Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

Ever wonder what the inside of a camera looks like?  Well, wonder no more!
Yes.  You are seeing this right- this is my beloved camera.  Yes.  My camera is like my third hand.  I never leave the house without it.  I try not to never miss a moment of Andrew's life.  My husband tells me I don't always have to blog about every little detail...every bowel movement our son makes!  Ha!  And much less take pictures of it!

I just can't help it.  I love pictures!  I love documenting every detail of our lives.  Sure, someday Andrew's wife might not care how old he was when he wore his first pair of big boy undies, or that I captured him wearing no pants and huge brown dress shoes at the same time.  But seriously?  She might just get a kick out of it.

So.  I know you are all wondering what happened to the camera.  Suffice it to say, it hit the road.  Literally.  
 It happened right after this picture was taken.  Andrew and I went up to Daddy's school for a soccer game last night.  Andrew rode the "alligator."  A fun time was had by all.  Until Andrew started getting naughty and wanted to help daddy announce the players from the press box.  Then he wanted to run onto the soccer field like he was part of the team.  Then he ran around the track, laughing all the way as mommy broke a sweat chasing after him.  Then I made the decision to leave.  Asap.  Andrew literally kicking and screaming the whole way to the car because he wanted another "alligator" ride.  I was not about to give in.  He had to learn somehow, right?  In this case, the lesson was learned by me.

Never leave your camera unattended on the trunk of your car as you wrestle with child in the back seat, drive off and forget it was there.  Then get all the way home and realize you don't have it.  Gasp because you remember where you left it.  Frantically call husband to retrieve said camera and when it doesn't turn up, retrace the drive, only to find it shattered on the highway a half mile from the school.

Yeah, it made it all the way to the highway.

I'm not gonna lie.  I was a little sad.  This camera has been with us for Andrew's whole life.  His birth, his NICU stay, surgeries and special memories over the years.  It is almost like it became part of the family!  Ha!  But I'm also not gonna lie about the fact that I'm not too heartbroken. 

Our tax refund is here and soon this puppy will be joining the family (Sorry mom, it's not a baby!):

It was time for an upgrade anyway.  And I've already promised my hubby not to leave this one on the trunk of my car!

It's been a busy week aside from the camera fiasco.  We spent last weekend at Craig's parents house since we didn't make it for Easter.  It was also Grandpa's birthday, so you can imagine how excited Andrew was about that!
He got to have a special ride with grandpa in the bulldozer.
Grandpa said he loved it- he sat so content, and very serious, like he knew it was a very important job!
It's been a long, hard day.  Ha!
Cousin Jack and Andrew took a ride on grandpa's gator!
Look out world!
Don't worry.  Uncle Keith rode along!  Ha!
Andrew loved being on the farm.  His favorite thing was climbing on this giant rock pile.
I think he was shocked I was actually letting him get this dirty.
Rock slide!
After we cleaned up and had a delicious meal (Craig's mom cooked every meal for us the whole weekend!  Yum!) we celebrated grandpa's birthday.  Jack and Andrew helped blow out the candles!
We got our first lesson not to let Andrew watch Scooby Doo before bedtime.  We have to remember that Jack is a couple years older than Andrew, and just because it is his favorite show, Andrew was a little too young!  I honestly thought the kid had no fear of anything.  He never gets scared.  So I figured he'd be fine.  His eyes were glued to the TV the entire movie.  But he woke up and had his first nightmare!  Oops!  No more Scooby Doo!  He wouldn't let daddy out of his grip for most of the night, as you can see!  Ha!  Although we were at the grocery store the other day and he begged for Scooby Doo fruit snacks!  Oh boy.
In the morning he had some quiet time with grandma, watching Woody and Buzz.
And one last gator ride with grandpa before we headed home.
We had to make a pitstop at Ga Ga and Papa's for a delicious grill out!  Papa even made Andrew a hot dog shaped like a real dog!  Andrew loved it!
Then he took a bath at Ga Ga's.  He loves taking baths there... I wonder why??  
She got him some finger paint for the bath tub and he became a serious little picasso.

Andrew has back to back appointments on Friday morning.  First with the audiologist to check his hearing after the tubes were put in.  We are praying that it might have improved some.  I am looking forward to this appointment as he hasn't been tested in a while and we need to make sure his hearing aids are set correctly.  Next is our big cardiology appointment.  We will be following up from his cath in January and discussing surgery options.  We would appreciate prayers for both of these appointments.  That we would get some answers and that the doctors and we would make the best decisions for Andrew.

Thank you!


The Carter's said...

Oh, your poor camera...but YEAH! for the new one! The camera we bought before D was born was stolen (I kept it in the diaper bag so I would have it at all know). Anyway, I was very upset and nearly hyperventilated thinking about not being able to whip it out as soon as D did something cute. However...the replacement... :) Ahhh.... Sometimes those bad moments are so worth it. I love my "big girl" camera, and I know you will too!! :)

Praying for Andrew's appointments!

susie said...

You will LOVE this camera, it's what I have and it takes wonderful pictures, you will be sad you didn't have it earlier.

Stefenie said...

Even though I already heard this story from our phone conversation last night I still cracked up.

Oh the things our kids can make us do in the middle of a major meltdown.

I am so jealous you are getting the Cannon Rebel. It's on my wish list. However I am super excited because by the time I actually get mine you should be a pro at using yours. We'll have to get together for a tutorial! LOL!!!

Maggie said...

After you use your camera for awhile remember to let me know how you like it. I will want a new one maybe next x-mas. Personal reviews are the best! Looks like you all are well. We miss you!

Heidi Schmidt said...

Prayers for both doc appts to go well! All of your pics are great, btw ;)

Heidi, Kevin, Ellie & Baby Girl

alex said...

Alex hi mrs. huegel hope your new camera works out good.has andrew been good lately he was naughty when he broke your camera. sincerly,alex

Olivia said...

Wow, that camera looks SAD! However, I guarantee you will love your new camera even more (And I also guarantee you will take ten times more pictures than you already do-I know I did!).

We will be praying for Andrew this week!

The Spencers search:oliviakathrynfaye

Anonymous said...

My Toddy had Scooby Doo nightmares ~ I can soooo relate to that one!! The broken camera cracks me up ~ your pictures are always a hoot!! Can't wait to see how well the new one works!

~ The Holdgrafer Herd

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