Friday, October 25, 2013

brothers and sisters

A couple of weeks ago my brother Tom visited us from California so we all got together at my brother Tim and sister in law Cindy's house so we could all visit and catch up!  This is me and my two brothers.  They are my half brothers- we share the same father.  A great man!  And they both resemble him so much and remind me of our dad so much that I just love being around them both!
Our attempt at a family picture with kids!  Ha!  My nephew and his family are on the right- we were just missing my niece Mary who lives out of state.  Can't wait to see her at Christmas!
The kids!  They were so funny, this is the only way we could get them to stay in one place long enough for a picture.  And I love how they are all spaced out super far- wouldn't want to get too close!  Ha!  We had so much fun and can't wait to see each other again soon!
This brother and sister...
have just been too cute together lately.  
They are really loving each other more and more each day and I just love to watch it.  One of their favorite things to do together is play hide and seek.  They always want daddy or I to play too so they can be a "team."  They run and hide together, and then count while I hide.  It is sooooo funny to watch them.  Kerigan used to be loud and talk when she was hiding and Andrew would always just calmly shush her and tell her not to talk.  After a while she has learned and now they are perfect players!  They often even stump me with their hiding places!  They are so fun to play with and I find myself putting lots of things on the back burner because I just love being with them.  They are both just at the cutest ages and are getting along so great lately.
The best part of Kerigan's day is when it's time to go pick up Bubba.  She can't wait and she especially loves it if I have to go in the school for some reason.  He takes her hand and walks her so proudly around and she just acts like such a big girl.
Here she was sitting outside his classroom waiting for him one afternoon when we picked him up for lunch.
Probably my most favorite times are when the two of them sit and read together.  They have always done this from a very early age and both still do.  They love to read and could look at books for hours.
Just for fun...some flashbacks...
I seriously cannot believe she was ever this little.  Time needs to slow down!
I love that I have taken all of these pictures of them reading together.  They just warm my heart!
As for my girl and me... we are occupying our days together with lots of fun, smiles and I could not ask for anything better.  We love to get up, take Bubba to school, come home and eat cereal together, then go down and snuggle while watching Sofia the First in our jammies.  She will say "Let's snuggle mama!" and those dishes and that laundry just has to wait.
There's still lots of unpacking going on as you can see by her movie watching spot of choice!  Ha!  Empty boxes are the best kind!  Slowly but surely we are getting there!
She's still the best little mama to her babies and always wants to help me around the house.  She loves putting the laundry in the machine and starting it for me.  She loves to swiffer the floors and is so good at picking up toys.  This neat freak mama is loving it!
Sometimes we take little road trips together and she's a great rider in the car (sometimes a girl just needs her Target fix!).  I still go back to our old town to get my hair cut (I can't break up with my hair dresser- she's too good!) so one day I decided to bring her with me and it was time for her to have a little trim.
I couldn't get her to sit still so it doesn't look straight in the picture but it's really cute- like a little bob.  She just evened up the back mostly.  I love that I can bring my daughter into an Aveda salon and spa and she can just hang out with me for 2 hours while I get my hair done.  She is so awesome.
She loves to go outside.  I think the winter months she's going to go crazy not being able to go out as it gets colder.  She loves taking her babies out and giving them rides in her princess-mobile!  Ha!
I saw this on a used online site and couldn't resist getting it for her.  It was too good of a deal and I knew she'd flip out!
She was so excited and I cannot keep her out of it!
Andrew had to get out his old gator which he barely fits in anymore!  Ha!
Let me tell you, this girl can shop!  I always used to see these little carts and think who has time to let their kid push these around?? Ha!  When I'm in the store I'm usually in a huge hurry and I hate grocery shopping.  Another fun part of staying home this year is that I don't have to be in a rush at the grocery store!  There is hardly anyone else in the store at 8:30am so the other day I decided to show these carts to Kerigan and she just went nuts.  She was so proud helping me get groceries, and it was so worth the extra 10 minutes it added to my shopping trip.
And have I mentioned how much I love staying home this year??  Never have I been able to join Andrew for lunch at his school.  This day meant the world to me.  I picked up his favorite- Subway- and took it to his school to surprise him.
It made both of our days!  He was so happy and excited and wanted me to go to recess with him.  So sweet!
It made my heart so happy to see him playing basketball with his friends!

This move was the best thing in the world for him.  I have more to share soon regarding school and an update from last year's concerns we had.  He just has the best school and the best teacher and we couldn't be happier.  It was totally meant to be!
Another day I surprised my 2 favorite guys!  We got Subway again and picked up Bubba and brought him to daddy's school for lunch!  What a fun outing for all of us!  Andrew couldn't believe he got to leave school in the middle of the day!  I had to promise I'd bring him back- ha!  And he didn't even care that he missed recess.  He was so happy.

I have more to catch up on and then share some fall fun we've been having!  The days are just flying by... but this time the saying really is true!

Time flies when you're having FUN!

Monday, October 21, 2013


A few weeks ago we went apple picking with a friend of mine.  Kerigan got to fill her basket full of apples so I've been trying to figure out what to do with them all!
Since I don't really cook, ya know!  Ha!
The kids loved sampling them...
And I did make a really yummy apple crisp!  Wish I was into canning because I would have loved to make applesauce!
Then another day I got to accompany Kerigan on a field trip with her day care- we went to the Appleberry Farm in town.  
You can see how having me on a field trip goes for her!  Ha!  She only wanted me the whole time and would not let me out of her sight!
Ashley had a neat little check list for the kids to check off when they found things on the scavenger hunt.

Then she tried her first carmel apple....
Oh my gosh!  This is so good mama!  She loved it.
Posing with the spiders!
An attempt at a group photo!

All the kids went crazy over this!  They wanted to pick all the apples "up high!" so they could use the picker!
Group photo attempt #2!  I love the little girl in front giving an apple to the big girl who was like "no thanks, get it away from me!"  Ha!  Kids are so funny.
I finally got her to pose for a couple of pictures!

It's apple pickin' season!
And we are loving this beautiful fall weather!

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