Sunday, July 7, 2013

beach babies!

Our 4th of July continued with some boating, beach and fun in the sun!
This little beach baby bug decided she loved the boat!
I think she thought she was kissing him, too!  Ha!

I just couldn't get enough of her in this swim suit combo!  Cutest little ladybug ever!
Not to mention a pretty handsome little man!
Ga Ga's first mate!
I love this!  Papa and Andrew's feet!
We love to anchor the boat and walk up to the beach to play.  Kerigan and Andrew had a blast!

This baby face is almost too much for me to handle!  She is just as squeezable as she looks!

I absolutely love how she's gripping Andrew's arm and he's being a sweet big brother

This was so funny, he was digging with his legs spead apart and he fell backwards!  Ha!

I am going to order this in a huge canvas for our new house.  It's just that beautiful.  And it's so meaningful to me.  This is our lake.  My 30+ years of memories.  And my babies playing in it.

Tired little ladybug!  What is it about boating that makes everyone want to just take a nap!?

After boating we had planned to meet my long time friend, Carrie, and her family downtown so our kids could meet.  We played by the fountains overlooking the lake- I love this spot!

So did somebody else!

This picture is just too funny for words.  My friend Carrie's little boy, EJ, is on the right.  I love how far away he and Andrew are standing (ha!) and then Kerigan just photo bombed the picture and decided to look down and act all shy.  Ha!  Funny kids.
The last time Andrew and EJ saw each other was when EJ was a baby and we went to Florida to visit them on our Disney trip.  
Our families, minus Craig.  He was working.  Big surprise there!
I just love this picture of us with our kids.  We were about 2 years older than Andrew when we first met!  It's amazing to think that we've been friends literally for a lifetime.  I know not many can say that and we are so blessed!  I always pray that my kids will make close friends and at least one will be a life long friend.  It's so special.
Playing in the waves!
Kerigan was not scared of these huge waves!!  I couldn't believe how much she took to the water and the beach.

And we couldn't complete the 4th of July festivities without a bonfire with our cousins and some sparklers!
And daddy made it home from work!  Ha!  This was the last bonfire we had at our old house.

The kids had a blast with the sparklers!  I love Andrew's face!  Ha!
Can't believe how much Evelyn has grown up into such a pretty little girl!  She and Andrew are 4 days apart.  

Loving s'mores!
Happy 4th!

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