Saturday, November 29, 2014

little turkeys

My Thanksgiving blessings on Turkey Day!  Love them so much!
This cracked me up, we had a 2 day week at school before Thanksgiving break and the first night of break Andrew wanted to take a bubble bath in mommy's tub!  Ha!
The kid knows how to relax! 
These two wanted to have a sleepover.  Andrew loves to sleep in Kerigan's bed with her and they do so good going to sleep!  I sometimes let them on a weekend when they don't have school the next day and they love it.
Wednesday night Ga Ga and Papa always come over and help prep the turkey and then spend the night.
Kerigan had fun with it this year!  Ha!
We have loved this tradition!  Plus Papa does all the yucky work of cleaning it and then I don't have to!  Ha!
We made popcorn and watched a Christmas movie.
And that's my idea of a perfect night!
Minus the Black Friday shopping!  Ha!  Can I just tell you how much I despise shopping in crowds?  I hate crowds in general.  But I do love to shop. So I struggle with Black Friday!  I needed ONE thing at Walmart for Thanksgiving, so mom, Jim and I hopped in the car and headed there, not realizing what we were getting into.  Oh my word.  Let's just say I went through the line 3 times and came home with WAY more than I planned to and one of these...
Yeah, that's a trampoline.  Totally not planned.  Craig was thrilled.  Ha!  But it WAS a great deal!  We had been talking about getting one for a long time and never had the yard space until now.  I know the kids will love it this summer!  It's going to be their last day of school for summer surprise!
This girl.  She brought this home from preschool and I loved it SO much!  She adores mac and cheese more than anything in the world!  This definitely made me laugh!
Andrew has almost the same picture from his 4-year old preschool so I just love that these match!
Family turkey day pic!
Kids with Ga Ga
My beautiful daughter
This cracked me up.  No we didn't let Belle on the table!
Waiting excitedly for our meal!
Oh, and this happened.  Front tooth lost!  He was so funny, he was in bed one night during break and came flying down the ladder (he sleeps in a loft bed) and came running and it scared me to death!  Ha!  He was giggling and shows me his tooth had come out.  Nothing like giving the tooth fairy not even 12 hours notice!  Ha!
Buddy the Elf showed up with his North Pole breakfast the day after Thanksgiving!
The kids were so excited they wanted to say prayers!  Ha!  I'm not sure what prompted this, but it was so sweet!
Bring on the holiday season!

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