Wednesday, February 17, 2016

sweet hearts

I realize Valentine's Day was last month, but here's my attempt at catching up!
We love Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizzas!  We always have to get them in February!
Daddy made this girl's day and surprised her at school for lunch.  Daddy is most definitely her Valentine.  She pretty much thinks he hung the moon.  And he feels the same about her.
So.  These robots seemed like a good idea at the time.
(This is what trying to take their picture is really like!  Ha!)
I can confidently say I will never be making anything this elaborate again.  Ever.  #thanksalotpinterest.  Ha!
The kids picked out the candy for them and I assumed they would be able to help me with them.  They weren't.  Hot glue and kids just don't mix.  And these wouldn't stay together any other way.  It was quite an undertaking.  While adorable, definitely not worth the effort!  But the kids all loved them!
Then we had treats to bring for her day care too.  So we made cupcakes together and decorated them and then put them in little baggies.
She is getting so good at writing her name.  She was very proud of these.
They helped me with their boxes this year.  Kerigan got really into making hers.  She wanted a tumbling box this year.  We cut out little pictures of her doing tumbling and put them on the box and she just loved that!
Andrew chose a robot.  I guess this was a robot year!
It was nice having Valentine's Day on a weekend this year.  Kerigan helped me make heart shaped pancakes and daddy brought home Dunkin Donuts.  I call that a win!
My kids surprised me with sweet cards and notes. 
I just adore my sweet little family!

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