Monday, April 24, 2017

tumbling & baseball

Disclaimer- I'm still catching up!  This post was from last year, even though we just finished the pre state meet this year too.  Ha.  I'm trying not to confuse myself.

Tumbling continued with the pre state meet in Webster City.  Kerigan got 4th place.
These girls were getting excited for the state meet!
I love this sweet girl so much!
Since WC is close to Ga Ga, she came to surprise us!
A couple weekends later, the state meet was in our old town- so we got to see our friends!
Kerigan was having fun reading to everyone!  Ha!
Piper loved listening to her and wanted her to read all night!
We were going to spend the night with our friends, but sweet Payton ended the night with a fever so we thought we better stay in a hotel.  With all the tumblers in town, there was only one room left in the whole town- with a king size bed.  Do you think there's any room for me in that bed!?  Ha ha.
The next morning here she is ready to go!  She wanted a picture by the sign.
Sweet Rylee and Kerigan
Doing her thing
I'm still in disbelief that she goes out there in front of all those people, with no fear.
And competes in front of a table of judges and she's not even nervous!  She just loves this sport.
It has been so fun getting to be on the same team and level as Rylee (she's on the 4).  We have gotten to know their family and love hanging out with them!  Then we had to laugh because I stumbled across a few old pictures with Rylee in them from when Kerigan tumbled at her old gym! 
They competed with each other then, too, but we just didn't know each other!  Such a small world. This was the year before the first picture.
We have a national qualifier!
And her fan club
She was so excited!
We had to grab a family pic!
We went out to celebrate at our favorite ice cream place, Ev's

Angie and Parker were on a walk so they stopped by to congratulate her!
Proud big brother
Kerigan loved pushing Parker around in the stroller
Proud of my girl!
So on the way home from the meet, we stopped and got this girl her first bat.  Makes sense, right?  Ha!
She joined T-ball for the very first time (you know, since dance and tumbling wasn't enough!)
She loved playing and we loved watching her!  She didn't even have to use the T very often because she was able to hit the ball from the coach pitching!
She also may have loved playing because a certain boy was on her team!  Yes, it's already happening.  Kindergarten and boy crazy.  This boy's dad was the coach and so he got to place the names inside the dugout for the order they hit and where they sat and he always put Kerigan right next to himself!
She also spent some time at the field watching her brother play!

I loved watching my little man, too!
One night after their games I had to take their pictures by this bat statue at the splash pad in the park.

Kerigan got to use her cousin Evelyn's first glove, which was pretty special!
A side by side of my little baseball players!
After one of her games we went for pizza and she lost a tooth!  She was so excited about that!

More to come soon!

Monday, April 17, 2017

let's go fly a kite

The rest of April we enjoyed being outside more, and doing some fun activities.  Daddy took Kerigan to an Iowa women's basketball game.
Then he texted me these pictures to make me mad, ha!
He bought her her first Hawkeye shirt and I was not thrilled.  But it had bling, so she was happy.
Andrew had been sick for a couple days and I thought this was so sweet.  I found it on his locker at school.
Just 2 kids hanging with their cat.

Kerigan and I had to do a little spring clean out of Andrew's locker.  He was missing a bunch of stuff so we walked down and looked in his locker and it was stuffed!  I think there were 2 coats, several sweatshirts, hats, gloves and a TON of papers... ahhh the transition from winter to spring!  Ha!
I was on recess duty when this guy just happened to be outside with his class too!  Love seeing my kids at school.
This day I had lunch with my girl and loved every minute.
I had to laugh at these pictures because our upstairs was unlivable (we had no kitchen or living room as it was being remodeled) so we all hung out together a LOT during the spring and spent a lot of time in the basement. 
Andrew likes to have the basement to himself so he was not pleased.  Ha!  Does it look slightly crowded?  Someone has to have her tumbling mat in the middle of the room too!
Our kitchen table was downstairs, along with half our pantry on the ping pong table back there.  I'm so glad those days are over! 
Somehow amongst the craziness, these two don't let anything stop them from begging for a sleepover.  This night Kerigan had tumbling and Avery was patiently waiting for her to get back and Meagan sent me that text.  Ha!
Two happy girls!
Finally sleepy girls...
And this guy got to have a sleepover with his mama!  I think we were both excited about this!
The kids got kites for Easter so we took advantage of a super windy weekend to fly them!
We have a nice field next to the school right in our backyard so it was the perfect place!
We figured out how to get them really high and it was such a fun afternoon!

I love this.  It's the perfect picture of spring.  Barefoot, running through the grass, kites... I love it all!
Baseball started for the kids and this was this girl's first practice ever.
Daddy took them to his batting cages at school to practice and they loved it!

One spring weekend we took the kids to Boss Baby!  They loved it!
Ga Ga was here and she helped the girls redo Kerigan's fairy garden for spring.
Kerigan always loves doing this with Ga Ga.  And Avery is like my second daughter so she had to join in!
Ga Ga watched the kids for me after bedtime so I could go to my tumbling mom friend's house. We drank wine and made hair ribbons for the girls for the state tumbling meet.  I'm not sure how the ribbons turned out but we sure had fun!
The next morning Ga Ga came to watch Kerigan at ice skating lessons.
The rink is in the mall, along with this carousel the kids always try to talk me into letting them ride.
Since Ga Ga was with us, they get to do whatever they want!  Ha!
Another weekend our friends from our old town came to visit and we surprised the kids!  I love the joy on Kerigan's face here. 
These two have been best friends since they were 2.  I pray their friendship will always continue, even though we moved.
These boys went to nerf wars at Andrew's taekwondo gym and had a blast!
Of course in the morning we had to visit the best donut place ever!
She doesn't like donuts.  Just the bubblegum on top.  Ha!
And the girls just happened to have matching dresses- unplanned!
Apparently we ate a lot because here we are eating ice cream later- Ha!
Then we all went to the childrens museum and had a blast!

There are so many fun things to do there!
This was the flight room!
Andrew loves this simulator plane
Sitting in a real plane!

They always have a blast in the grocery store!
Fun making pizzas!

Getting an X-ray
Brushing giant teeth- ha!
We love our hospital in town!  It's so neat that they have this pretend hospital for the kids to play in.
Fun in the art room!

After a fun filled day, these girls went to bed reading and giggling.

I think that's getting close to wrapping up last spring!  I'm still on a mission to catch up!

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