Monday, October 20, 2014

pumpkin patch

Thought I better finish up these Halloween updates before it's Christmas time!  Ha!  We went with some friends to our favorite pumpkin patch back in October and had the best time!
The girls walked around holding hands, it was so sweet!  They are such sweet friends (and their mamas are too!)
Kerigan got some serious air on the jumping pillow!  Ha!
The super slide is always a favorite
Daddy being silly!  He attracted a lot of attention by yelling "Woo hoooooo!" very loudly as they came down!  Ha!  Nothing like a big kid, right?
They had a race!  Not sure who won but they all had fun!
This is my idea of a maze.  One where you can see where you're going!  I'm not into corn mazes!
Sweet friends in the corn pool!
The day we were there was unusually warm, so it was super busy!
I was trying to get these two to pose for a picture and they kept falling down into the corn!
Love these two!
We always have to feed the goats, which is not really Kerigan's favorite thing.  She insists on getting a cup of food, and then stands there and stares at the goats!  Ha!  She usually ends up dumping all the food out in one spot!
We love the Three Little Pig houses!

My sweet friend, Angie.  I just have to say how blessed I am to have met this girl!  We have discovered that we are pretty much like sisters, and there isn't much that we don't have in common.  I prayed so hard for friendships when we moved to our new town, and I have been so blessed.
Old Woman who lived in a shoe!
Ha!  Craig sitting in the one room school house.  I tried to take his picture and he made this face at me!
Kerigan's first time on the pedal tractor ride!
Andrew and Preston on the hayrack ride!
Lily, Payton and Kerigan on the hayrack ride!
Mommy selfie!  Love this girl!
We had to do the jumping pillow again, even though the line was twice as long.  The kids just loved it!
Before we leave, we always love to get carmel apples and cider donuts before we leave.
We found a quiet little spot on the porch and enjoyed our fall treats!
A perfect day at the pumpkin patch!  Until next year!

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