Sunday, October 21, 2012

friends, four wheelers and fun!

Last weekend was a long awaited, special trip to see some very special friends.  It had been way too long since we had seen them.
These are our very best heart friends, the Jacks Family.  Logan and Andrew are just 2 months apart in age, and both boys have endured a lifetime of surgeries, caths and procedures.  And both have come out on top, and are two of the sweetest, bravest little boys I know.
I had to post this because of Andrew's huge smile!  Can you tell he was slightly excited?
Andrew was in his happy place here, riding all around on the four wheelers and playing with everything BOY!!  We were so thankful for a little break in the rain so we could get outside!
Kerigan had to come watch all the fun...
And then decided she wanted in on it!  Ha!

Andrew with Logan's brother Wyatt
Wyatt was so sweet and treated Andrew like he was one of his best friends, let him play with all his stuff, and talked to him the whole time we were there.
Daddy was dying to get in on the fun, too!  
So the boys and Stef enjoyed some baby girl time!
Love this!
The boys!
Daddy took Kerigan for a spin too!  She loved it so much!

Somehow I was coaxed into riding too!  At first I was apprehensive, but I did think it looked fun!  Mostly I just did it for a good photo op!  Ha!  But I didn't regret it!
The best part of this is my outfit and shoes!  I look a bit overdressed to be riding a four wheeler, huh?  
What happens when two crazy heart mamas get together!  Ha!
I can't stop laughing when I look at this picture.  I totally look like I'm falling off!  Ha!
Heading up the hill (this makes me laugh too!)
Stef took this gorgeous picture of my girl... I just want to squeeze her!
We ordered pizza and had to laugh when we went through the drive through to pick it up and this box barely fit through the car window!  We didn't realize we were getting quite this much!  Andrew held up his muscles all on his own... that was not suggested!  Ha!
They were cracking us up while eating!  Ha!  
We had so much fun watching the kids play.  The boys adored Kerigan- it was so sweet.  I think they need a little sister!  Ha!
Kerigan is obsessed with shoes.  She was wearing them all around and sitting in the baby stroller!
Putting on her protective gear... gotta look out with all these boys around!
Horsing around!
Yes, have permission to marry him!
Andrew and Wyatt picked right up where they left off.  Andrew thinks Wyatt is just about the coolest guy around.  He sat here and watched him play the computer, and they hung out together almost the whole night!  I think Andrew missed out not getting a big brother- he would have loved one!
It was too cute, because while Wyatt and Andrew were hanging out, so were these two...

I think Logan reminds her of her Bubba!
Except he was nice to her the whole time!  Ha!  (And yes, marrying Logan would be fine, too!  Ha!)
Ryan and Craig were bonding... nothing says bonding like watching the Avengers on the floor amongst piles of toys and loud children!  Ha!  They were funny.
And never mind the occasional's Kerigan modeling her mama's shoes for Ryan!  Ha!
Heart brothers...for life.
Check out Stef's blog for her update from our trip!

It was getting late so we needed to head back to our hotel... stay tuned for more fun the next morning!

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