Monday, August 18, 2014

I scream you scream...

We decided since we hosted an end of the school year bash, we needed to throw a back to school bash!  So we got the waterslide out and invited our friends over for an ice cream party!  These are our day care provider's kids, and we LOVE this family!  Andrew and Preston have gotten to be the best of buddies (Preston is planning his birthday party and for his theme he told his mom he wants an "Andrew" party!  Ha ha!)  And Lily and Kerigan spend so much time together at her house during the day, and then also at preschool and dance and they are just sweet little friends.  We have been so blessed with these friendships!
Some of the crew!
Ready for some major water gun fights!
Kerigan looks up to Grace so much.  She is the perfect "Big girl" friend.  She is so sweet to Kerigan and helps her and basically does anything Kerigan wants her to do!
These two  My friend Angie's daughter, Payton, has a major crush on Andrew!!  She was splashing him and he was letting her have it and she was just laughing!
And still hugged him (and tried to kiss him!  Uh oh!  It's starting already!)  However, I'm pretty sure Angie and I wouldn't complain if we *had* to be in-laws someday!  Ha!
Thumbs up to best buddies!
Speaking of best buddies... this group right here... these are my people.  To think that I barely knew any of them a year ago is just unheard of to me.  I feel like I've known them all my whole life and we just have a blast together (and so do our kids!)  Any of us would drop anything to help one another and this is the bond I have craved for so long.  It is so amazing to know there are friends I can count on and will always be there.  And the best part?  None of us live more than 10 minutes away from each other.
Messy ice cream cones!  But this girl loves her some strawberry (pink!) ice cream!
Love these boys!  Preston just joined Andrew's Tae Kwon Do class this fall and they are loving it!
Hang on!!!

Andrew and I of course had back to school night at the same time!  So daddy brought him and I snuck down really quick at the end of the night so I didn't get many pictures.
This is his teacher, Mrs. Friday!  He wanted her for a teacher so bad because he loves her name!!  Ha ha.  Fridays are his favorite thing!  She is so great and he is so lucky to have another great teacher this year.  On the first day of school I talked to her about his day and the first thing she said to me is "Andrew has the best sense of humor!"  Ha!  I loved that!  She said he is one of those kids who "gets it" when you are joking around or being sarcastic.  I have to say, I'm not surprised with Craig and I as his parents, and my dad as his grandpa!  He comes from a line of people who enjoy a laugh!  I'm so happy she appreciates his humor and I think they already have a bond because of that.  He is loving school and I am loving getting to have him come to my classroom before and after school.  He comes bounding through the door after the bell and can't wait to tell me all about his day.  It makes my heart SO happy!
This girl.  She had back to school night at her preschool later the next week.  And she was more than ready to go!
I am so proud of how well adjusted she is!  Neither she nor Andrew ever cried once going to school.  They love it and it makes this teacher-mama so happy.

Drawing pictures of themselves (with Lily!)
Hanging her backpack on her hook!
She was just beaming like this the whole night and was so excited to go back.
She came home spelling her name outloud to us!  She knows and recognizes all the letters in her name and a few others.  I just know she is going to learn so much this year!
This is her teacher, Mrs. Ricken.  She is an awesome teacher and Kerigan just loves her!  The year is off to a great start!

First day of school....coming up!

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