Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two thumbs up!

Andrew wants to pass along the good news!!!  We got two thumbs up at his cardiology appointment on Friday!  Thanks for all the prayers!  Dr. M said that his right ventricle looked "happy" and things have remained unchanged since his cath in January.  He said there was no need for him to have surgery in 2 months (like we were originally thinking).  We have once again been given the opportunity to enjoy our free!

And we couldn't be more thrilled.
The catch?  Well, there really isn't one.  Except that he couldn't guarantee that Andrew would be able to wait until next summer, either.  So we are fully aware of what this means.  We are basically living appointment to appointment at this point.  We will go back every 3-4 months and expect that at anytime he could be sending us to the OR.  We know this could potentially interfere with next school year.  But the bottom line is, we will do what is best for our son, not what benefits us with work.  Sure it would be a lot easier for us since we have the summers off, and my sick leave is running thin, but we certainly aren't going to put Andrew through surgery this summer if he doesn't need it!
We are just so grateful things looked GRRRRRR_REAT!
(On a side note, I have eaten Frosted Flakes pretty much every day of my life since I was a little kid.  It is my favorite cereal and it is one of those things, like coffee for some people, that my day just doesn't start out well without it!  My mom got Andrew this shirt as a joke, sort of, and he loves it!  He looked at it and said "Mama's cereal!"  Ha!)

His audiology appointment didn't go as well as we had hoped, but we are okay with it.  His hearing is unchanged since his tubes were put in.  Sure, we were hoping for a miracle and that his hearing (or at least some of it) might be restored.  But deep down, I knew his hearing loss wasn't caused by fluid behind the ears.  We knew that all along.  So there really is no reason this would have helped.  We really won't know how well he can hear until he is able to tell us.  We aren't quite there yet.  He did well with his hearing test in the booth.  They use play audiometry, where he listens for the beeps and then puts a toy on a toy sorter when he hears it.  It keeps getting louder and louder until he hears it and that is where they mark him down.  He could potentially hear the beeps before he reacts to the sound, so for now we just program his hearing aids the best we can, based on his reactions, and we can still have hope that he can hear more than he lets on.  The good news is that he is doing awesome in preschool, and he is learning so many new things and talking so much more.  We are so grateful.
We have had an awesome weekend!  Yesterday we got to have a play date with Andrew's special little friend, Ava.
This is them almost two years ago.  Ava has a special heart, too.  We were so blessed when Ava's mommy offered to watch Andrew last year when I went back to work part time. 
 They had the best time together.  Sadly, Ava's daddy was diagnosed with cancer last spring and passed away in February.  They are coping as best they can, but I am just heartbroken for them.
This little sweetie was born just before the diagnosis, and he is a spittin' image of his daddy.
Andrew and Ava hadn't seen each other for almost a year, but they picked right up where they left off!
"C'mon Aba!" (that is how he says her name)
I think it is so adorable, almost every picture I took of them they are looking at each other.
Like long lost friends!
 You can just see how happy Andrew was to be reunited with Ava!

I love this picture of Jessica with the kids, because it just reminds me of the fun times these four had together last year.  Andrew was always excited to go to Ava's house, and Jess took such good care of him and always did special things with all 3 kids.  We were so blessed that Andrew got to know this special family.

I had made dinner for Jess and the kids to take home, so Andrew, Craig and I went and tried this new place that just opened.  Has anyone been to Smashburger?  It was pretty good!  Andrew had a cheeseburger for the first time!
 We had to get him ice cream because he ate so well!  He was a happy camper!
We consider Wendy's Frosty's "ice cream."  They are so good!  Andrew ate the whole thing!
Rarely a weekend morning goes by that I don't make chocolate chip pancakes for my boys!
It's just been lately that I've acquired a little helper.  It was so cute, he kept putting his hand up and saying "gotta wait, that's hot!"  We told him not to touch the griddle because it was hot and he stayed far away!  I love how he's gripping the side of the counter!
Mmmmmmm, pancakes!

Some of you made me laugh with your comments about my last post and my broken camera and how I was able to take a picture of it!  Hahaha!  I was able to salvage my memory card so I used my mom's camera.  It's been the "fill in" until our new one gets purchased.  I am doing some research and making sure I get exactly the right camera for us.  I am thinking by next week I'll have made the decision on what to get.  I am so excited!
It's another beautiful, sunny day here and I'm going out to play with my little monkey!


ErinLamka said...

Great news about Andrew's cardiology appointment. I'm sure you guys will enjoy your surgery free summer!! Sorry to hear that you didn't quite get the news you wanted from his audiology appointment but that's great that he is doing so well in preschool. Love all the pictures!! I'm sure your looking forward to getting that new camera!

Erin, Jeff and Carter Lamka

Joye said...

Love all the cute pictures! You've got one adorable little boy on your hands :) So glad to hear the good news from the cardiologist! That sure is music to a mama's ears.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you from a hearing/audiology standpoint. I'm sure you've gotten tons of information from your audiologist, but I have a few "parent friendly" handouts that I really like.

Enjoy your week! :)

Erin Burton said...

Great news!!! L:ove the pics of Andrew and Ava - so cute! Have a great week!

jflannery said...

WOW! No surgery this summer?! What exciting news! Thanks again for sharing such sweet family stories and photos. Always a joy.


RHONDA said...

You guys are always having so much fun! Makes me want to jump on a plane to Iowa and join in. Sooo Glad to hear the Great News about No Surgery for the Summer! We will keep praying about his hearing!! God is able! Love the pics...They always make me smile..and by the way Frosted Flakes Rock! ..


Stefenie said...

I'm still smiling about the great news you guys got from Andrew's appointment! There will be lots of fun times had by all of you this summer!

Great update Jen! It is great that you were able to get together with the Johnson family. I know how much they all mean to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Huegel!!!!
your pictures are sooooooo cute!!!!
I am glad that Andrew's appointment went ok. I am excited to finish Sasquatch in class! But i also dont want it to end! LOL!
see you tommorrow!

Paige Levich

furygirl3132 said...

Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures, you definitely have an adorable little boy. I am a new follower via Friday Follow, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Jen said...

PLEASE share where you got his Elmo girls would love that.
I haven't been able to find one anywhere.
Great new at his appointment.
Love that :)

PamO said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on our blog. I love to connect with other heart families, too. We are a special bunch and so often are not able to connect with friends like we would like. I have read your blog before --- Andrew is such a handsome man! I love all the pictures on this post! Andrew's expressions during his play date are priceless! He almost looks like he's in love! Look out!!! Ladies' man!!!

Praise God for the good report at the doctor! Way to go Andrew!
Heart hugs,

Ethans Mummy said...

HEY thanks for your comment, your little man is scrummy!! Im pleased his cardio appt went well x sam

Sarah Lewis said...

What a cutie you have :)

Little late but now folowing from Friday Follow! Hope you might do the same!


1001tears said...

Hi! I found your blog through FF, yes, I'm a little slow! : ) Andrew is adorable. My daughter (adopted from China) also has TOF along with cl/cp. And I have Transposition. I love connecting with other heart families.


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