Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Week

It's been another busy week!  Andrew is on week 3 of his recovery, and I'd say he's pretty much 100% back to his normal self.  It is hard to remember not to pick him up under the armpits (and hard not to do when he's being naughty! Ha!)  His scar is looking so much better now.  The glue is peeling off and it is healing really well.  Much faster than I thought it would.  Now he doesn't mind lifting his shirt up and showing people!  He'll say "See?  It's almost all better now!"
He's already ready for Ga Ga's boat this summer!  The other day he got out his beach Curious George and his little boat and was driving him all around.  Then he found his shades and wanted to wear them too!  I am so excited for this summer- knowing his surgery is behind us already.  Sometimes I forget that it was only just 3 weeks ago, he's doing so well.  And it seems like a distant memory now.

The only small setback he's had is that he got hives last week, somehow!  We have no idea where they came from but they were pretty bad for a couple days!  His hands and feet really got swollen, which caused me to worry of course.  I called cardiology a couple different times just for the reassurance that it wasn't heart related!  His feet were so swollen one night he refused to even walk.  They've been itchy too.  We've been keeping them pretty controlled with Benadryl, so for now I don't think he needs anything stronger.  But we have a prescription just in case!  They are already getting much better this week so I'm hoping they'll be gone soon.
We've still been battling with potty issues... I feel like I'm potty training all over again!  Just when he was doing so well.  His new thing is hiding from us!  He used to do this when he was going number 2, so I always get nervous when he hides!  But now he is just doing it for fun (I think!)
There have been several occasions where he gets really quiet and I can't find him anywhere!  I've actually been fairly panicked a couple of times!  Ha!  Once was when he was hiding under his train table!  I kept yelling his name and he is SO quiet!  What a stinker!  I almost can't let him out of my sight!
Hiding in his stuffed animal storage bin (as they are dumped all over the floor, as usual!)
He just thinks it is hilarious to hide from me!  
We continue to have visitors, which is so fun!  Andrew's Uncle Tim came by the other day and brought a nice box full of fun gifts!  A whoopee cushion was his favorite!  Ha!
I lost count how many times I blew it up so he could sit on it and he'd just laugh and laugh!  Silly kid!  It is funny, because Tim (My half brother) and his wife Cindy used to teach me things when I was a kid, like gargling my pop (ha!) and my mom would just shake her head.  Now they are teaching MY kid these tricks!  Ha!
They also brought a backyard safari vest and lantern, which he got really into!
He can't wait to get out and look for fireflies this summer!  The outfit was even more complete with Tim's hat!  Ha!
 We also had other visitors- Andrew's 2nd cousins, Kolton, Kelsie and Kendra.  He was beyond thrilled to see them!  They were going to come when he was in the hospital, but he was discharged so fast they never made it! 
They came to my mom's house last weekend because Andrew spend the night there so mommy and daddy could work on cleaning out the guest room to get ready for baby!  That's another blog post all in itself!  Ha!  Let's just say the room is finally cleared out and ready for paint!  I could never have done it without my mom watching him because we get absolutely nothing done when Andrew's home! (I bet you're all surprised!  Ha!)
Andrew and his cousins~  They brought Andrew some special gifts, too!  This kid is getting majorly spoiled!  I keep trying to explain that most kids only get presents on their birthday and Christmas!  I want him to be appreciative, which he usually is.  He always says thank you.  And many times once everyone leaves, he'll remind me who got him certain things and he'll tell me that he'll have to tell them thank you. I just hope he doesn't get too used to this treatment!  I can't keep it going all year!  Ha!
This little tent was given to him by one of my fourth grade students.  I thought that was so sweet that she was thinking of Andrew!
He got all his Toy Story toys out and put them all in the tent!  He loved it!
This was such a fun project, too.  His preschool teacher Miss Erin sent home a bunch of things to work on that he had missed at preschool.  They had a dinosaur themed week, which I was so sad he had to miss!  He was super excited about digging for the fossils Miss Erin brought over!
 This is him saying "That's cool!"  He begged us to use daddy's hammer (since it worked better!  Ha!)  He was really good with it.
He was totally engaged in this.  Gee I wonder why!  Getting to hammer something a bunch of times!  Ha!
Look how excited he was when he could see the whole fossil!  This was so creative and so much fun.  Thanks Miss Erin!

Last week we also went to Andrew's little friend Norah's birthday party.  It was so funny because it was a tea party theme, which was super adorable...and girly!  Ha!  There were only a couple of other boys there, but Andrew just sat right down and ate with all the girls!  It was so cute.  And a great party!  I can see how much fun I'm going to have planning girly parties one of these days!
Speaking of girls... here's my girl and me at 24 weeks!  She is growing well and doing flips in there all the time!  I feel her moving a lot.  Craig and Andrew can't wait to feel her moving from the outside.  I keep telling them to be patient!  Ha!  So for now I'm bonding with my daughter and loving every minute of it.
Just for fun I did a progression collage.  Craig has been taking pictures every month to see the difference.  I think it is pretty funny because I think that aside from the first picture, I think my belly looks the same size!  I just popped around 16 weeks and it's held pretty steady.  I do feel bigger than I was then, but the pictures don't really show it.  Also I tried to take a picture in the same spot each time, but the 20 week picture I was wearing pink which blended in with the wall too much!  Ha!
 And speaking of baby girls... we have added a new one to the family (besides mine!)  This is sweet Lucy.  She is the daughter of my nephew, Lindy and his wife Jenny.  Isn't she precious!?
This is my mom, Lindy and Lucy.
Andrew was pretty excited about meeting his 2nd cousin!  Look at her precious face!  (Andrew too!  He looks a little mischevious, dontcha think?)
He got great practice for when his baby sister arrives.  It was so funny, he was very shy and quiet at first.
I love this one!  He was covering his eyes like he couldn't believe it!
Then he wanted her unwrapped so he could see her tiny feet!  He was loving her so much by this time!
I was thinking he was probably confused where she came from, since his sister is still inside mommy!  Ha!  We tried to explain that his sister would be a lot like her, but she isn't coming for a few more months!  I think he is going to just be a great big brother and take such good care of "HIS" baby!  We loved meeting Lucy... we're so glad she's part of our family now.  And how fun that she and our baby girl will be able to grow up together and be almost the same age!

We've been seeing a lot of my nephew lately, too... you see, he sells cars at a Honda dealership in Ames...
Andrew has a new ride!
We are now the proud owners of a brand new Honda Odyssey!
It was so fun buying this from my nephew.  He was so good with us and told us all about it, which there is so much to learn!  I'm still learning!  I always told Craig I refused to buy a mini van... however, when I saw the new 2011 Odysseys, I quickly changed my mind!  They are awesome!  Plus, you just can't beat it with the gas mileage (compared to an SUV) and the space.  We needed more space.  Period.  We are always shoved in our car while traveling and it just wasn't working out!  Especially with a baby coming soon!  This will be just perfect and I am already in love with it!
Andrew was pretty excited about the "new" car too!  But mostly because he got a balloon out of the deal!  Ha!
Trying to help daddy sign the paperwork!  He loves riding in it.  But he only thinks it's cool because it has a TV in it!  Ha!

Andrew has a cardiology appointment tomorrow so I'll post any news after that.  We're praying that everything looks good, and based on how Andrew is behaving, I don't think there will be any surprises!  We are expecting great news!  Thanks for your continued prayers!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home SWEET Home!

Many of you have been emailing and calling this week to make sure we're okay!  Ha!  You got so used to hearing from us everyday I guess!  We have had a wonderfully relaxing spring break, soaking in HOME...  Andrew couldn't be happier.  He is doing amazing!
We ventured out the other day to a favorite spot- Jordan Creek Town Center.  We went out to lunch at Red Robin (our favorite!) and enjoyed a couple of stores (as I almost went crazy over all the girl clothes!  Craig had to drag me out of the mall!), but mainly enjoyed a walk around the lake while enjoying Cold Stone and not needing a coat!  It was absolutely gorgeous outside!  We just kept saying how thankful we were to be home and not in the hospital.
This little man is completely back to his 100% normal self.  I cannot believe I'm saying this only a week post op.  Our outing was actually one week after his open heart surgery.
He loved walking down by the water and tossing money in!  He cleaned out my wallet!  
I am now able to bribe him to say "cheese!" by giving him coins to throw in the water!  Ha!  That is how I got so many great pictures!
Recovery at home has been very easy so far.  By today, he didn't take any pain medicine at all!  I couldn't believe it!  We started out the week just giving it to him anyway, and he was acting a little more sore early on, but by today he has seemed totally back to normal.
He enjoyed looking at the geese!

He is a little self conscious about his scar.  He won't really let us look at it, and he doesn't like to look at it.  I think it scares him a little bit.  Every time we change his clothes or give him a bath he says "Don't take it off!"  I think he thinks it can come off, like one of his bandages.  And removing all those tubes, wires and bandages was not fun for him in the hospital!  I told him that his owie won't ever come off, but it will get better.  He seems satisfied with that.
The other day when we were talking about going back to school in a couple of weeks, he said "I can show all my friends my owie.  But they don't have owies."  It was so sad!  It was like the first time he has noticed that he is "different."  I reminded him of some of his buddies who do have an owie like his, like Ava and Logan.  It made me realize we need to get together with other heart families now more than ever.  As he grows up I want him to be so proud of his scar.  We have been telling him all week what a special boy he is and how proud of him we are.
I think he realizes that he's been through something pretty traumatic.  Every day we've been enjoying visitors, and the doorbell has rung every day this week with a new box on the front step!  Andrew is one blessed little boy.  So many people have sent him care packages, and he loves every single one of them.  Just today he said, "I get a lot of presents!"  Ha!  Again, we explain that it is because he is so special and so many people were thinking of him when he was in the hospital.  Thank  you so much to everyone who has visited and sent cards and gifts.  We are so overwhelmed and appreciate it so much! (Thank yous are on their way soon...I am behind!)
We have been having some adjustments to make with the sleeping arrangements!  As usual, Andrew is up every night and in our bed.  He has been waking a little more frequently, and sometimes cries when he wakes up, which he has never done before.  I am sure he is having some dreams about the hospital, and hoping it will pass.  All I know is, before this baby comes we have got to get him sleeping through the night in his own bed!  Neither of us has had the energy to fight him just yet, but one of these days we need to crack down!
I have done absolutely nothing this whole week!  I can't believe how tired I've been and I lack the motivation to do the many projects that need to get done around here.  I think I was emotionally drained from last week, and it's taken this week to get back to normal.  I've been napping with Andrew and just relaxing and enjoying playing with Andrew during the day!  It's been nice not to have to do anything or go anywhere.  One of these days I'm going to have to start cleaning out the baby's closet and getting her room ready.  I have lots of ideas of how I want it to look, I just need to get started.  And can you believe I'm not even unpacked from Iowa City yet?  Yeah, our suitcase full of clean clothes (and several laundry baskets!) are sitting on our floor ready to be put away!  Again, I have no motivation!  Ha!  (This is so unlike me!  Craig is in shock I think... I just blame it on the pregnancy!)
The other thing we have been noticing is that Andrew is acting slightly more spoiled than he was before!  Gee...I wonder why??  We also have to break this somehow!  He is used to us waiting on him hand and foot I think.  He'll be sitting three feet away from a toy he wants but he'll ask us to get it for him.  He is pretty demanding!  Ha!  We have just been trying to remind him that he is home now and he can do things on his own.  I am hoping returning to school will help with this also.
(But seriously?  With this smile it is hard to resist!)

Going potty has been another issue... it seems he is reverting back to having accidents quite a bit.  This is unusual for him.  Even in the hospital he insisted on sitting on the potty even when he was in so much pain!  I have changed his bedding about four times this week, so I am thinking we're going to have to go back to pull ups at naptime.  We had just started weaning him off them at bedtime, too.  But not anymore.  He is currently taking Lasix, which helps get rid of any fluid he might have left from surgery, but it also makes him pee... a LOT!  Ha!  I am hoping we can stop the Lasix at our follow up appointment in a couple of weeks and we can get this potty thing back under control.
Mainly we have just been enjoying being together and having daddy home this week.  I think Andrew is getting pretty used to having us both be home and together all day!  He loves it.  Next week we are both going to miss daddy when he goes back to work!  
(Throwing money in the water!)

Tonight we gave Andrew another new movie (We are almost through the stack we bought him for the hospital!  Ha!) and just hung out and had popcorn.  We watched Night at the Museum, which he LOVED.  He was so into it!  He sat between us on the couch the entire movie and never moved!  I think daddy and I enjoyed it as much as Andrew did!  Again, just so thankful we are home.
I can't thank everyone enough for everything you have done for us during the time of Andrew's surgery (and before and after!)  We appreciate all of the support so much- we couldn't have done it without you! We have a follow up appointment at the end of the month, and hopefully we will find out more as to if the pressures have come down in his heart.  We are praying they have!  Based on how well Andrew is doing, I'd say that's a pretty good sign!
After all...he's already trying out his old tricks!
Like jumping from rock to rock...  We did stop him before he did it (this time!)...
Just so you know.

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