Tuesday, October 31, 2017

so many ways to be wicked

Kicking off Halloween week with wear your costume to dance night!  It was a Disney Descendants Halloween this year!
The weekend before Halloween we carved our pumpkins!
It was against my better judgement to carve them inside, but it was too dark and cold outside!  #thisface
This guy is finally independent with his pumpkin carving skills!
Belle had to get in on the action!
This girl of course picked an emoji face
Andrew was so sweet he wanted to design his own pumpkin this year (not use a pattern) and his little drawing was so cute but we figured out it was pretty hard to carve!
He was disappointed but I encouraged him to just make a scary face!

Ga Ga came over the weekend so the kids modeled their costumes for her and she gave them a treat since we weren't able to trick or treat at her house this year.  Halloween was on Monday which makes it hard to travel!
The teachers were meeting to decorate emoji shirts and I had to bring treats so Kerigan loved helping me!  She could even read the recipe this year!
I love my little helper!
Mini pumpkin cupcakes for the win! #yesplease
On Halloween Kerigan's class did a fun Reader's Theater and I got to go in the morning to watch.
Then I had lunch with these besties!
That afternoon were the Halloween parties and I snuck down to first grade for a bit!
I could not love her more
They were playing Bingo and having treats
Then I snuck down to 5th grade and check out this spread!
Soooo creative!
This was the 5/6 grade pod.  I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw the chaos!  Ha!  They had all 6 classrooms combined and creepy music playing, kids everywhere!  What fun!
I had to crack up at my little man with his hat on backwards being "cool" while getting his snacks!
Some of his best friends-  After this he made me leave- Ha!
Next we had the all school parade- here comes first grade!
There's my little "Mal" (from Descendants)
And my police man!
Look at all those kids!
I snapped a pic of him and more friends (the girl next to him is Grace- she is just the sweetest and he adores her).
I spotted my girl watching as I went by with my third grade class!
The teachers had a group picture with our emoji shirts!  I teach at such a fun school and I'm so blessed to be at school with my kids!
That night was trick or treat and we set off in the neighborhood for a fun night!
This guy is ready to patrol the 'hood!
It was the first year he went off with his friends and I only saw him a few times running from house to house!
These three- they had to each be a different Disney Descendant.  And they all looked so grown up!  This was the first time Kerigan wore a wig and I couldn't get over how big she looked!
They were on a mission- it was cold so they needed coats!
We ran into this adorable crew- The popcorn girls are the daughters of Kerigan's first grade teacher.  So creative, right?  
Kerigan loves that her teacher lives in our neighborhood too so she gets to trick or treat at her house!
Our neighborhood shenanigans... a dinosaur opened this door!  Ha!
These two always come in and check out their stash, while answering the door the rest of the night.
Can you see Belle hidden in there?  Ha!  

It was a very Happy Halloween!  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

pumpkin patch fun

We are lucky enough to have a pumpkin patch in our neighborhood backyard and this sweet girl had a birthday party there one fall weekend.
Rylee is Kerigan's friend from tumbling and Hayden is another friend we've been lucky enough to get to know this year.
Party kids!
We took a fun hayride!  Rylee's mama and my friend Heather invited Andrew to join so her son Ben would have a buddy to play with!  They look like they are plotting something, don't they?  Ha!
This little pumpkin patch is just the perfect size with lots of fun for the kids!
They added a zipline this year and it was the hit of the day
Along with duck races- I swear my kids would spend all day doing this!
They also added a jumping pillow!
Our neighbors met us after the party and these two had more fun!

See those houses back there?  That's our 'hood and we love it!

Then the next weekend we went to our all time favorite pumpkin patch that is closer to my hometown.  I have a picture of the kids by this sign every year since Andrew was a baby.
This year we went on grandparents weekend so Ga Ga met us!
These two always want to head straight to the corn pool first
They have so much fun in here!  And I try not to think about what happens in here when it gets dark... #mice.  My husband, who grew up on a farm, always reminds me (insert eye rolling emoji here).
Planning their next jump
My sweet ten year old
Look at the corn she collected!
The jumping pillow is usually the next stop
They have a huge one for the bigger kids and a smaller one too.
Andrew usually goes on the big one for a while but then joins Kerigan on the smaller one!

They always enjoy roping a steer!

Having fun tossing apples!
They added this obstacle course also, and I had to laugh when...
I glance over and Daddy is doing it too!  Ha!  I guess they were racing!
Thumbs down when you aren't tall enough to drive yourself on the tractors!  But she's still smiling!
Because she got to ride with Daddy!
Then we figured out it was just so their legs could reach, and hers almost did so she attempted a ride by herself!
hoppy horses!
Yes she did make it! #barely
Got through the maze!
They always love the giant slide!
It actually goes pretty fast!
They like to have a race! 
Next we headed down to where they have all the animals.  Kerigan got really into Little House on the Prairie books this year and so she was excited to see this sign!
And they love torturing Ga Ga with the chickens!  Ha! #bestpicoftheday
They have all kinds of storybook characters- Andrew likes being the troll!
Humpty is new this year!
We love all the nursery rhyme themes!
What can I say?  There's fun for adults too!  Ha!
Then she loved this because it reminded her of the Little House books- she wanted a picture to send to her teacher to show her class!
The one room school house!
Being the teacher
She just loved this school and sitting at all the desks.
We found the pumpkin princess on the way out!
And we never leave without carmel apples and cider donuts!  Give us all the fall food!  Kerigan loved the emoji apples!
It was a beautiful fall day!
Until next year!

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