Saturday, June 29, 2013

father's day

Let's jump back to Father's Day, shall we?  I am promising myself to get caught up this week because... well... our big move is coming up.  And there's so much to blog about!
The kids day care (aka "school") had a Donuts for Dad the Friday morning before Father's Day.  They always do it for Mother's Day too.  We had to miss this year's mother's day one because of Andrew's cath.  I was sad to miss it when my mom reminded me that it would have been our "last" one.  All these "lasts" lately are making me a little bit sad.  But that's a post for another time...
So daddy and the kids enjoyed the "last" Donuts for Dad, and I joined them to take pictures of course!  I had to laugh because twice on the way there Andrew asked me why I was coming and if moms were supposed to go.  Ha!  Then when we pulled in and I took the first picture, he told me "MOM!  Go!"  It was so sweet.  But made me a little bit sad, too!  Ha!
Andrew couldn't wait for Father's Day.  He was so cute hiding his cards and presents for daddy in his bedroom closet.  Everytime I brought it up he'd put his finger on his lips and say "Shhhh!"
This look is so full of love.  He loves his daddy more than anything.  Coolest guy ever.
Opening his card from the kids, this is Kerigan's cheesy smile.
Daddy's present from Andrew (he made at school).
He also wrote this really neat story about daddy at school and decorated it so cute!  I thought it was so colorful and neat!
Kerigan refused to smile and look at the camera, but this is her present for daddy- so sweet.
Here's a close up.  She made it at her school too, and they framed it and everything.
That night we grilled out and played a killer game of Headbandz!  Andrew laughed like this pretty much the whole time.  This is such a fun game!  He was laughing every time daddy asked a question.  For example, daddy's picture is a sandwich, and he has to ask "yes-no" questions to try to figure out what it is.  So when he'd ask "Is it an animal" or something like that, Andrew just could not stop giggling.  It was so cute.
He's stumped!  Ha!
I made these amazing baked smores, another Pinterest find.  Oh how I love Pinterest (even though it completely overwhelms me!)

The next night Papa joined us to celebrate again and we had a bonfire and real smores!  It's a toss up which ones were better!  
The kids gave Papa their card and gift card to Panera, since he always takes Ga Ga there!
The kids also think Papa is pretty special.  Kerigan always asks for him when Ga Ga comes over if he's not with her.
I looked over and my daughter is into the smores supplies!  Big surprise!  Ha!
We always joke because Andrew loves to roast the marshmallows but he just sets them on fire and gives them to daddy and then eats them straight out of the bag.  Craig always gets too full of marshmallows because he eats all our mistakes!  I told him it's his fault he likes them burnt!
Her shirt couldn't be more UNtrue!  She's no angel... ha!  Don't let her fool you!
All we know is, we were so lucky to get the best daddy there is.  He does so much for us and works so hard to make all of us happy all the time, and we are not always an easy bunch!  Ha!  The kids just adore him and so do I.  Thanks for everything you do for us, daddy!  We can't wait to embark on this new journey you are taking us on!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

school's out for summer!

Well, since school's been out for... oh... about a month now, I thought it was time for our last day of school and start to summer update, now that we're in full summer swing around here!
I always like to get a few little things for the kids (mainly Andrew, because his birthday is in January and he usually needs a few items for summer by this time!)
But we couldn't forget about the little miss.  She now is fully aware if Andrew is getting things and she's not.  I knew the day would come!  
She was perfectly content with her mini super soaker, Minnie Mouse goggles and Dora bubbles!
This girl just cracks me up!
Andrew loved this "rocket" you step on and they fly really high!  Hours of entertainment the other night when we had a bonfire.
We've decided that this is the summer of rain.  If it's not raining, then it's almost too hot to be outside.  But this day we just put on our suits and had a sprinkler party in the backyard!  Andrew had to try out his new super soaker!

But watch out!  Daddy got ahold of it!  The kids had a blast with him chasing them around the yard and squirting them!
We had a nice picnic on the deck, which I love doing!  No mess inside!

Andrew loves the new Ninja Turtle skateboard he got too!  The neighbor boys all have skateboards and ride them down the driveways like this and Andrew always loves to join in with them.

Daddy teaching him how to ride the "real" way!  Ha!
Don't you love his shirt?  It's one of my favorites!
And Kerigan was very surprised Minnie and Daisy showed up on her new ball!  Ha!
This is not great quality because it was taken with my iPad, but I had to share this sweet story.  Last year I moved to a new school and I'd only been there for a year.  I didn't know Craig was going to get a new job and we'd be moving, so I took this job thinking I'd be there for a while.  Anyway, a few of my old students sometimes find me on Facebook and ask to be my friend.  I have a rule that I don't accept current students (not because my facebook page is inappropriate in any way!  Ha!  I just don't think it's right to have a current student on there, maybe I'm weird!)  Anyway, this young man found me and requested me.  I had taught him in fourth grade at my previous building 4 years ago.  He was one of those kids you just couldn't help but love, even though he was a stinker!  Ha!  He had the best sense of humor and was too cute for words.  He was always very smart and respectful and he knew more than anyone I've ever met about computers and technology.  I always asked him to help me with stuff, and he knew how to fix things every time!  Even when he was in 5th grade I would call him back to my class to help me with computer issues!  Ha!

   Anyway, he wrote me the sweetest facebook message about how much I had encouraged him and that I was his favorite teacher he's ever had (I think he got "in trouble" with a lot of teachers, but I somehow am able to get along really well with kids like that!  Most of the time!)  As a teacher I always enjoy being able to joke around and have fun while still learning.  Anyway, he asked to come visit me so he could tell me in person how grateful he is to me.  Isn't that the sweetest thing?  He is in 8th grade now and is so successful.  He's in a special basketball league and is an amazing player.  He is also in a science and technology club where he does all the engineering, and they just sent a rocket up into space!  I told him I was so proud of him and what a positive role model he is for young kids.  I'm so happy that I was able to have an impact on him and that he remembers the things I did to encourage him.  As I was packing up my classroom, extremely happy to be taking the next year off to sub, I couldn't help but be grateful for the 13 years of teaching and all the students I've had the privilege to work with.  These are the reasons we teach.  It certainly isn't for the money.

The end of school always brings the time to put the boat in the lake for the summer.  We headed up to the lake one weekend and it happened to be a beautiful day.
And just for fun, because I've been going through old pictures... this was them last year when we put the boat in.  Amazing what a difference a year makes!
And this was Andrew in 2008 the day we put the boat in!  Isn't he so little and sweet??  He was about 18 months old.  Such a peanut.
The kids always love to throw rocks in the water!  

Getting ready to launch!
Hi Ga Ga!  Woo hoo!  Lake season is upon us!

Enjoying the first boat ride of the season!

More to come soon!  I have so much to catch up on!

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