Friday, March 30, 2018

friends and spring snowstorm!

My best childhood friend, Carrie, came to visit with her four kiddos during their spring break.  They live in Florida but she grew up in Iowa.  I loved that she brought her sweet new daughter, Emery, to meet us!  None of us could wait to meet her!  We had waited a long time for a picture like this of us and our daughters!
This is where it all began!  Us at probably 8 or 9 years old with all of our dolls!
Now we have real life babies!
I think Craig even enjoyed having a baby around!  Ha!  And can I just die over that unicorn outfit??  Kerigan had to wear her onesie to match!
Just precious girls right here
That afternoon we did what every normal mom would do... 
We took our 6 kids to the mall!  Ha!

Carrie's youngest little guy, Everett just loves Andrew!
He chased him all around the play area and I had to make a little collage of all the funny pictures!  I think Andrew was meant to have a little brother too!  Ha ha.
He's just so good with the little kids and I love watching him.  Even though I could cry because HE'S supposed to be the little kid!!  
We had a quick dinner in the food court
Before heading to a movie!  Emery slept through the whole thing!
Once we got home and got the kids to bed, Carrie and I enjoyed this!  Nothing beats a cozy fire, wine, blankets, cat on my lap and my bff!  And to top it off... we were getting a blizzard!  Yes, in late March!
The next day while it snowed, we took the kids to the Children's Museum in town to run off some energy!
One sweet girl right here
The grocery shopping always appeals to Andrew!  Maybe I can get him to be my shopper someday!
She loved making this little house!
Making pizza!
Painting a rainbow as I looked through the window
We had so much fun!
But even better was coming home to this!
These Floridians had never seen this much snow and they had a blast!
We busted out the sleds in the backyard!
And invented a new game of sliding down our deck stairs!  Ha!  After this they all started using sleds and it got crazy!
Fun building a snowman!
We loved introducing our Florida friends to snow!
The next morning Ga Ga came to see Emery too!  Carrie was like her 2nd daughter when we were growing up at the lake in the summers.
Andrew is completely obsessed with babies.  He adored Emery and wanted her to move in with us!
We were so sad to see our friends leave!  There's nothing better than watching our kids play together, as we always enjoyed playing together when we were their ages!

We are hoping to make this a spring break tradition- as long as we are home and not traveling at the same times!  It worked out perfectly this year.

Monday, March 26, 2018

tumbling and science center

Another tumbling meet brought us west towards our cousins and a really fun science center!
We were so happy to have an excuse to get too see our family!
These three were cracking me up, checking out the exhibit.
The kids had a blast with the dinosaur interactive exhibit
They saw themselves on the screen and the dinosaur was running around by them!
Then all of a sudden it got super close and roared at them!  So funny- and it totally freaked them out the first time!
Little scientist
One of their favorite rooms is where you make your own paper airplane and then see how far it flies!
Kerigan wanted Daddy to help her make an airplane
What is it about playing in water?  It's just so fun!
Andrew loves making Lego cars and racing them down the ramp!
This was so cute- there's this contraption where you have to protect an "egg" from breaking and send it up a ramp.  Then when it drops the screen has a picture of the egg either broken, or saying you were successful.  Kerigan was determined to get it to say good job!
After several failed attempts, she recruited her real scientist aunt to help her!  Aunt Rachel is so smart!  Ha!
As you can see, she finally did it!  #goals #misscompetitive
They loved the green screen!  Whatever part they covered up with the green cloth didn't show up on the screen so they were making themselves have floating heads, etc.
A blast in the ball room!
And they made giant bubbles!

This was so much fun!
Andrew's face!
Inside a cave!
We love visiting the Science Center and being with cousins is icing on the cake!
That night we went back to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jay's house and played games and spent the night.  Telestrations quickly became everyone's favorite.
I mean, who doesn't love a game where you laugh until you cry??  Ha!
The next day, we headed to the tumbling meet and look who we ran into!
Sweet Piper is tumbling now and we miss this family so much.  We love running into them at meets!  Piper is wearing Kerigan's old leotard in this picture and I just love it so much!
This was Kerigan's preschool teacher and her daughter.  She always bought all of Kerigan's old clothes.  We love Mrs. Ricken!  Love running into them too!
More friends from our old town!  Sweet Avery was Kerigan's good buddy and we miss her family too!
Andrew loved seeing Avery's brother Eli, one his old best buds from 1st and 2nd grade!
Kerigan and Rylee got to watch their buddy Lola compete and get her awards before they had to compete.  Would you believe these three are all 6?!  #truth
Concentrating very hard before they compete.  Ha ha.
Kerigan got 1st place and Rylee got 2nd.  Two excited friends rocking the podium!
She is our star!
She loved nothing more than her big cousin Evelyn coming to watch her compete!
Her fan club!  One lucky girl!  We are all so proud of her!
Afterwards we stopped for lunch at a favorite spot!
Then we headed to Ga Ga and Papa's and they took us to their neighbor's house who had just gotten a new puppy!  Look how adorable!
This was soooo cute- the kids loved the game Telestrations so much they made their own game!
I had to take pictures because I couldn't save it all.. but let's just say this game got added to their Easter basket wish!
It was another successful and fun weekend in the books!

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