Monday, July 31, 2017

july catch up

July was a big month around here!  I have tons of pictures to share!  My sweet 6 year old just wanted me to take her picture in her Hawaiian dress.
She made calendars every month in Kindergarten and since school was out she made her own for July- her birthday month.  I love how she wrote "I love July!"
Her sweet friends Mackenzie and Ruby couldn't make it to her birthday party so they had her over for a play date in their neighborhood one afternoon!
Clearly they had fun!  Ha!
Kerigan has met the best friends and we are so happy she continues to be Miss social!
Andrew has put himself out there also and made lots of new friends.  Here he is with some neighborhood kids hanging out in our basement introducing them to Ferris Bueller's Day off #momoftheyear
Andrew also had a great time taking tennis lessons this summer.
When we have to drop off brother at tennis and you're still in pajamas with no shoes.  So we just went to Hobby Lobby anyway!  We had some birthday shopping to do!
A trip to Party City for birthday supplies and she still has to tease her Ga Ga about chickens!  Ha!
She was so sweet helping me make her rainbow cupcakes for her party.
This is what a lot of my mornings look like around here.  No chance at sleeping in with this tumbler around!  Ha!
I wanted to take Kerigan out to take her 6 year pictures so we brought her bff Avery and they had so much fun!  They had this little train in one of the parks!
We finished the photo shoot with froyo!
Catie and Kerigan love to hang out with Belle!
I think these three sillies spent the majority of the summer together.  Every day it was a different pool, backyard, trampoline, etc... they played outside ALL.DAY.LONG.
We also spent some time in the basement storage room during tornado warnings.  Thankfully nothing ever came close but it was better to be safe than sorry!  I love how they were hugging and Andrew had to grab Raffi!  Ha!
Just another neighborhood fire pit!
S'mores for the win!

Another night we had a family badminton tournament in the backyard!

We looked next door and these two were peering out at us from their deck!  So they came down in their pj's and joined us!  I just love summer!
They got lots of games in with neighbors and friends!  I love looking out the window and seeing this.
This game has also been a hit around here
For some reason, she loves to be the one to get the wet head!  Between this and wanting to get pie faced- she is my crazy girl!
My girl also adores it when I'll let her get out the nail polish and we have a pretend spa day.  She loves to paint my nails!  So sweet.
Andrew had his yearly cardiology check up- everything looked good for another year!
And sometimes you just want to be upside down.  #thiscat
Belle (the kitty) had some health issues I'll update about next month.  She is just the sweetest thing!
Summer = lots of family game nights!
And visits from friends are always fun!
Annika is her bff from our old town- her mama and I are friends so I know they will always get to hang out and be friends, even though we don't live close anymore.
Kerigan loved teaching her brother how to ice skate after she took lessons this spring!

Then someone got hungry.  And when this kid wants to eat, I feed him!  Ha!  Even in ice skates while friends are skating, spaghetti was more important.  
Taking a break!
We went to Ga Ga and Papa's for a couple of days because our cousin Nash was visiting from SC!
We hadn't seen him in a long time and the kids were so excited to be reunited!
We played at the park!
I could not love this sweet girl more
And the boys just chillin'
Nash's mommy and I were so close growing up.  She is Andrew's Godmother.  We wish they lived closer so we could see them all the time!  Nash just loves Andrew and looks up to him.
We had to visit DQ for blizzards on Miracle Treat Day!
When did Andrew become the big kid??
The next day we met more cousins at the pool by Ga Ga's house!  These are my nephew's girls and they are precious.  Kerigan loves every opportunity to see them.
Lucy and Kerigan went down this slide approximately 982 times.
He's a fish!
He loved going down the waterslides
Pool days are the best days!
Sweet cousins - 4 months apart
After swimming we strolled around the mall for a bit.
And no trip to Ga Ga and Papa's is complete without eating at our favorite restaurant!
Who says you can't have a sleepover at Ga Ga's with a watermelon snack in bed??
We know we're back home when Herky statues pop up everywhere- even at one of mom's appointments!  Ha!

I think that wraps up July!

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