Tuesday, February 19, 2013

playing hard to get

My good friend I used to teach with, Andrea, brought her little boy Harrison over for a lunch date one Saturday morning.  It is so fun seeing these two grow up since Andrea and I both were trying to get pregnant with them at the same time, and she beat me by 2 months!  Ha!  They are super close in age and so cute together!
I love how Kerigan is looking at him here... but don't get used to it, she's not that easy!
A mac n cheese date!

The funny part was when they were getting ready to leave and Harrison went over to give her a kiss goodbye!  She's like... no way!  Ha!
He went for it anyway... if you know me at all, you know that that's my daughter!  I was never fond of boys pretty much all through elementary school- they just weren't "girly" enough for me!  Ha!
I laugh out loud every time when I see this picture!  Her face just cracks me up.  It's like she is so sad about her first kiss from a boy!  Ha!  Andrea is having a little girl in another month and I can't wait to meet her!  
I loved that Kerigan's class did a Valentine party this year.  I can't believe she's old enough!  But she loved picking out her Cinderella cards and scribbling on them!  Ha!
Despite her not loving her first kiss... I have to add that when I picked her up from day care the other day, she and a little boy were sitting side by side, and they were staring at each other.  As in, I stood there for what seemed like several minutes (but was probably more like several seconds), and they would not take their eyes off each other!  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Then pretty soon she looked away all shyly, with a little grin on her face!  What a little flirt!  
Andrew picked Madagascar 3 circus Valentines- they were pretty neat!  He worked so hard and wrote his name so perfectly on every single one.
My mom and Jim came over with some gifts for the kids on Valentine's Day.  Kerigan loved opening her stuff!  She was saying "Minnie!"
This is the only picture I got of Andrew.  Ignore his karate pants, he had just gotten back from his class. He was off and moving the whole night so it was hard to get him in a picture!  He got some neat stuff from Ga Ga and Papa and a Skylander from mommy. :)  I told him he was my special Valentine.  He was so happy he said "Thank you for my Skylander!  I love you!"  Ha!
Kerigan and her light up heart necklace, which she loved!  She loves anything "pretty!"
Getting all tangled up! 
Here they were playing in their blankets from Ga Ga and Papa.  Andrew got his turtle one for his birthday, and they thought Kerigan needed a present on Andrew's birthday too!  I told my mom not to get used to doing that every year!  Ha!
Kerigan did love having something to open though.  She really was happy about her bunny blanket- she was just being very serious!  Ha!
She's not as innocent as she looks!  Trust me!

More updates to come... time to play catch up!

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