Monday, January 23, 2017

princesses & pumpkins

One fall weekend we headed back to our old town to attend a birthday party for one of Kerigan's old friends.
Most all of these girls are Kerigan's sweet friends from preschool and she was so so thrilled to see them all again!
Does Andrew look a little sweaty!  Ha!  He and Preston played and had fun during the party!
Then we spent the night at my friend Amanda's with Annika and Gavin.  The kids were so excited to have a sleepover!
The next day we grabbed Lily and Preston and we all went to another pumpkin patch we had been hearing about and the kids had a blast!
Three sweet girls right here
We had wanted to come because we heard Cinderella and her step sisters were here and the girls were so excited!
They were so funny and interacted so much with the girls!
It was fun exploring since we had never been here before.
They loved these slides!
Andrew racing with Gavin!
But the favorite activity of the day was definitely the zip lines.
Even my girl loved it!
Waiting their turn for the zip line!  These three have been BFF's since they were 2 years old.  They have the sweetest friendship and I hope we can always continue to keep in touch even though we moved.
Then they all moved on to this zip line where you could sit.  This one was Kerigan's favorite.
She rode it about 1,827 times.  Literally.  Ha.
We took a little break for lunch.  Pumpkin patch food is just the best, isn't it?  They always have such yummy fall specialties like carmel apples, BBQ sandwiches, burgers and homemade applesauce!
Andrew was coaxed into standing by the princesses!  He's usually a pretty good sport!
We loved Cinderella and her step sisters.  They were just so sweet and chatted with us after we ate.  It wasn't very busy so it was nice to spend so much time with them!
Preston and Andrew conquered the corn maze!
They had this fun obstacle course where the kids climbed on huge tires, balanced on boards and hay bails.
This was one of Andrew's favorite things there.
I had to take this picture because I couldn't believe how dirty he was at the end of the day!  Ha!
And if that wasn't enough to pack into one weekend, we had one more stop in mind for the day...
I had been wanting to take these girls to this castle for several years now.  It is quite a drive away so we just hadn't gotten around to it.  
When we heard about the princesses at the pumpkin patch, I knew this castle was just a short distance from there, so we decided to "kill 2 birds with one stone."
Looking back, I'm not sure it was the greatest idea.  The girls were so filthy and exhausted after the pumpkin patch and we had a long drive home.  You mamas out there know what I mean when you just know you should quit while you're ahead and yet you don't?  Ha. We spruced them up as best as we could for a little princess photo shoot!
They were really sweet and good at the beginning and they thought the castle was super cool.
My girl just wanted to explore and had no intention of letting me take many pictures of her.
When she's tired, her stubborness is magnified by about a million.
You can tell she had been screaming and crying here and I had to bribe her to smile.  You gotta do what you gotta do!  But seriously, it was too much for one day.  I want to take them back again sometime where we can bring a picnic and stay longer!
The little princes waited patiently and enjoyed playing while the princesses had their pictures taken.

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Friday, January 20, 2017

fall, friends & fun

It's time for a catch up update.  This is just a bunch of random pictures that don't flow at all, so bear with me.  I just want to record the memories!
We finally closed on the house September 29.  We had been moved in for two months and just renting.  It was nice to close so we could start projects like painting, kitchen remodeling and furniture shopping.
We needed a bed and new bedroom furniture.  So the kids came along and loved trying out all of them!  Ha!  And can I just say it is like heaven crawling into our new king every night!  Why did we wait til age 40 to get one!?
We were staying with Ga Ga and Papa that weekend and went to a movie.  It wasn't Trolls.  Ha!  But this was there when we went.  What is up with posting fun backgrounds for movies before they are out and then when you actually go to that movie, they no longer have them??  It makes for difficult blogging purposes because I cannot remember for the life of me what movie we did see.
The kids and I have had fun visiting Daddy at his new school.  They have already learned fun things to play with in his office and know their way around a little bit!
This kid.
They pretty much adore this guy. :)
One of the rare times Daddy gets to relax!  His sidekick wants to be right by his side.
Neighbor kids are at our house pretty much all the time.  And we love it.
These girls have become fast BFF's and we are so grateful for Avery's family right next door!
These girls spent pretty much every minute in daylight hours on their scooters.  I love when they stop and have little secret conversations.
BFFs- all in the same class and all in the same neighborhood. #soblessed
One beautiful day some neighbor girls knocked on our door and invited us to a movie in their yard that evening.  I just stood back and got emotional thinking about the memories we are giving our kids by being here.  This neighborhood just can't be beat.
One pretty fall evening Kerigan and I were waiting for Andrew to get done with Taekwondo so we found this really fun new park!
The slide was huge!  
Kerigan was so thrilled.
So one evening Daddy picked up Subway and we all met at the park to show Andrew!  (I need some serious selfie lessons!)
Kerigan is loving her dance classes because she gets to wear fun frilly tutus like this!
She's always been my little shopping partner.  I'm so happy she still loves to go places with me.  She's so cheerful and happy and we have the best conversations.  She's my perfect little BFF!
We may live a little farther away from Ga Ga but seeing her often is just not an option.  The kids (and I!)  have gotten spoiled because now when she comes, she usually stays overnight 2-3 nights!  We love it!  The kids always plan a movie and popcorn and beg to skip school in the mornings!  Ha.  Mom and I get to have fun together in the mornings since I only work in the afternoons. 
You read to me I'll read to you :)  Days when Ga Ga is here are the best days.
We also love when friends come to visit!
These two missed each other so much!  
Now that we live in a college town we have lots of people who want to come to games and stay with us!
So I watched Annika while Amanda took Gavin to a game.
They could not have been happier to be reunited.
Andrew missed Gavin so they stayed an extra night so the boys could play too!
Craig happened to be home so we ditched everyone and went shopping!  Ha ha!  This girl time is just what we both needed!
We only felt a little guilty so we brought home Steak and Shakes for everyone!
We had fall family pictures one night and made it a family fun evening.  By going to Target to see the new Skylanders of course.
This girl is obsessed with blind bags.  Do you know what those are??  Seems like every themed toy has these little packages or boxes where you can't see what's inside them.  Why would anyone want that??  Ha!  I keep telling her she could already have it, or it may be the one she doesn't want.  And she just doesn't care.  I think it's the anticipation of opening them that she loves.  This girl loves a good surprise.  And the best part is they're only like $2.  #winwin
Craig found some Christmas jammies! #iwish #hewouldntbuythem
For good behavior during family pictures! #bribe #parentsoftheyear
We finished the night at Red Robin- love this place!

More coming soon!

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