Monday, March 30, 2015

barbie dream house!

Continuing our mini spring break in Minneapolis...
We got up in the morning and ate breakfast at the hotel.  The kids love helping make waffles or whatever they are serving.  Of course we had to have another quick swim in the pool before heading to the Mall of America!
My little girl's first roller coaster, which I had to go on with her (under a certain height needs an adult to ride).  I was pretty squished in those tiny little seats!  Ha!
We saw the Easter Bunny!  First year with no tears!  She's growing up!
Andrew's face here cracks me up.  He loved these bumper cars, and I couldn't believe he was old enough to go by himself!
It took him a few tries to figure out how to get it to move!  But once he got it, he flew around and around!
They always love going on the Wonder Pets flyboat together.
This time was especially funny because Andrew's shoe fell off from the top!  Ha!  He was laughing so hard!
We loved our lunch overlooking Nickelodeon Universe!
After lunch I got to take my girl to the Barbie Dreamhouse!  She was so excited after seeing it the night before when it was closing.
Inside you signed your name up and picked your character and a pet.  Then everything was operated through your bracelet and you could scan it to make certain things happen.
Posing on Barbie's couch!
This place was pretty much a little girl's dream.  Everything (and I mean everything!) was pink.  Even the lighting was pink, which was not good for picture taking purposes, but it was so fun.
This is terrible quality but Kerigan said it was her favorite thing so I wanted to include it.  It was a sleigh "ride" where you watch a screen and it is like you are riding a sled with Barbie.
Baking cupcakes in the oven and playing a game in Barbie's living room!
Barbies everywhere!
I mean they seriously had it all.  Barbie's horse peeking out of a stable, and singing karoke on the piano!
These would have been amazing if it weren't for the pink lighting!

She was standing in a giant ring
This was her other favorite thing- Barbie's closet, of course!  You stood here and looked in a mirror and if you put your arm up it changed outfits so when you looked in the mirror it was like she was wearing different clothes.  She was mesmerized.
Out on the deck, overlooking the beach!  Why wouldn't Barbie have any other view but the beach!?
This was a little ice cream cart on the deck/patio.
On Barbie's HUGE bed- you could scan your bracelet and see your name on the canopy.  She was looking at her name.

A giant music box!  When you turned the handle the ballerina twirled around.  Again, she just loved this!
This was inside a phone booth!
A mini Eiffel Tower!
And a tea party with my girl.
Fixing Barbie's hair while waiting to get her makeover.
This was so much fun- they did her make up and she just thought it was the coolest thing ever.
That face!!
This girl... does she look like she's in her element or what??
She pretty much could have stayed here all day.
They had a little runway and music was blaring and she came out and walked the runway!  It was so precious!  She was just eating it up!
Barbie's scooter!
Afterwards we met up with Daddy and Andrew and she ran to her daddy to show him her make up!  He was less than thrilled about it I think- Ha!  He keeps saying she's not going to date until she's 30!  He's keeping her his little girl for as long as he can!
Of course, couldn't leave without a visit to the American Girl store.
One last ride on the balloons with my kids before heading home!
Oh how I love them!  We always have so much fun together- they are just the best kids in the whole world!  Our little family had the best time at the MOA!  Until next time!

Friday, March 27, 2015

mini spring break

I had to post a couple of pictures that I forgot in the last update when we went to the musical at daddy's school.  After the show, the cast members all came out and even though she was super tired, Kerigan wanted to meet Belle.  The kids all were having a fit over how cute she was and took her right up to see her and Beast.  Kerigan was so thrilled!

We decided since we didn't get an official spring break, just Monday off, we would head north to Minneapolis for a long weekend and meet Ga Ga and Papa after they flew in from Phoenix!  
We stopped at this fun sandwich place called Which Wich?  It was so unique and fun!  You pick out these bags and mark what you want and what toppings and then just give the bag to them and they make your sandwich!  The kids loved it!
Even more they loved our hotel room with a whirlpool tub!  They pretended it was their bed!  Ha!
Once we met up with Ga Ga and Papa, we all headed to IKEA.  At the top of our "must do" list!  Andrew and Kerigan played in the child care area, but they only allow them to stay for an hour (which isn't even close to how long it takes to go through IKEA!  Ha!) so afterwards here was his form of entertainment.
This is Craig's pained expression and how he truly feels about being in that store- Ha!  He was as bored as Andrew, so he took the kids back to the hotel!  Prime shopping time for Ga Ga, Papa and mommy!  Woo hoo!
We picked up pizza on the way home and just ate it at the hotel and swam all night.  The kids had a blast.  We love just hanging out and enjoying the hotel and visiting with each other!
This has quickly become our favorite hotel- it's in Edina.  They have a huge pool and it's nice and warm!  And at night it is all lit up with lights under the water and it's so pretty!
And they didn't get enough swimming in the pool so had to take a dip in the whirlpool tub back in the room!
Andrew wanted to sleep in Ga Ga and Papa's room so he cuddled up with Ga Ga and played on the iPad before bed.
The next morning- more swimming!
And more whirl pooling!
We seriously had so much fun with this tub!
The girls all went to the new outdoor outlet mall in Edina.  It was awesome!
We had a great time shopping!
Someone got tired and crashed!  And yes, I rented this stroller for $5.  Best five bucks I ever spent!
The minute we got back to the hotel she had to put on her new pajamas I bought (with her approval!  I can't buy her pajamas anymore because half the time she won't wear them so I always have to ask her if she likes them first!  Such a girl!)
Ga Ga and Papa gave daddy his birthday presents before they headed back to Iowa!
We asked Papa and daddy to bring all the sacks from our shopping trip up to the room and Papa joked that we had bought so much and brought them all up on a cart!  Ha ha!
Andrew loved his new shirt!  Ha!
We had to say goodbye to Papa and Ga Ga and we stayed one more night.  They had been on a long vacation in Arizona and were ready to get home.
So that night we went out to the Mall of America and looked around and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp!  The kids loved their meals in these little boats!
We loved this restaurant!
We had wanted to take the kids to the Rainforest Cafe but they are remodeling so we chose here and are so glad we did!
They liked these shoes "Run Forrest, run!"  Even though they've never seen the movie!  Ha!
Then when this girl spotted this Barbie car, it was all over!  Ha!
We went to check it out and they have a huge Barbie Dreamhouse Experience she was dying to do.  It was Sunday night so the mall was about 20 minutes from closing, so we checked out the outside of it and promised to come back on Monday.
She couldn't wait!
Daddy took Andrew to the arcade upstairs and Kerigan and I walked around and tried to get some last minute shopping in before stores closed.  The stores closed before the rides, so we made it with about one minute to spare for a late night carousel ride.  She was the only one riding and she loved it!
We met back up with daddy and Andrew at the arcade and played a while longer.  They stayed open later!
Air Hockey is one of Andrew's favorite games!
I couldn't believe it but when we were driving back from the mall, it had snowed!! A lot!  The roads were very slick and it took us a long time to drive just a couple of exits!  We then found out that my mom and Jim had witnessed a car crash on their way home so they stopped about 45 miles away at another hotel!  We wished they had stayed another night with us!  But we were glad they were safe!
After that slick drive back to the hotel we went swimming, of course!
We all loved how you could see the snow falling outside through the huge windows.  Even though we really didn't want to see snow, we had to admit it was pretty!
Enjoying the hot tub!
On our shopping adventures my girl and I had picked up some cookies for bedtime snacks!
We love snacking before bed at hotels!

Part 2 coming soon!

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