Thursday, February 28, 2013

phone dump and catch up

This update is long overdue and full of random pictures from my phone!  I feel like phone updates are just always random because there's not just one event I'm talking about, but I love being able to whip out my phone and take pictures anytime!  So I feel like I am getting more and more phone pictures these days...

We went on a little family date a few weekends ago- I had some errands to run at the mall and so we ate out at one of our favorites- Red Robin!  After dinner we went to the mall.  I love this picture of them walking together.  It was just precious- Kerigan took Andrew's hand and was walking so proudly!  Then we went into Pottery Barn Kids and I had trouble leaving without this precious little dressing table!!  Just her size!  The kids had fun throwing coins in the fountain- one of Andrew's favorite mall activities!  Ha!
Out little table dancer!  Ha!
She literally loves to get up on the table, yank all my placemats off and just sit up there and eat whatever is in sight. 
I love this face!  Full of mischeif!
Andrew and Kerigan are quite the pair, especially at meal times.  Andrew loves to entertain her and make her laugh, which she thoroughly enjoys... more than eating!  Occasionally he is helpful and will "show her" how to take a bite of her food!  It usually works like a charm, as she wants to do everything he does.  She looks up to her Bubba and loves him so much!
Temper tantrum at it's finest.  She plants herself on the floor face down and just cries and cries!  So dramatic!  Ha!
A sweet little early morning coloring moment.  They were being so cute together!  Kerigan loves to color.
The other night we met Ga Ga and Papa at our favorite restaurant- Hickory Park!  The kids love it there too.
They have a big screen TV in the waiting area and a cute little bench for the kids to sit on like a movie theater.  They love it!  Kerigan's face... yep, can't get enough of that squinty smile!  And Andrew looks about 12 years old to me in this picture.
This is totally random, but don't you hate it when products you love all of a sudden aren't sold in stores anymore?  This has happened to me a lot.  Starting with some of my favorite cleaning products.  Then I became obsessed with these cheesy pizza flavored mac and cheese bowls.  I loved to take them for lunch and eat them with tacos or enchiladas- it adds so much flavor to them!  One day I just couldn't find them in any stores.  Nowhere seemed to have them anymore.  I checked with HyVee and they looked into it for me and said that they are not in their warehouse anymore!  I was so disappointed!  What did we ever do without the internet??  I went online and ordered myself a box of them!  Ha!  Craig thinks I'm nuts...but I was one happy girl when this arrived in the mail!
I came in Andrew's room one night when I was putting away clothes and found my sweet babies like this.  My heart literally melted.  Right then and there!
He was reading to his sister, and she was so engaged!  I can only pray that they will always love each other and share special moments like these together!
Andrew on the 100th Day of School- need I say more?  Ha!
This was the morning of his birthday party when he came downstairs and saw the city mommy and Ga Ga had worked on all night for his Ninja Turtle party!  He was slightly excited!
Making headbands for the party!
Another favorite movie release!  We had a special movie night with Ga Ga and she spent the night.  Andrew loves it when Ga Ga comes to stay at his house too!
This was just so precious.  Andrew has such a tender heart and when he loves something his whole heart is in it.  He has made a little friend at his school whom he adores.  This little boy invited him to his birthday party, the first one he's been to of anyone in his class this year.  He was so sweet writing on the card.  He was sounding out letters and writing him a special little note, and then sealed the envelope and drew this hand with a heart in the middle.  It was the sweetest thing ever.
One of Kerigan's favorite things is for Andrew to push her around the kitchen on this lion!  She squeals and giggles and just gets so excited!  Andrew will be busy playing and she'll sit on the lion right in front of him and yell "Bubba????  BUBBA???!!!"  until he pushes her!  It's pretty funny!  And he's usually a good big brother and stops what he's doing to play with her.

Someone was enjoying Andrew's Ninja Turtles too!  She may be a girly girl but she can play super heroes with the best of 'em!
One night she decided she wanted a bath and so she got herself right in the tub, jammies on and all!  Ha!
Since moving up to the 2 year room at day care, she is just talking and singing and saying phrases...we can't get over how much she's growing and changing.  Her latest interest is the potty!  She wants to go ALL the time.  She's always asking "potty? potty?" and she gets MAD if we try to distract her with something else!  So we just go with it.  She's by no means potty trained or even close, but I think watching the other kids at day care is at least peaking her interest!
This is probably my favorite picture ever.  She got to stay home with daddy several days because his school was cancelled because of snow.  He texted this picture to me and I could just die of cuteness.  She was so tired she fell asleep on the floor, and in my shoes!!  It just couldn't be a more accurate picture of her.  She is obsessed with shoes.  I just love it!
I took the kids to get professional pictures taken the other day when I had a day off from school.  We had so much fun!  As you can tell, ha!  I loved having a lunch date with them and just spending the whole day together.  Wish I could do it every day.
Silly girl!  Took this in the bathroom at the mall but it was funny!  Ha!
I just loved this and had to share.  The other day we were home from school- I think it was a Saturday but it could have been one of our many snow days!  Anyway, Andrew wrote me this precious little note- it says "Thank you for this stay home day."  If you really look at the letters- you can see how well he sounded it out!  Oh how I love that boy!
Andrew loves his stay home days.  I think he must get that from his mama!  Ha!  We are trying to instill a love of school, but he just would rather be home and hang out in his jammies.  I can't say I blame him!  His daddy is his hero.  He adores Craig so much, especially lately.  He wants to be with him every minute and he asks me every day when I pick him up if daddy is coming home.
My mom watched the kids the other night so Craig and I could just go out to dinner and hang out for a while alone.  We went to Target and Craig was cracking me up- he found these cards with the Rocky theme song and was opening them and dancing around in the card aisle!  It was so loud!  I always tell him I don't like shopping with him because he "plays" instead of actually getting things accomplished!  But I have to admit- he's a lot of fun!  Ha!
And can I just tell you how mad I was walking around when I saw this??  An entire display of Ninja Turtle birthday supplies.  Seriously?  Where was this a month ago when I spent countless hours online shopping for supplies and there was nothing??  I spent $9 on a plastic table cloth from the "rare" supply store of the old Ninja Turtles design.  Come on!  Why does it seem like this always happens?
Last but not least... I had the honor of attending the American Heart Association's Heart Ball a couple weeks ago with some very special heart mom friends of mine.  I was so thrilled to walk in and see my little man's picture on this huge display!  So proud of him! (He's on the top).
This is the best bunch of women I know.  They are all so inspiring, and they all have a heart story.  We share the most amazing bond because we all know what it is like to raise a child with a CHD.  We have all watched our children endure open heart surgeries and countless other procedures.  We know we are not alone, and it is the best feeling in the world to know these amazing women who understand without speaking a word.
We went in to sit down at the beautifully decorated tables and were so proud to see pictures of our amazing warriors on the programs!  Their heart story was on the back and photo on the front.  I was so proud to see my little man's photo and to know that everyone in the room saw his photo and read his story.  He continues to make a difference.

I think that catches me up for a while!  I have a few more fun updates to come!  Can't believe Spring Break and Easter are just around the corner!  Bring on spring!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

playing hard to get

My good friend I used to teach with, Andrea, brought her little boy Harrison over for a lunch date one Saturday morning.  It is so fun seeing these two grow up since Andrea and I both were trying to get pregnant with them at the same time, and she beat me by 2 months!  Ha!  They are super close in age and so cute together!
I love how Kerigan is looking at him here... but don't get used to it, she's not that easy!
A mac n cheese date!

The funny part was when they were getting ready to leave and Harrison went over to give her a kiss goodbye!  She's like... no way!  Ha!
He went for it anyway... if you know me at all, you know that that's my daughter!  I was never fond of boys pretty much all through elementary school- they just weren't "girly" enough for me!  Ha!
I laugh out loud every time when I see this picture!  Her face just cracks me up.  It's like she is so sad about her first kiss from a boy!  Ha!  Andrea is having a little girl in another month and I can't wait to meet her!  
I loved that Kerigan's class did a Valentine party this year.  I can't believe she's old enough!  But she loved picking out her Cinderella cards and scribbling on them!  Ha!
Despite her not loving her first kiss... I have to add that when I picked her up from day care the other day, she and a little boy were sitting side by side, and they were staring at each other.  As in, I stood there for what seemed like several minutes (but was probably more like several seconds), and they would not take their eyes off each other!  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Then pretty soon she looked away all shyly, with a little grin on her face!  What a little flirt!  
Andrew picked Madagascar 3 circus Valentines- they were pretty neat!  He worked so hard and wrote his name so perfectly on every single one.
My mom and Jim came over with some gifts for the kids on Valentine's Day.  Kerigan loved opening her stuff!  She was saying "Minnie!"
This is the only picture I got of Andrew.  Ignore his karate pants, he had just gotten back from his class. He was off and moving the whole night so it was hard to get him in a picture!  He got some neat stuff from Ga Ga and Papa and a Skylander from mommy. :)  I told him he was my special Valentine.  He was so happy he said "Thank you for my Skylander!  I love you!"  Ha!
Kerigan and her light up heart necklace, which she loved!  She loves anything "pretty!"
Getting all tangled up! 
Here they were playing in their blankets from Ga Ga and Papa.  Andrew got his turtle one for his birthday, and they thought Kerigan needed a present on Andrew's birthday too!  I told my mom not to get used to doing that every year!  Ha!
Kerigan did love having something to open though.  She really was happy about her bunny blanket- she was just being very serious!  Ha!
She's not as innocent as she looks!  Trust me!

More updates to come... time to play catch up!

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