Monday, June 14, 2010

2 Parties & A Date

Andrew and I had a busy weekend last weekend since Daddy had a baseball tournament at school so he was busy all weekend.  Friday night I took Andrew on a little "date" and we had so much fun!  We hadn't been to Jordan Creek Town Center for a long time so I wanted to go there and visit some new stores and show Andrew the lake.  We found a mama duck with her babies... it was so sweet!
Andrew just loved them!
Andrew let me stroll him all around the mall.  He enjoyed the ride, as long as he had snacks,  mommy got to shop!  Ha!  I found my new favorite kids clothing store.  Have you heard of Crazy 8?
They have the most adorable clothes I've ever seen for boys and girls!  I found out they are owned by Gymboree, my other favorite store!  Go figure!
The best part about this store, is that it is lots cheaper than Gymboree and the outfits are more mix n' match, where at Gymboree they have more collections, where only certain things match.
This adorable hippo tank is only $4.99!  I would say the prices are comparable to Target's kids clothes.  I am in love! :)  Ha!
Look at this precious sock monkey sweater for babies!  Oh how I wish I could buy it for Andrew!  It seems like he should still be this little!  It is sooooo adorable!  It is only $8.99 right now!

Andrew also had fun playing on the mall kiddie playground (yes, I let him!) and he scored a cool dinosaur from Cool Kids Stuff (another favorite store!)  We just had the best date.  We ate dinner at Subway and got Cold Stone for dessert.  You just can't beat that!
On Saturday daddy was still busy at school so I braved taking Andrew to 2 birthday parties in one day!  We headed to my grandma's first for cousin Kolton's birthday!  He turned 10!  It seems like just yesterday that he was born.
As usual, Andrew had fun horsing around with his cousins!
They always have fun and fight over who gets to play with Andrew, hold him, etc!  Ha!
 He is really into getting sympathy these days!  Anytime he gets an "owie" he wants us to kiss it!  Ha!
  He had to hit up Great Gran Tootie for a kiss on his bumped head!
Kelsie was pulling him around in this truck!  He actually fit in the back!  Ha! (Oh, and his outfit?  Another score from Crazy 8!)
This birthday cake was as delicious as it looks!  Mmmmm!
Andrew and Kendra
Can you tell he was getting tired?  We still had another birthday party to attend!  Luckily he slept in the car on the way!
 Here is the other birthday boy!  It was cousin Jayden's 2nd birthday, and Uncle Jay's 30th (Jayden's daddy).  They had a double birthday party!
Andrew having fun playing with Jayden's birthday present!
This was so funny.  He was eating with 3 girls, Evi and some of her friends, and all of a sudden, they all got up and left him!  He was like, where did everybody go?  Ha!  I was proud of him for sitting there and finishing his hot dog!  And fruit.  He is really into watermelon and other fruit lately.
It's okay, I can eat all by myself! 
Jayden had a dinosaur birthday party.  Their autie Karen made the cake (Craig's sister).  Isn't she talented?  It was green inside!
Uncle Jay got a cake too!  (Yes, we had eaten plenty of cake by this time, but we didn't pass any of these up!  Ha!)
The boys having fun with their dinosaurs!  Roar!

It is a busy weekend coming up- we have the Heartwalk on Saturday, then Father's Day on Sunday and our 7th anniversary on Monday!  Wow!  I'll have lots to share!  You can still donate to the Heartwalk!  Just email me at for my address to send a check.  Everyone has opted this year to write checks and donate directly to CHD research, and I appreciate it so much!  It think our total is close to $700!  That is awesome!  Thanks so much to those who have donated!

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