Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homecoming Week at Treehouse!

Welcome back to our blog! Thank you so much those of you who are sticking with us! We've already had close to 150 hits and it's only been a couple of days. I am so honored that so many choose to continue reading about our adventures. I hope you will soon love the blog as much or even more than the care page, and that you will find it easier to use than you thought. Many other heart mommies are jumping on the blog bandwagon and we are all learning and discovering together. My good friend Stef discovered some new things I want to share about leaving messages and receiving email updates from our blog... I shared this info on the care page already, but for my blog readers only I wanted to make sure everyone gets the info. I'm going to post it at the end of the update so you can read the fun stuff first! :)

I first had to share this funny picture of our new great idea. Someone was taking over the big TV with Elmo and Curious George and driving us crazy, so we had this brilliant idea to bring up our old mini TV from the basement and let him use it upstairs sometimes. He LOVES sitting at his little table and watching his special shows. Now daddy can keep the football on. I'm wondering...where's MY little TV??? LOL!

So this week is Homecoming week in Ankeny, so Andrew's school is having spirit week too! I think this is just adorable! Monday was hat day. Here he is over the weekend, "practicing" wearing his new hat!

And here he is on Monday, all ready to go to school! He actually liked wearing his hat, but only because Papa wears one, too. Whenever he puts it on he says "Papa hat?" It is so adorable!

Today was pajama day so all the kids wore their pj's. Don't they all look so snuggly and cute? I wish I could have stayed there with them all day! They had a movie day. Sounds good to me!

When I got there to pick him up they were playing with home made play doh they had made. I just love his school, he is learning so many new things every day. He even has learned to eat better. I was so hoping this would happen, and I am so excited (but trying not to get TOO excited yet!) that he has really added to his array of things he'll eat. He hasn't eaten chicken nuggets for several days now! They used to be on the menu at least once a day, sometimes twice! It was all he'd eat. The last week he's been eating all his lunch at school. The kicker...the other day he actually ate SALAD with tomatoes!!!! I about fell over when I heard that one. Yeah, he actually ate lettuce. Never would have done it at home. Have I mentioned how good school is for him? In more ways than one.

Plus, it wears him out totally. He's in bed by 8:00 (sometimes earlier) every night so Craig and I actually have some alone time to watch our favorite list of season premieres coming up in the next few weeks! One thing I've always loved about reading other blogs is they sometimes ask a question for their readers to post answers to so we can all learn more about each other! I'm going to start this sometimes...so my question for you tonight is, what are some of your favorite shows in the fall line up? We are looking most forward to Private Practice (starts Oct 1st and left with a major cliffhanger last season), but Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives (Sunday nights) are also high on the list! I just love it when fall rolls around...I can whip up my famous pumpkin bread cake (maybe I'll have to do a recipe soon!) and chill out with my hubby watching our shows. We sound like TV junkies around here, but I promise we don't actually watch TV all the time! LOL!

Thanks again for sticking with us and putting up with the changes... I am still adding to my blog daily, so feel free to check in whenever you like. But I am going to post info here on how to sign up for email updates, if you'd like them. It's super easy! Thanks, Stef for passing the info on!

You can receive my blog updates by e-mail if you do the following:

From this page, scroll down until you see on the right hand side "Receive E-Mail Notification When My Blog Is Updated". Click on the blue link that says "subscribe to A Little Monkey Business by e-mail".

When you click on it a new box pops up that will ask you to enter your e-mail address and also type a code that you see in the box. Once you do this it will send you an e-mail from FeedBurner e-mail subscriptions. It will give you a link that you need to click on to activate your e-mail subscription and then you will receive all of my blog updates by e-mail.

Like I said, you can stop by and visit my blog anytime so don't feel like you have to wait until you get an e-mail. Something that I do to keep track of the blogs I read are to save them all in a list in my "bookmarks" folder, so whenever I'm online I just go to each one every so often. If I've missed an update, it is easy to just scroll down and read from where I left off, because you can post several updates on a page at a time.

Ok....onto the next item - leaving messages. I know some of you were confused or having trouble so here is what you need to do. At the bottom of all of my posts you will see "Posted By Jen (time) COMMENTS".

1) Click on Comments and they will pop up (if there are no comments posted yet it might just pop my blog page back up and all you have to do is scroll back down through my post and you will see a comments box popped up.

2)Type in your message to me and be sure to add your name at the end so I know who it is from and contact info if you want me to respond. You will then see below the message box a drop down menu that says "post as" and then it wants you to choose from the selection. To make it easy for most of you just select "Anonymous". Click "post Message" and then it will pop up a preview and ask you to type in a code that appears on the screen. Once you do that and hit Post it will post your message to my blog. This is really easy to do! We love getting messages, so I hope you will all still post messages (thanks to those who did it in my last post! I loved reading every one of them!)

I know this is a lot to take in and learning something new seems like such a pain but I am telling you...it is no different than when all of you logged onto care pages for the very first time. There were some steps you had to take and it seemed like such a pain at first but once you got used to it you loved it. I am always going to be here to help ALL of you if you have any questions or problems with the blog, etc. You can always leave me messages on here or e-mail me at jenandcraig@q.com.

I will continue using Andrew's carepage to update for medical things, and for a while I'll still update it when I update this blog, in case you haven't had a chance to set us up in your bookmark section or sign up for email notices.

I am still working on my blog and adding new things to it often. Think of it as being under construction and once I am more comfortable with things I plan on adding new stuff from time to time.

Thank you for your patience and to those who are so supportive of our family! I appreciate it!


Stefenie Jacks said...

ADORABLE update Jen! I loved all of the fun pics of Andrew during spirit week at school! I always love it when Wyatt gets to dress up for our Homecoming festivities.

I am looking froward to Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters....and of course LOST. I will admit, I AM a TV junkie during the Fall. That's what happens when you have spent so much time in the hospital. All you can do IS watch TV. Then when you come home all you can do is watch TV. It's OK Jen...you CAN admit your addiction to TV shows! LOL!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I can't wait to compare your pumpkin recipe to mine. Your recipes always seem to be so much easier than mine! :)

Always in our many thoughts and prayers,
Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

Party of Five said...

Hey Jen,

Cute blog. I have been inspired to see if I can keep up with my blog again. I tried for a little while. Between that, my picasa site and facebook I feel like I spend all my time on the computer at night and during naps. I like the blog though cause you can write stories or whatever. I am going to try again. Ours isn't as cute as yours though with all the monkeys and stuff. How cute!

Andrew is getting so big. Glad to hear you are all doing well. Hopefully we will see you at the Nosbisch Christmas!


Tracey Snyder said...

I love your blog site!! I've broken down and started getting one around for us too. Darn Carepages! Oh well...this will probably be better anyway, right?

I love the fact that Andrew is eating more than Chicken nuggets now! What a brave boy (like we didn't know that already right?) for trying new foods. Wonder if he could teach Jordan...hummmmm....

As for my favorite shows, Jeremy and I LOVE 24! I don't think it's suppose to be on again until January. Otherwise I tend to watch a lot of movies or just what ever is on. I used to watch Jon and Kate + 8 and Girls Next Door...I don't watch J&K any more for lots of reasons ...

Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder
cp: jordansheartpage (for now :-))

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