Monday, February 19, 2018

valentines and roller skates

My loves ready for school on Valentines Day!
Kerigan's faces were killing me!  She is so funny.
Oh how I love them
I made a little collage because this photo shoot was so funny
My sweet girl made this for me and one for her Daddy too.
Of course she passed out emoji Valentines!  She worked so hard on them and had fun writing her classmates names on them all.
They always get some Valentine surprises from Ga Ga!
Valentines Day landed on Awana night so they frosted their own Valentine cupcakes and had fun with their friends!
We always look forward to cousin Evelyn's birthday in February too!
This year it was roller skating/blading.  It was Kerigan's first time on roller skates and she loved it!
We were going to get her one of those things you push and hang onto but she didn't want one and ended up doing fine on her own after some practice!
She even did the limbo!  She can do the splits really well so she almost got all the way down as the pole got lower!
Andrew ran into his old best buddy from Kindergarten.  Maya is friends with Evelyn so we love getting to see her once a year!
Andrew had gotten new roller blades for his birthday and was loving getting to use them here!
He did the limbo too!  This party made me so nostalgic as I used to spend many weekends at the roller skating rink with my friends growing up.
Evelyn gave out these cool 80's party favors!
The party kids!
Andrew and his best friend/cousin Jayden
Then it was time for more skating!
She loves her cousin Evie!
And her Uncle Jay!
Andrew was so happy to get to go home and spend the night with Jayden while the rest of us went to Ga Ga's.
It seems like we don't get much snow at Christmas but there's always some in January and February.  Kerigan and our neighbor Catie had fun playing!
While Belle and I just hung out right here!  Ha!
These girls had fun on their snow day!
This is the life at the salon when you're mom gets her hair cut.
We went furniture shopping and this is how they felt about it.  Ha!
But when the new chairs came in, they loved finding new reading spots!
We had conferences and this guy made a slide show to present to us of things he's learned throughout the year.  I loved it!  And clearly, he loves animals!

We loved hearing him present.  He was proud to show us his hard work!

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