Monday, September 19, 2016

football, pumpkins & zombies

So our neighbors are trying to convert us to Hawkeyes.  It's never going to happen (#cyclone4ever) but they invited us to the opening game and we couldn't pass up tailgating and spending time with our new friends!
Since I'm not that into Hawkeye games, I spent most of the time enjoying the view of this amazing new children's hospital in the background.  I couldn't help but think of all the boys and girls in the hospital at that moment, wishing they could be at this game.  #beentheredonethat
Our little man has spent many nights in that same hospital.  It just kind of puts things in perspective.  And it amazes me how funny life turns out sometimes.  That my husband would have gotten a job in the very place we always dreaded going to because of this hospital.  And how much we love living here and now we don't see it quite the same way.
These girls are just the best of friends.  Avery's parents are who we went to the game with and we've loved getting to know their sweet family.  We are so blessed they live next door!  This picture speaks volumes to me about acceptance and putting our differences aside!  Two adorable girls representing both teams.  How can you not love them both!?
Then all in good fun, Kerigan went outside the day of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game wearing her ISU cheer outfit.  Our neighbor behind us yelled out her window that she was concerned about her outfit!  Ha!  Next thing I know, this gets posted on Facebook!  She had somehow managed to run out and put a Hawkeye shirt on my daughter and take her picture... with her thumbs up!!!!  I died laughing.  #neighborprobs
We were barely unpacked yet but Craig's entire family came from all over to stay with us for the game.  We love hosting family and friends so we welcomed them, warning them there was a shortage of kitchen space, furniture and beds!  Ha!
Kerigan loves her Grandpa!
Somehow Grandma and I ended up babysitting while everyone else went to the game.
At least it was a horrible game and the Cyclones lost.  I think we all had more fun anyway! 
3 out of 6 girl cousins
The kids were playing in the basement and I went down to get Kerigan for bed and somehow she had managed to fall asleep in her beanbag with all the noise and chaos around her!
As you can see, even the family is divided. #westilllovethem.  It was a great family weekend and I hope it becomes a tradition!
As if there could be room for more awesome things about our neighborhood, we have a pumpkin patch in our backyard too. #youcantmakethisstuffup
It was so fun to explore and visit a few times throughout the season!
They had lots of fun things for the kids to do like bouncy houses and a corn pool.
The kids loved these slides...
This one rocked back and forth!
They even had a barrel train the kids loved riding.
Pumpkin checkers!
Beanbag throw!

And giant Jenga!
We couldn't believe he just kept pulling pieces out and it wasn't falling over!
Why are the duck races so popular?  My kids would stay here all day and do this!
This might've been his favorite thing.
Andrew decided he wanted to tackle the corn maze with his mama!
We had so much fun doing this together!
Even though we got lost and had to have one of the workers come get us!  I'm not even joking.  Thank goodness for cell phones! Ha!
That night was opening night of the first Zombie paintball of the season so we had to take Andrew.  By the way, that's our neighborhood in the back of this picture so you can see how close we are!

He was so excited
Kerigan stayed with the neighbors so we took our little man on a date.  Craig and I are huge Walking Dead fans so we might have secretly been more excited than Andrew!
Driving through the fog was a pretty cool effect!
There were different scenes set up and Zombies came out of the corn and everyone just went to town shooting paint balls at them!
Andrew was so into this!
Need I say, so was Craig??  Ha!  #Ijusttookpictures
So this was the start of our awesome fall season!

I am getting closer to catching up!  More to come soon!

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