Monday, February 2, 2015

8 is great

My little man woke up on his birthday to lots of fun surprises.  I always try to decorate the night before so when they wake up on their birthday they have a fun surprise waiting.  I also made chocolate chip muffins for Andrew- they are his very favorite thing for breakfast and he doesn't get them very often!  I am not one who likes to get up in the morning and cook or bake!  Ha!
He loved looking around at all the decorations.  He especially loved his pinata that I made!
Side note- if anyone is interested... Andrew has wanted a pinata for as long as I can remember.  And I hate them.  Ha!  I've never let him have one.  They are expensive and you just end up trashing it!  Plus swinging a bat around with lots of kids makes me nervous.  Lately we've had his parties at other places so it just has never worked out.  This year I thought I'd surprise him.  Thanks to Pinterest I found some ideas for making one.  It cost less than $5 to make.  That's my kind of pinata!  I just used a shopping bag I had and filled it with his favorite candy.  Put a couple cardboard boxes in circle shapes on the inside so the shape would be a circle (or as close as I could get!).  Then I just cut the tissue paper and glued it on, and made the face and horns out of paper.  It was so simple.  And probably his favorite decoration!  He was so excited.
Kerigan was a little jealous.  She was crying because I was taking pictures of Andrew and she wanted to be in them!  Ha!
Buddy showed up in his birthday suit!
Andrew brought yummy Skylander themed cookies to his class.  Another teacher was so sweet to cover my class for a few minutes so I could run down and watch the kids sing to him and help him pass out his treats.  I love being at school with him so much!  Especially when something special is going on!
His two best friends in his class, Eli and Gavin. Both are such sweet little boys and I'm so grateful for his good friendships.
He was so excited because if there were extra cookies he got to take them around the school and give to the teachers!  This is he and Gavin passing them out.  He was so cute because when there was one left he gave it to me and said he wanted me to have it!  Sweet boy!

Since it was Friday we got to leave right after school and come home.  The first thing he wanted to do was get his pajamas on!  Ha!  So the rest of the pictures are of him in his jammies.  I really wanted him to be dressed in the pictures, but I had to let him do what he wanted!  It was his birthday after all!
My mom and Jim came over to celebrate and my mom spent the night to help me get ready for his party the next day.  I asked Andrew what he wanted most of all for me to make for his birthday dinner.  You know what he said?  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  Ha!  That was where I had to draw the line... I made him choose something else and so he picked cheeseburger pasta.  He loves this stuff!  We also got pizzas and had a little bit of both!
Then we opened his presents and he was so excited to get coins for his piggy bank!  Who knew a few coins would make him this happy?  He didn't need anything else!  Ha!
It was definitely a Skylander birthday!
I went online and found all the newest ones that had come out and ordered them for us and my mom and Jim to give him.  He hadn't seen them in stores yet so he was super excited.
I just love special evenings like this with all of us home together celebrating!
Kerigan was so cute and good about not getting any presents.  We decided long ago that we wouldn't give our other kid a present on the other kids' birthday.  They both do fine with it and are happy and excited to give the presents and watch them be opened.
This picture just  She made this sweet card for him and wrote the first part of her name all by herself.  She was so proud to give it to him along with the "horsey" Skylander, because she likes horses. :)
Belle the cat gave Andrew some funny teeth!  Ha!  We had lots of fun with them!  My dad loved to joke around and he had a set of these the summer he passed away.  He had chipped a tooth and had to have it repaired and we always teased him about his tooth before his appointment.  So he got these and put them in and we all just died laughing.  It's something I'll always remember about him.  So it was fun to see Andrew giggling about it.  And Craig just looks scary!  Ha!
Belle enjoyed all the paper!
Some of these came in a 3 pack!  He was just so excited he could hardly stand it.  He lined them all up like this and wanted to sleep with them all at night!
My easy birthday cake I made for the night.
I love his face.  And Kerigan singing to him.
Happy birthday buddy!  It's great to be 8!

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