Saturday, August 27, 2016

back to school

Since we didn't move in until the last week of July, we didn't get much summer in our new house before school started a couple weeks later.  I started work a week before the kids and we had to call in the Grandmas for back up!
Ga Ga came to watch the kids when I went back to work before she and Papa left for their Alaska cruise.  We eat like royalty when mom is here!  She's always making yummy things for the kids and bringing dinner to make for us!  She'd be a great live-in nanny!
Then the next week Grandma came and got to stay for Back to School night and see the kids school and meet their teachers!  Grandma is the queen of games!  She will play games all day and the kids love it!
They had an ice cream social 2 days before school started.  This was also happening at all the schools in the district so unfortunately since I hadn't moved to their school yet, I had to be at my school and miss this night with them.  I was so sad to miss it!
I caught up with them at the very end and got to meet Kerigan's teacher.
Mrs. Halverson and I clicked right away!  The second she noticed my Stella and Dot earrings... I knew it was a match made in heaven!  Ha!
And what are the chances these two got in the same class?  Look out Kindergarten!
We went out to celebrate with Grandma at Olive Garden!
Then we had one more day before school started.  That next night we did our Kindergarten preparation.  She was supposed to decorate this hand and we were supposed to write a message to her.  They were going to read "The Kissing Hand" the next day.  She wrote "mom" and you probably can't see it but she glued that pink heart in the middle and drew a picture of us in the center.  #ohmyheart
We woke up bright and early for school pictures on the step and their favorite muffins for breakfast on the special plate!
I can't believe I wrote my last first day of "Kindergarten" sign!
She rocked it.  She was so sweet on this morning and she just couldn't wait for school.  I was so proud of her.

She picked rainbows for her backpack this year.
I love this girl so much!
And this boy.  He has my heart.  He didn't want a big photo shoot anymore but let me take a couple.
He's growing up so fast.  Seems like yesterday he was in Kindergarten.

It almost killed me that I wasn't able to walk with my baby to drop her off on her first day of Kindergarten.  But Daddy did great and got lots of pictures for me.
This is blurry but this is Andrew with Mrs. Beaver.  He loved her because of her name!  Ha!  He said he always gets teachers that have fun last names- Mrs. Nichols ("Nickels"), Mrs. Friday, and now Mrs. Beaver!  
Mrs. Halverson emailed this picture to me and I was so thrilled.  I just wanted to sit in the corner and spy on her all day!
This was the whole class picture on the first day!  So cute!  Four of these kids live in our neighborhood!
Daddy took this picture of them and texted it to Avery's mom (she's a teacher too!) and me.  It made my heart so happy that she already had a best friend on her first day of school.
Since I didn't get to drop her off in the morning, I came a little early to pick her up so I could see her in class!  I loved it!
She had a busy day but she loves school!
The awesome Mrs. Halverson!
Andrew let me snap a quick picture at his table.  Since it was the end of the day and the classroom was empty!  Ha!
The fun Mrs. Beaver!
The kids came home to some surprises they had been wanting!  Happy first day!
This was the afternoon of day 2.  This is our route coming home- our neighborhood is right behind the school so they just walk up the soccer field and they are almost home!  It's so awesome!

Here's to a great year!

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