Thursday, April 10, 2014

spring fever

I swear this is the LAST post you will see snow!  We got invited to a friend's house to go sledding a few weeks ago on what had to be the last sledding day of the year.  It was so warm out, it was melting fast, but we had gotten a bunch of it so thought we'd take advantage of the warm weather. 
The kids were literally soaking wet by the time they were done!  But they had a blast!  It was so nice being outside in the snow and not being cold for once!
We came inside for hot chocolate and treats!  Lily and Kerigan- sweet friends!
But Andrew?  Now HE is ready for spring!  Ha!  I came around the corner and found him like this and immediately went to find my camera!  He is too stinkin funny.
A little tease of warmer weather one day!  Still needed our winter coats, but all the snow is gone and it was warm enough to get the outside toys out!
The kids insisted on eating lunch on their picnic table!  It looks funny in winter coats- but they still had fun!
Mom and Jim were going to Arizona for spring break and she wanted a pedicure so she took us all to get one.  I think she felt bad for me that I wasn't traveling anywhere!  Ha!  I have wanted to get away from this cold, awful winter so badly!
Selfie with my girl!  A pedicure was the perfect treat and taste of spring!
Pretty toes!
I took Andrew to Peabody and Sherman on a little date last Sunday afternoon.  We had so much fun and it was a really cute movie!  Afterwards he wanted his picture taken by the Rio 2 poster.  He can't wait for it to come out!
Last weekend it was finally warm enough for a picnic supper at the park!
It was so nice to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, even if it did only last for a couple of days!

It was just so nice to watch the kids playing at the park!  A welcome change from this awful winter we had!
Warm and sunny days are on the horizon!
Even daddy got out there!  Ha!
I took my sweet girl on a shopping outing before we had to meet Ga Ga for hair cuts one afternoon.  I just love that she's getting to that fun age where she can actually have a conversation and we can have fun together.  She is so funny and I just love being with her!
She had been talking all day about seeing the Easter Bunny.  I wasn't sure if he'd be at the mall yet, but he was!  She was so happy and thrilled and wanted to sit on his lap so badly.  And then this is what she did.
She sort of got over the initial shock and did smile a tiny bit, but I couldn't get a good picture.  The crying/pouting ones are funnier anyway!  In her defense, the bunny is a little creepy.
She loved the train though!  Last year she screamed the whole time riding it with Andrew.  I couldn't believe this year she went by herself willingly!
Checking out the stuffed bunnies.  She said "I like THESE bunnies!"  Ha!

Her favorite thing is tossing pennies into the fountain!
Mom and I were talking and decided since we now both have to travel for our hair cuts we should start planning them at the same time so she can see us and maybe a kid or two if it works out for me to bring them.  It has been so fun!  I get my color on first, then mom gets there 30 minutes later and gets hers on while I sit with Kerigan.  Then I am getting rinsed by the time my mom's is on and then she can sit with Kerigan.  It works out perfectly and we all have a great time!
She is good to go with "Frozen" on the iPad and snacks!
We went out for dinner together at Panera and thought we'd try taking some selfies.  They turned out pretty good!  This is what Kerigan did when she saw herself in the phone.  She thought it was hilarious!
My two favorite girls in the world!

Happy almost spring!

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