Saturday, July 17, 2010


Lately, Andrew has been obsessed with shoes.
But not his own...
 He wants to wear mommy's shoes.
Or pretty much anyone else's but his own!

Pretty much anytime someone comes over and leaves their shoes by the door, Andrew has them on within five minutes!
It is so funny, because I used to not be able to get the kid to wear flip flops.  Apparently he didn't like the feeling between his toes.
This is the first summer I've gotten him to wear them.  I think it has been all that practice wearing mommy's!  I could live in flip flops.  I even wore them on my wedding day (pretty white ones with rhinestones and bows!)  I dread the day I have to put them away for the season (and I pretty much wait until the first snow!) and I long for the first day I can get them back out again!
So... this obsession with shoes?

I think he gets that from his mama, too...

Yep.  This is me back in 1978!  Ha!  Check out some of those shoes!

Andrew got a really big kick out of this picture.
The kid is obsessed with shoes. 


Kel said...

That is so cute! I don't think my girls will get the shoe obsession since shoes are not really my thing. Give me a good pair of running shoes and I'm happy. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Hannah is obsessed with shoes too! She fights with me about which shoes to wear. It's hilarious. She wears as size 6 right now, and the other night when I went to check on her after she went to bed, she was wearing a pair of her size 8's that she found in her closet. She slept in them all night long and then refused to take them off the next morning. I sent her to daycare in shoes that were literally 2 sizes too big because I couldn't get her to take them off! So funny!!!!

Stefenie said...

Both of my boys have been obsessed with a pair of black high heels this past week. Of course Daddy has been less than thrilled about it. Oh well. They are only little once!

kirsten michelle said...

That's so cute, and especially that he goes for your footwear!! Well, he has very good taste, doesn't he?

He is such a funny little monkey. :o)

Paige Levich said...

Hi Mrs.Huegel!
It's Paige!
Remember me?
I miss you!
I haven't been on your blog forever.
Tell Andrew hi for me!
Paige L.

Posh Totty said...

I'm so pleased to see it is not just my son who has a thing for pretty shoes lol.

I am forever telling my Little Man to take my shoes off before he breaks his neck.

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