Thursday, February 13, 2014

it's a great wolf birthday!

When we went to the Great Wolf Lodge last May, the whole time we were there we thought wouldn't it be great if Evi and Jayden were here to swim with Andrew!?  Andrew mentioned them too and we all said that next time we all needed to plan and go together.
First stop on our trip!  Meeting up with cousins at Dunkin Donuts before heading to Kansas City!
We figured there was no better time to go than dreary January/February when Evi and Andrew have birthdays 4 days apart!
They were so excited when we got there to see their birthday posters on the door!
We had the neatest suite with a loft overlooking a fireplace!  It was so awesome!  And everyone got a bed (there were 4 beds!)
Blurry picture but it gives you an idea of the family room
We always let the kids jump on the beds in hotels!  As long as they don't do it at home, we say they can but sometimes I have to remind them at home that if they don't stop jumping they won't be able to at hotels anymore!
For some reason it's always the first thing they want to do!
Silly picture on the stairs!
We got all checked in and look who was in the lobby!  Perfect timing!  Kerigan had been obsessing about Violet for days before the trip but when she saw her she ran away bawling.  We had talked and talked about how she was going to stand with Violet and not cry (because I showed her the picture from last year when she was crying on her lap!)
So, all it took was daddy taking her up there and pointing out Violet's fingernails were painted (just like on the computer game she played at home before we left) and she immediately got over her fear!  Ha!
I was so shocked I barely got a picture because I wasn't expecting her to sit there for one second let alone several seconds!
The kids couldn't wait to get their swim suits on once they saw the waterpark!  I didn't take many pictures the first day with my camera so this is the only one I have from day 1.
After swimming Kerigan and I showered and rested while the big kids went to the creation station.  Kerigan already had her Violet with her from last time and Andrew had wanted to get Oliver raccoon for his birthday so he left his Wiley wolf at home.  I knew Kerigan wouldn't notice or care that he got 2, because Violet is her only favorite!
The kids got their jammies on to head down to dinner.  It sounds funny to say that but at this hotel, that is what you do!  Ha!  There is story time at 8:00 in the lobby and all the kids wear PJ's, wolf ears and have a stuffed character to cuddle with!  It isn't strange at all to see kids walking around in their pj's any time of day here!  I love that! (It works with our family well!  Ha!)  (They love playing MagiQuest, which is sort of like a scavenger hunt- you buy a magic wand and have to look for all sorts of things hidden around the hotel.  The kids loved this bear that would light up and growl when they pointed their wands at him!)
We were hanging out waiting for our table so I snapped some pictures of Andrew!
It was so funny because the kids got quite accustomed to having them sing "Happy Birthday" wherever we went!  The servers wanted the birthday kids to get up and dance (you can see Andrew was going to!) but Evi backed out so Andrew didn't do it!  
My sweet, cuddly girl with her Violet
For story time this clock plays music and the characters talk and sing.  We were a little late for the story because dinner took a while so I got more pictures the next night. Violet was out for story time and Kerigan was scared again!  Ha!  But she still always wanted to know where Violet was at all times.
Back in the room we celebrated the kids birthdays- Aunt Rachel had made brownies (we all like them better than cake anyway!) and we sang Happy Birthday- again!
These pictures didn't really turn out but I loved how sweet they were sleeping with their cousins so I had to snap a picture!
Andrew was in his happy place, let me tell ya!
The next morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast buffet with a view of the waterpark!  The kids were so funny, they were all standing there mesmerized and couldn't wait to get to the pool!
We had to let our breakfast settle a little bit first so we hit the arcade to kill some time, and the kids had a blast!
She was so sweet riding her little car!
Andrew loved this giant fruit ninja game!
Of course the daddies were engrossed in the terminator game rather than playing with the kids!  Ha!
This was Andrew's favorite game, until his finger got pinched by the puck!
Kerigan liked this game where you step on the lights...
And she was thrilled with her winnings!  Ha!  This girl can make the best faces!
Skee ball is always a popular one!
Andrew loved this basketball game!
She was yelling about something- Ha!  Probably having to share with her brother!
Obligatory photo in front of the Bear Paw sweet shoppe!
Getting ready to go to the waterpark for another fun filled day!  More from the GWL coming soon!

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