Thursday, July 13, 2017

rainbow birthday

This was so symbolic!  The night before Kerigan's birthday we had some storms go through town.  We ended up going to our neighbors/friends house when the sirens went off just for fun!  So we all hung out in the basement together and ate pizza.  Later when we decided to head back home, we saw this full rainbow right above our house!  Perfect timing for our girl's rainbow birthday theme this year!
Since Kerigan's birthday landed on a Wednesday, we did her party the following weekend.  So I asked her what she wanted to do on her actual birthday and told her to plan her day!  She was so thrilled.
Against my better judgement, I obliged when she said she wanted to do a Herky Hunt!  So we grabbed our neighbors and headed out with a map and plans for a special birthday lunch!
We had set my alarm on my phone for 10:52am because she wanted to know the exact moment she turned 6.  Ha!  We were at my neighbor Meagan's school at the time, because there is a Herky there!  She was so excited when the alarm went off!
We ate pizza and Daddy surprised us and came along!  Then Daddy took Andrew back home (he was a tired Cyclone fan!  Ha!) and the girls and I found a few more Herkys!  We had to make a special stop at Scratch (the bottom right picture above) for birthday cupcakes!
When we got home we cleaned up for dinner and Kerigan begged to open her presents.  When she opened the book with Willa on it she studied it closely and said "I always wanted Willa" (the American Girl Wellie Wisher)...
So this face was classic when she opened it up and saw Willa!  Ha!
It was so funny!  We were all cracking up at her because she couldn't get over how she just said she wanted Willa and then it was her next gift!
My beautiful 6 year old
She had wanted Rainbow Dash and was so happy to get it from her Bubba!  Side note- when did my kids grow up to look like teenagers!?  Gah!
She started reading right away!
Then had to get her other Wellie Wisher to introduce to Willa!  I just think the AG Wellie Wishers are the cutest things.  They are the perfect size, a little smaller than the regular AG dolls, but bigger than the bitty baby.
This is what an excited 6 year old looks like!
After she lined up all her presents, we headed out to Texas Roadhouse with our neighbors to celebrate!
She loved the birthday saddle and her ice cream sundae!
Everyone came over for Scratch cupcakes after dinner!

Make a wish!
These cupcakes ARE as good as they look!  Heavenly.
Then Avery spent the night!  It was a perfect day!

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet girl!

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