Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Miss {seven months}

My smiley little dolly... you are 7 months old.  Time is just flying and I just want to slow it down!  You bring so much joy into our house.  We love you so much little girl!
You probably weigh around 18 pounds.  You wear mostly 6-9 month and some 12 month clothes.  You wear a size 3 diaper.  You are just a little chunk and I love it!  Everyone comments on your cheeks.  They are soooo kissable!
(You have 3 Valentine outfits so I had to post two different ones today!)

You are sleeping wonderfully!  You take your last bottle around 8:30 or 9 and you will still be awake most nights but we can now lay you down awake and you will fall asleep in your crib by yourself.  We got your brother's favorite toy (the soother) and hung it in your crib and all I have to do is start that, put your paci in and rub your bunny blankie by your face.  You are asleep before the songs are over.  You usually sleep until about 6:00 in the morning, but once in a while you might wake up in the middle of the night, but you are easy to put back down.  I don't even have to pick you up (although sometimes I just want to grab you and snuggle you in bed with me!) I just put your paci back in, roll you over onto your back and you go right back down.  
You still take about 6oz every 3 hours and take one good 2 hour nap in the afternoon (about 1-3).  Your other naps are shorter.  I am thinking it is about time to get you to take more from your bottle and spread out your feedings a little bit.  Sometimes you want more so we'll make a couple more ounces for you.
(Precious little cupcake tights!)

This month you have really started taking off on solids.  You love your cereal around lunch time, and every night for dinner you down a container of veggies.  I am going to start introducing you to fruits very soon.  I wanted to hold off on those until we got through the veggies because if you are anything like the rest of us, you would rather have sweets than veggies!  Ha!  I am thinking you are going to love fruit.
You are definitely starting to show your spunky personality this month.  You get mad when we take something away from you (mostly brother's toys) and other things you aren't supposed to get into.  You can't quite crawl yet, but somehow you manage to still get ahold of what you want!
You get up on all fours and rock, and you can crawl backwards.  You still haven't figured out how to go forwards!  Ha!  You are funny to watch.  You can also go from laying down, to sitting up all by yourself.  One day after I changed your diaper I went to throw it away and wash my hands and when I came back you were sitting up!  I couldn't believe it!  You also go from a sitting position to a crawling position.
You absolutely love looking in mirrors.  You will sit here and occupy yourself for quite a while.  You look at yourself and giggle.  You will move your arms around and put your hands up by your face and watch intently.
I'm not sure if you've figured out it is you in there yet.  But you sure do enjoy exploring!  You love it when mommy gets beside you too!
Whenever I dress you up you are obsessed with playing with the frills.  I love it!  I am hoping for a girly girl, and I'm doing everything in my power to make it happen!  Ha!
You still have two precious little teeth.  I keep looking for more, but none yet.  Your hands are in your mouth constantly, as well as everything else you can get your hands on.  So I am thinking there are more coming in soon!
You love to play peek a boo.  I can always get you to giggle whenever I play it with you (and it works great for photo shoots!)  Ha!
You are very much a mama's girl.  You can be perfectly content with daddy, on the floor or in your jumperoo, but the second you see me, you cry.  It is so pathetic but super sweet too.  The only way I get anything done at all is to strap you into the baby bjorn (which you are getting too big for, and you make my back hurt!  Ha!)  But you are super content as long as I am dragging you around the house with me.
You still haven't cried when I drop you off at day care, thank goodness.  I am dreading that day.  I told daddy that is when I'm going to have him start dropping you off!  I am still so sad leaving you every day, baby girl.  You are so precious and I just want to soak in every single minute with you.  There is just never enough time.  Those mornings we are so rushed to get out the door, you just go with the flow and smile at me.  I love you so much.  My heart just breaks leaving you.
You are a joy to everyone around you, Kerigan.  You just brighten the day.  I cannot even remember what life was like before you were here.
You could not be any sweeter, or cuter, or more bubbly and smiley.  You have the best little personality. You just shine.  
And you still have those big, beautiful blue eyes like your Grandpa Bill.
I could seriously just eat you up with a spoon.  Those cheeks!
I thank God every day for bringing you into our lives.  He picked you and Andrew out just for us.  The most special kids anyone could ask for.  I will never know how I got this blessed, but I will never take either of you for granted.  Not for one single second.  You and your brother are the best things in my life.

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!

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