew loves army men so this was perfect.
And Belle was of course enjoying helping too!  Ha ha.
Kerigan did Play doh.
Thank goodness for Pinterest!  Without candy, I was struggling for ideas!
She was so proud to write her classmates names on them and did it so neatly!  She loves doing things like this!
We tried out our new curlies for the Valentine party!
It turned out SO cute!
This is what it's like trying to take their picture!  Ha!
Andrew is usually the goofy one!  Ha!
Finally got a good one!
I got to visit Kerigan's classroom for her party.  I love getting to be at school with them for class parties!
She couldn't wait to go through her envelope of cards from her friends!

Could this be her first love note from a boy?!  I asked her about it and she said, "Oh yeah, he loves me."  Like it was no big deal.  Ha ha!  I think we're in trouble with this one!
I honestly don't know how Kindergarten teachers do it!  Kerigan has one of the best I've ever seen- she's amazing!
This was all I could get from Andrew at his party.  I think I cramp his style sometimes!  Ha ha.
This made me laugh.
Then that week on Friday morning I went in to read to Kerigan's class.  I brought a silly book and the kids LOVED it.  They were all giggling and Kerigan loved sitting on my lap and showing the pictures.  I treasure these times so much as I know they are short lived!
Then I helped set up this fun snack "buffet" in their room.  It was pajama day too!  So fun!
While I was there I peeked in on Andrew doing jump rope for heart in P.E.!

That night we took Avery with us to BWW for dinner.  Silly girls!
Andrew was so thrilled to have these boys sleep over!  They live right behind us and are twins! One of them is in his class and he's gotten to be good friends with them both.  He said "Mom I can't believe for 10 years of my life I've never had a friend sleep over!"  He was so happy.
I found out most normal boys eat a lot!  Ha!  I fixed them pancakes in the morning.

It was a fun and memorable Valentine's week!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

beat the bitter

One freezing day after school we took the kids and our neighbor to "Beat the Bitter," an event at a park in our town.
I kind of feel like this whole update is about beating the bitter because it was so freezing this winter!  We found a lot of fun things to do inside!
But this event was outside and still so fun.  They had horse drawn trolley rides!  The girls were excited.  Andrew- notsomuch.
More hot chocolate for the win!  Now he's excited!
They had Anna and Elsa!  Bonus!  Side note- Kerigan is holding this dog because it was her turn to take it home from Kindergarten and write about their adventures.  Fun times.
They had these huge blocks of ice that we got to watch them carve!  It was pretty cool!
Later that night we went back for fireworks and they had completed the ice sculptures!
They were fascinated with the huge chunks of ice!
Then the kids all piled in the back of Megan's car to watch the fireworks out the window because it was SO COLD.

It's hard to take pictures of fireworks but we were so impressed by these!  We said they were just as good as the 4th of July!
Kerigan wrote this at school and brought it home.  I texted it to Megan (Avery's mom) and said apparently we have a new family member- Ha!
Another cold weekend Avery's family took Kerigan to the children's museum in town.
They had a blast!  (Clearly, Kerigan was confused by this mirror- Ha!)
Avery's little brother, Brady, is like Kerigan's brother too.  She loves him and is always asking me when she gets to be a big sister! (Not gonna happen!)
Our sweet friends from our old town were at the hospital with Parker and since we live all of 10 minutes away, we brought them some treats and went to visit!  Since we don't live down the street from each other anymore, we have to take advantage of when we're close!  Even if it IS the hospital!
When your BFF knows just what you need for an unexpected hospital stay!
My sweet boy's class was doing presentations and his group got to come present to my class!  I loved it so much!
On the 100th day of school her teacher texted us these pictures of our kids at age 100!  Yikes!  So funny.
Our cousin was having a birthday party so we went to stay at Ga Ga's for the weekend since she lives closer.  Kerigan is obsessed with these Beadoes.  You make designs and then spray them with water and they stick together.  Genius!
I had to post this on FB- Like Ga Ga like grandson!
Evelyn's party was at the coolest new place called Climb Iowa!
These two did amazing!

They both made it to the top!  Incredible!
The pictures don't really do it justice how tall these walls were!
I was amazed.  This was NOT easy and several of the kids couldn't do it!
Then they had these smaller ones that were slanted backwards and both kids also made it to the top of these!
This pictures makes me laugh!
Made it to the top!
Andrew and Evelyn having a contest!  They are 4 days apart and love having birthday parties so close together.
Then this is such a sweet story.  So Evelyn still lives in our town we lived in when Andrew was born and has become friends with this little girl, Mya.  They play on the same sports teams together.  Well, Andrew and Mya just happened attend day care together since they were 2 and Kindergarten together!   It was so fun to reconnect these two.  They used to be best buddies!
Here's a blast from the past- first day of Kindergarten.  Mya was like a little mother to him and he just adored her.  Such a small world!
One night we went to take dinner to Daddy at school and played a little basketball!
I'm sure she's getting more ideas of activities she wants to participate in!  This girl has me running ragged to activities every week!
We always enjoy visiting Daddy on nights when he's busy working games.
Andrew showing off his tricks! 

We are ready for spring!

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