Friday, September 28, 2012

soccer player!

We have a soccer player on our hands!
Andrew is starting his third week of soccer this weekend and he is really enjoying it this year!
For the first 15 minutes they do practice, like kicking and passing the ball back and forth to each other.
Then they play a game against another team.  Andrew's team is called the Bengals, which he loves because it is a type of Tiger!  Ha!
This year Andrew really "gets it."  Last year when he played I'm not sure he really understood the game and what he was supposed to do.  He didn't particularly enjoy it.  But this year I wanted to have him try it again, just in case.
And I'm so glad he did, because he really likes it!
He was actually even brave enough to be a leader and tell the coach he wanted to start the game with the first kick!  I was so proud of him for being assertive, because normally he just hangs out in the background.
His face cracks me up in these pictures!
I'm not sure what he was saying, but he was just being silly.
Taking a break!
I swear he never stopped chasing that ball!  He ran and ran just like the other kids and kept up just fine!
We were so proud of him!

Look at him go!  Determination!
Little miss watched from the sidelines, but she wanted to run out on the court!
Andrew- 5 year old soccer player!
Last weekend he even scored a goal!  Of course, I didn't have the camera for that one!

In other news, Kerigan has learned a new trick!
She's pretty proud of herself...can't you tell?
She can now stack the stars on this toy and she loves it!  I love that she's at the age where things like this will entertain her for longer periods of time now.
And she's a little fashion diva... anytime anyone has shoes laying around anywhere, she's got them on her feet within seconds!  What can I say?  The girl loves shoes!
I keep getting these "growing up too fast" pictures from day care!  Now she's sleeping on a cot... what happened to the crib??

And I like to call this payback...
Andrew was pretty well known for grabbing people's faces!  Ha!
Look out, Bubba!  She's gaining on you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

birthday bike ride

So the first thing I have to share about my birthday is a little background story and my most special gift of the day.  Most of you who read this blog know I do not have a green thumb.  In fact, my planting skills and taking care of plants skills are nonexistent.  I mean seriously.  I water them!  I use miracle grow!  But they still just end up dead.  Always.  I don't even know why I buy them anymore because they look nice for about a week.

 Anyway, years ago after our wedding I had a beautiful geranium that was...well...dying.  We were leaving for our honeymoon in Hawaii and I brought it to my dad to bring it back to life.  He was good at stuff like that. One of his traits he did not pass on to me (because he passed most of his other ones onto me!)  When we got back it was gorgeous.  It had thrived in his care.  I reluctantly took it back home.  About a month later, my dad passed away.  I pretty much just let that geranium sit on my front step for the next couple of months (July... into September...October...) and never watered it.  I just let it die.  For me it was somewhat symbolic since I had just lost one of the most significant people in my life.  Quite frankly I just didn't care about the dead plant on my front step.

But dad refused to let that happen.  Because one day when I went outside, it was blooming.  Not like, come back from the dead, like E.T., bursting with blooms, but still.  There were buds.  I saw color.  It was sign enough for me to start watering it again.  And when winter months hit, I took it to school.  We had a huge window in the science lab and I watered it every week when I took my kids to science.  It was like special moments spent with my dad where I could think about him.  That geranium came back to life.  Literally.  And when summer rolled around I brought it back home.  And I took care of it.  And it was the only plant I ever had that actually stayed alive.  

I want to say for at least 3 years (maybe longer) I would drag that plant to school in the fall, and back home in the summer (and let me tell you it was HUGE...and incredibly heavy).  No one could believe I put that much effort into it, and that it stayed alive for so long.  It was beautiful.  I know for a fact dad was keeping it alive for me.  It was like his little way of telling me that he was still with me.
And I loved it so much.

So, when I woke up on my birthday morning and saw this, I just knew.
He did it again.  This petunia had been dead since Kerigan's birthday in July.  The heat just got to it.  I tried and tried to keep it alive but it just shriveled up and turned brown and crunchy (ha!)  I'm not kidding.  It was long gone.  I just hadn't had time to yank the dead stem out of the dirt and get rid of it yet.  It hadn't been watered for months (except for the small amount of rain we have had).  Seriously?  How does something like this happen?  I just knew it was my birthday present from my daddy.  And it made me smile all day long. (And no, I don't plan to keep it for 3 years!)

So, for my birthday I thought it would be fun to take a bike ride.  I had been wanting to ride to the trestle bridge that was built not too long ago near our house.
Andrew was so funny on his little bike.  I think he's ready for a bigger one!  Next year he better learn to pedal without training wheels!
There were neat tunnels and it was such a beautiful day.  Andrew made it about 2 minutes and was done!  Ha!
He hopped in the burley with Kerigan.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go but they did pretty good!
This is what he does every time I want to take his picture now.  I give up!  Ha!
We stopped to take some pictures before heading a few more miles.
My sweet babies on my 36th birthday (yes, I'm that old!  Ha!)  And I had to write it down because Craig won't ever let me live it down that I never know how old I am!  I think after about 25 I started to lose track and stopped caring!  Ha!
This girl is obsessed with her daddy.  She walks around the house saying "Dad-eeeee, Dad-eeee" all the time when he's not home.  She looks out the window for him, she wanders around and it is so precious.
Gorgeous trees...turning to fall!
There is normally water under the bridge!  That's how dry it's been this season!
We stopped near the bridge for a picnic!
Kerigan makes this face all the time so Papa was making it back at her!  Ha!
Back on the trail...
This just makes me laugh!  This is what they were doing when we got to our final destination!  Ha!
Our ending point.  Too bad we still had to turn around and go all the way back!  Ha!  I wasn't planning on that much of a work out!

We rushed back home after our ride so Andrew could go to his soccer game.  I stayed home while Kerigan napped and daddy texted to tell me Andrew actually scored a goal!  Of course, the one time I stay home!

After his game we all got ready and met at Hickory Park, my favorite restaurant of all time.
The "kids" had fun watching the movie while we waited!  Ha!
Kerigan likes to color now.  Although sometimes she still tries to eat the crayons!
I had to laugh- my sweet mom tried to take a picture of them singing to me and she missed the huge birthday sundae on the table!  Ha!  Ignore Craig, he likes to ruin pictures!  Ha!
After dinner we headed to Lowes to pick out my birthday present from mom and Jim- a fire pit!  I was so excited because I think it will be so fun to have bonfires with the kids and roast marshmallows!
Loading up the car!
We headed back to mom's to open more presents.  I love my Drake shirt from Jim!
Andrew was being so goofy!

The next day mom and Jim came back for a fire.  We went shopping for skewers and chairs for the kids first.  Andrew insisted I take his picture by the moose!  Ha!
 Andrew had so much fun loading up the wood!

My little loves... they make my birthday the most special.  They are my real gifts.
Blazing fire!
Andrew's face...priceless.

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my awesome family and my wonderful friends and family who were texting me and leaving facebook messages all day!  Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special!

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