Sunday, November 15, 2009

Growing Up!

This little monkey is excited today!

He just found out he's going to see...

Andrew loves Curious George lately.  I mean, he IS a little monkey, after all!  Some of you may remember this was his first birthday theme, even though at the time he really didn't know who Curious George was!

They were about the same size!
Anyway, this little monkey has grown to love George more and more, and the CG movie is his favorite thing to watch (it is almost tied with Elmo!)  So, we couldn't resist getting tickets to see the upcoming live performance.  We took Andrew to Sesame Street Live back in May, not sure how he'd handle it, and he loved it.  So we are pretty sure he's going to love this too.  It is coming in January, so we got him tickets for his birthday!  We can't wait!

In other news...Andrew is reading!  I was so shocked the other day when he was going through books in his room and pulled out "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle and started reading it!!  Obviously, he is learning more at school than I could ever imagine.  I had no idea he knew all his shapes, colors, numbers, and most letters too!  His teacher told me the other day that he is the leader at circle time!  Shouting out the names when she shows them.  (Now we just have to work on raising his hand!)  Ha!  We are so proud of him and everything he's learning.  Listen to him read!  Turn your sound up because he is kind of quiet, but soooooo sweet! (Pause the music at the bottom).

We can just tell he is getting more and more grown up each day.  Where he used to throw all the tracks off his train table and mess it all up, playing with his "choo choos" is now his favorite thing to do.  He spends countless hours in his playroom, putting all his trains together and driving them around and around his table.  He used to get mad because he couldn't figure out how they "stuck" together with the magnets but soon figured out if they don't "stick," just turn the train around!  The other day I watched him create his own little design on his table, placing all the bridges, roundhouse, mountain, etc so carefully, just the way he wanted them.

Andrew has another new addition to his bedroom too.  A friend of mine told me about a posting on Craig's List- a pirate bedroom!  Tons of neat stuff for sale.  I found this darling boat bookshelf, which is now in Andrew's room!

Isn't it perfect?
Thank you so much for all the fun ideas on what to do above Andrew's bed!  I love the paddle idea.  I think that is what I am going to do!  I can picture them criss-crossed with his name on one of them.  I also want to put his name on the treasure chest for his toys.  I can't wait to get his room all done!

Thank you again for all the prayers for Andrew's appointment.  We still don't have results yet, but are having fun this weekend and trying not to think about it!  We have the tree up and one excited little boy!  You can't help but be happy watching the joy on his face.  I'll have more pictures to show soon...


The Carter's said...

Andrew reading was SO SWEET!! He did a great job! Derrick listened to him read the whole book. It was really cute. We love Brown Bear, Brown Bear too!

Big heart hugs'
Shannon & Derrick

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Andrew is a reader!! amy & simon :)

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