Thursday, December 29, 2016

goodbye buddy

The next morning, Mary and Nash came over before we had to head home so we could see them one more time.  They live in South Carolina so we don't get to see them often.
Kerigan wanted Mary to play pie face!
Ha!  Nash was not a fan, so he just watched.
Andrew introducing Nash to Buddy.
We headed back home and these two missed each other so much!  So they had to exchange their gifts and Kerigan wanted to show Avery what she got from Ga Ga and Papa.
Isn't snapchat just the best!?  We love it!  It's especially fun around the holidays!
Then we drove back home and brought Ga Ga with us for Christmas morning!
Here they are before church on Christmas Eve
It just doesn't feel like Christmas without lighting a candle and singing Silent Night at church.

We got home and the kids got in their jammies and went right out to sprinkle their reindeer dust!
This is one of those magical things I'll miss someday.
They picked out their cookies for Santa!
Two excited kids right here.
They always love to track Santa on the iPad to see how far away he is!  Kerigan's hand on Craig's head just melts my heart.
Daddy always reads the Night Before Christmas.
Then we had to say goodbye to Buddy.
And this is where it got emotional.
Andrew could not take it.  He hates hates hates when Buddy leaves.  He has loved Buddy for as long as he can remember.  I think he started coming to our family when Andrew was 2 or 3.
It was so, so sad, he even made Ga Ga and me cry!  Oh Andrew.  You melt us.  I was so thankful for one more believing year... I know the years are numbered.
Santa filled their sacks and brought scooters!
I was just thankful my giant tree fit in our new house too!  Although it's not quite the same without those huge, gorgeous windows in the background!
Buddy left a note and a photo of him for each kid.

Christmas morning, coming soon...

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