Friday, September 18, 2009

Crazy Day!

So Thursday was "Crazy Day" at Andrew's school.  These pictures just crack me up.  He was looking at me like I was completely nuts.  His shirt was on backwards (the back said "Born 2 Break Hearts") and his shorts were on inside out.  I almost doubled over laughing at his reaction to me putting these socks and shoes on him.  He kept looking down, like he knew something wasn't right!

The funniest thing of the day was how much gel I put in his hair to keep it spiky.  I made it stick up everywhere and gobbed hair spray in it afterwards.  I called to check on him over my lunch break, and his teacher told me that at his morning recess he had dumped an entire bucket of sand on top of his head!  They had to change his clothes and scrub his head. 

That's my boy!

She told me it was funny because most kids would have been upset about it, but he just thought it was hilarious.

Yep, that's Andrew!

When I got there to pick him up the other day, it was so sweet.  The kids were all coming in from outside and a few of his little friends (probably not the one who bit him! lol!) came in before him.  When he ran in the room and saw me, he immediately got this pathetic, pouty look on his face and "fake" cried, walking over to his little friend Charlie and gave him a hug instead of me!  I just cracked up!  Charlie hugged him back!  I couldn't figure out if he wanted to make me feel guilty for leaving him...or if he really didn't want to leave! LOL!  I am glad he's making friends and having fun!

Here he is after we got home with a different outfit on since they had to change his clothes!  The socks and shoes are pretty classic, though, don'tcha think?

I just have to share the sweetest thing... we have always said prayers with Andrew since he was a baby.  I couldn't tell you the number of times I have held him in my arms, him cuddled up to my chest as a baby, and prayed for him...for the too many other children we know born with CHD's...thanked God for him and the gift He gave us by letting us be Andrew's parents.  Being a parent is truly the most joy I've ever felt in my life, and how can you not thank the One who brought you that joy?

Andrew is old enough now, that we have embedded this into our nightly routine.  He actually looks forward to our nightly prayers, and he has come to expect them.  After we brush his teeth and read him a story, we head upstairs and he immediately gets into bed and folds his little hands and says "Dear Jesus..." with a big huge smile on his face.

It is the most precious thing I've ever seen.  It is almost like he knows Jesus, and he is happy to be talking to Him.  Like He is one of his friends.  He loves to listen to daddy or I go through the long list of family members and friends we pray for, and after we pray Andrew says "Amen!"  It is something I need to get on video sometime. :)  The best part is, listening to him on the monitor after we leave.  He keeps talking and praying, and we can always hear him repeating the names of his little friends and family members.  It just makes my heart melt.

I want to touch on a couple of technical things for a moment... I promise soon I won't blog about the blog anymore! Lol!  But I really want to encourage everyone to do something... I have talked to several friends who say they check my blog regularly now, and they like it better than the care page.  The bonus: you don't have to sign in!  I have been told it is almost easier to just make a "favorites" bookmark with a list of blogs you check and periodically visit them.  That is what I do, too, and I love it.  I find it easier to update this blog more frequently than the care page, too, so I don't end up having to do a 2 part update on the care page all the time and swamp your inboxes!  There will be some weeks I'll post things more often than others, but I have found it enjoyable to come up here in the evenings this week, jump on here quick, upload some pics (which is WAY easier on the blog than the carepage, too), and type a quick update.  Since this is my way of journaling about our lives, I like to do shorter updates sometimes, that way I don't forget anything!

So, I encourage you to add our blog to your bookmarks.  Just make a "blogs" folder and keep adding ones you find that you like.  I am going to add some to my sidebar that I enjoy, too.  If you choose to get email notices for my updates, there is a link and a really quick way to sign up for that, is also on the sidebar on the right.

Oh, I had my comments section set wrong so some of you had problems adding an anonymous comment.  I fixed it now, so you're all set!  You'll see an "anonymous" choice at the bottom if you don't have a blog already.  If you do have a blog, you already know to just choose the label of the blog you have.

I apologize that this transition has been a little confusing, but I am confident that everyone will enjoy it even more once all the kinks get worked out!  I think we're making progress!

Thanks for checking in on our little man!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the anonymous section. Hopefully now it will work for me...we'll see. :)
Anyway, great to see what you guys are up to. Simon and I are keeping busy getting ready for our own baby boy. He is due January my bump is growing by the minute! :) If his kicks are any indication, he's going to be on New Zealand time because he is rolling around and playing all night! Uh oh!
Anyway, I'm sooo happy to be done with my Master's and to have given up the after school program this year, so I can concentrate just on teaching and getting ready to be a mommy! We look forward to the next update on here!! amy :)

Stefenie Jacks said...

Another cute Andrew update! WOW two in one week Jen!!! (Teasing!!)

I love the pictures of Andrew in his "crazy" outfit. Sounds like he had a crazy fun filled day too!

Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

Jessica said...

So I was thinking I do not need to bookmark you I linked you to our page! LOL Andrew looked cute loved the shoe thing! And really if someone dressed you like that you would have been like what???? LOL Glad all is going well!!! Love ya and Heart Hugs, Jessica

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying reading your new blog. The monkeys are very fitting. Looks like Andrew had a lot of fun during the dress up days for homecoming week. I love all the pictures!

Are you guys planning on going to the heart friends picnic tomorrow. If so, we'll see you there!

Erin, Jeff and Carter Lamka

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