Tuesday, November 19, 2013

triple trick or treat

Our Halloween was busy as usual.  I feel like the kids are constantly dressing up in their costumes about 2 weeks before Halloween for various parties, etc, but I guess they get more good out of them that way!  We went to trick or treat where we used to live, with Craig's brother and his family.  
The kids always love trick or treating with their cousins and we have never missed a year with them and didn't want to this year either.
It worked out perfectly that our trick or treat night was the night after theirs, so we could make it to both.
Kerigan just adores and looks up to her big cousin Evie!  So sweet.
We got WAY more candy this night than anywhere else!  Andrew was so excited to count all his 82 pieces of candy!
Of which I think his daddy and I have eaten about 79!  Ha!
I love this... peeking into her bucket!
Yay!  Skittles!
Yes, my girl always has multiple outfits for holidays and of course I have to professionally photograph them all!  But isn't she just the sweetest?
She wore this on the day of Halloween and I took her around town to visit daddy and Bubba at school.
This tutu just kills me!  It is sooooo adorable!
We surprised Andrew again at school, which he loves.  But he was especially happy when Kerigan came with me this time!  
And a funny side story- Andrew gets to pick a friend when an adult comes to eat with him.  Today he was in line by two little girls in his class.  This one (Sarah), asked him if she could eat with us and he said yes.  Then the other little girl got mad at Sarah and started crying and saying it wasn't fair!  She was begging Andrew to pick her.  Ha!  It was so funny!  He's got girls fighting over him already!
And Trick or Treat night at home... it was on Halloween this year, which I kind of like.  However, I don't like it when it falls during a week night.  It seems like things are so hectic and getting the kids fed and ready to go out is difficult.  
These two were just so fun and sweet!  I am kind of into matching costumes, but this year I just didn't plan ahead or think about it enough.  I just let them choose the characters they are really into right now, so the costumes reflect their interests perfectly.
My awesome Ninja Turtle (practicing his Taekwondo moves that he's getting really good at in class this year!)
And my sweet little Ariel.  
Trick or Treating this year was different than any other year we've gone.  And I loved it so much.  This year we are finally in a friendly neighborhood with lots of kids and everyone just hangs out in people's driveways and streets and visits and the kids race door to door.  Everyone knows each other and it's like one big neighborhood block party.
This sweet little guy is Jackson.  He is in Kindergarten at Andrew's school.  We were so thrilled when I met his mommy and another girl at an event here in town and we discovered we all went to Iowa State together and were all in sororities at the same time and now all live in the same neighborhood!  We exchanged numbers and Jackson invited Andrew over for a play date, and to his birthday party already.  We had cocktails with his family the other night too and have had so much fun getting to know them.
We ran into these sweet girls and their family, who are building a house right across the street from us.  Craig works with their dad at school.  We had never met them, and they just jumped right in and were so sweet to Kerigan!  They walked with her like this the whole night.  Kerigan was in awe of "Belle" and thought she was just the coolest thing ever.  We are so excited for them to move closer!  There are so many other great families we have met as well and I just didn't get pictures of everyone.  We are just so blessed with a wonderful neighborhood and many new friends!
This night was the first night Kerigan saw her Cinderella pumpkin all lit up in the dark.  I had the flash on here so you can't see it glowing, but it was pretty cool!  She loved it, as you can see!
And we had to go trick or treat at Ga Ga's for the last time (she is all moved out!  Update about that coming soon!)  But theirs was the same night as ours (which we were bummed because we always loved to come and visit lots of friends and our family here) so we had to come the next night.
It was fun to surprise Ga Ga because she thought she had missed seeing them in their costumes.  She was really excited!  And by this time, the kids were sick of getting dressed up in their costumes, as you can tell!
So Kerigan just took care of that problem... she became a Ninja Turtle instead!  Ha!

So our triple nights of trick or treat were pretty fun, but I'm always sort of relieved when it's over!  Now we can bring on the Christmas decorating!

Friday, November 15, 2013

fall fun!

We had lots of fun leading up to Halloween.  We went to a Halloween party at our friend's church in town.  We are still "shopping" for churches so it was fun to see people we knew and kids from Andrew's school there.
Andrew played a killer game of Twister!  I had to laugh about his undies showing through his costume!  At least we knew he needed pants underneath from then on!  Ha!
Sweet girls!  Emily and Kerigan
Andrew's dance moves crack.me.up!  He is so funny!  
So sweet, dancing with his sister.  They had a bubble machine and a big TV where the kids could see themselves dance, it was really neat!
Kerigan was shy at first, but she ended up getting out there and dancing with Grace and all the kids!
This was so funny, they had a little bouncy house which she refused to go in when we got there.  Andrew went in and she would not have anything to do with it.  So as the night went on, she was dancing and having fun and Emily took her over to the bouncy and she loved it!  She didn't want to get out!
Best picture we could get with all the kids!  Ha!

Another weekend we headed to Craig's brother's house to our annual pumpkin carving party!
I could not believe how Kerigan just dug right in and scooped out those guts!
She was very fascinated with the whole process!
She thought it was neat to feel the yucky inside of a pumpkin!
Love that smile!
And this is my all time favorite picture.  I posted it on Facebook and everyone was telling me I should send it in to the Ellen show!  Ha!  Her face is priceless!
She is just usually always happy and smiling like this.  She is just as adorable in person as she is in pictures- she has the best little personality and really is as sweet as she looks!
Evie and Jayden with their pumpkins!
Andrew dug most of his out this year!
I loved this picture of Uncle Jay helping him.  So sweet.
Daddy getting ready to carve her Cinderella pumpkin!
This is pretty much what we all looked like!  Ha!
Andrew was so good and poked the dots on his pumpkin for mommy to carve.
They all turned out so neat, as usual!  Unfortunately it was so late that Kerigan just couldn't stay awake any longer!  She had to go to bed so she didn't get to see her pumpkin lit up until the next night.

Andrew could not have been more thrilled to get to spend the night at Evie and Jayden's house.  This year we decided that would be fun, since we live about 45 minutes away now and the kids had been begging us!  We knew it would be a later night, so we agreed!  And we all had fun!
Happy fall from my pumpkins!  Halloween post coming up soon!  Have to get it done before Thanksgiving!  Ha!

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