Wednesday, March 5, 2014

princess pizzazz

Pizzazz is just a fun word to say, isn't it?  And it means glamourous, which couldn't be a more perfect word for this post.  And I had to stick with the alliteration for the title and I think it sums up our life the last couple of months!  We've been trying to squash the winter blues... and where we haven't been anywhere particularly warm, a girl can dream... right?  

After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes!
I took the kids with some other heart moms to see Disney Junior live- the Pirate and Princess adventure.  It was an awesome show!
This is right up my girl's alley, because she is completely obsessed with Sofia the First.  This is what she did when Sofia came onstage.  Priceless.
And if that wasn't enough, they brough out Cinderella too!  My girl was definitely in her happy place.  For sure.
Sofia put on a sweet little show along with Amber, James, Baileywick and the gang.
Kerigan loved the part where Sofia went "up in the sky" and her dress grew!  She was amazed.  I simply cannot wait to take this girl to Disneyworld.  She is a princess in the making if I ever saw one!
Andrew was less than thrilled, although he does enjoy watching Sofia too (though he doesn't like to admit it!).  He enjoyed the Jake and the Neverland Pirates part of the show best.
He was being such a stinker and wouldn't let me get a good picture!  He is almost (and I could choke up saying this!) getting too big for this kind of thing.  As I was sitting there I was thinking I could have left him home and taken Kerigan and he probably would have been completely fine staying home playing Skylanders with daddy on the Wii.  Sigh.  My little man is growing up too fast!
Kerigan is getting into Jake as well, she loves Izzy (the girl character) but she seems to like Peter Pan and Captain Hook too!

They even had a special appearance with Doc McStuffins!  Mickey and Minnie were there... it was a great show!  All the kids had so much fun... heart moms too!
My mom got Kerigan this beautiful Sofia dress- I just love it!  It is so unique and perfect for her.  She wants to wear it pretty much 24/7.
Our heart friends!
Our next adventure was a little field trip with my girl to the Civic Center to see the Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories by Eric Carle.
Her little day care friends were going but they wouldn't allow anyone under 3, so I wasn't able to sub that day so I could keep her home... and then we got to thinking...
Someone was NOT happy about missing out (ha!  Mom more than her!) so we agreed that Kerigan definitely looks and acts like any 3 year old we know, so we gave it a shot and I went along with them in case they kicked us out!  
Seriously?  When did she turn 12??
We stopped at McDonald's for lunch (classy, I know).
Look how excited Kerigan is getting ready to go on the elevator!  I loved her little smile and her excitement the whole time.
Walking through the sky walks downtown!
My girl and I on our special date!  These were the things I used to dream about before I had her!  Taking my little girl downtown to see shows!  She is my dream come true!
We are up in the sky!
They wouldn't all stand still at the same time but these are her sweet little day care friends.  All of them were so excited!
So pretty.  She is my little baby doll!  I feel like in this picture she really looks like a little doll!
Sitting in the fun seats!
Kind of shows how huge the place is... we were about halfway up.  She sat during the whole show and was just mesmerized.  Because Ashley had been reading them tons of Eric Carle stories and doing awesome activities, they were all familiar with each of the stories and were able to make so many connections!  Who needs preschool when you've got this awesome of a day care provider!?  She takes the cake.  We are SO blessed!
Last but not least... Kerigan was invited to attend a princess birthday party for one of her little friends.  And guess what?  They had a REAL princess come to the party!
Her face when she saw Ariel at the door.  Again, priceless!
The little girls just went crazy!  I had heard of these parties but didn't  know much about them.  I have to tell you, it was AMAZING!
Ariel led the whole party.  Got them into a "royal circle," talked to them, asked them questions, interacted perfectly with a 3 year old crowd.
She read them a story, too!  She even led the Happy Birthday song, helped the birthday girl with her presents/read cards, and posed for pictures with each child!
Now talk about a perfect party and totally worth every dime!  I may have to think about this for one of Kerigan's upcoming birthdays!  Too bad they don't have Sofia the First!
I love how Kerigan is the only one looking up at Ariel!  Ha!  It was so fun for her to see all of her little friends from her old day care.  I think she had forgotten them, but then remembered them and was sort of shy at first!  But soon she was playing and chatting with them just like old times!
It was a perfect dream come true... for all of them!  Thanks so much for including us Kate and sweet little Kenna!  What a special party!

So as you can see... if we can't go to Disney, we just bring Disney to us!  Ha!  I told Craig I cannot stand another winter like this without going somewhere... that and the fact that Kerigan is now princess obsessed, we have a tentative plan for this time next year!  Princesses, we will be seeing you all in Florida next time!

And seriously.  I am so over this winter.  It feels like we've missed a million days of school and we have a blizzard warning every other day.  I'm starting to wonder where the snow is all going to go when it starts to melt and these frigid temps of -35 below zero can END anytime!!  Bring on spring!

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