Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

On Father's Day we went to the new Toy Story 3 movie at Jordan Creek Town Center- one of my favorite places!
First we went out to eat at Red Robin- another favorite.  They have the best kids meals and burgers!  Yum!
Andrew was almost too excited to eat!  He has been waiting a long time to see "Woody and Buzz big movie!"
We used to live in the Jordan Creek area and I absolutely loved it.  We lived there a while before this whole Town Center was even built.  I have pictures of them building it!  Now I love coming out here every chance I get.  
Andrew was so cute, handing his ticket to the ticket taker.
We went in to find a seat, and Andrew climbed up the stairs and plopped right down!  He couldn't stop staring at the screen, even before the movie started!
To make the waiting easier, we took him out to order popcorn!
He loved this!
He loves popcorn and now he thinks he needs it every time he watches a movie! Ha!
He was so cute, sitting up so straight eating his popcorn.
Every time he scooted back to put his back against the chair, the seat part would pop up and squish him!  So he stayed on the edge of his seat and hung his legs over the edge the whole time.  He never once took his eyes off the screen!  The only time he came to sit on my lap was during a "scary" part when a crazy monkey was on!  But then after it was over he said "I want monkey!"  So he must have liked that part!
Afterwards he ran down to the front so he could stare up at the big screen!  He was mezmerized!
I didn't capture all his dance moves, but he was so excited that he was jumping around and dancing!  It was so funny.
We all loved the movie!  I highly recommend it!  I think it is even better than the first two movies.
Andrew did some dance moves outside too!  Ha!  He was so excited.

Papa came after the movie to say hi and hear all about it!
Andrew showing off his Woody and Buzz tatoos!
After the movie we went home to give daddy his Father's Day stuff!
He got a giant cookie and Dad's orange soda and a picture frame of daddy and Andrew.
And Papa had come that morning so we gave him his gift then.
One night Papa and Ga Ga were here watching Andrew for us and Andrew just wore Papa out!  He was running all around the house wanting Papa to chase him and wrestle with him!
Finally he gave him a break and let him rest!  Ha!

I have to share a funny story that I always want to remember... after we saw the movie, Andrew and I were eating breakfast together one morning and talking about the movie.  We were watching the Fox and the Hound on TV.  In that movie, the fox and hound grow up and I related that to Andy growing up and giving his toys away.  He thought about that for a while, then he put his hand on his chest and sort of pushed himself up and was grunting, "help me, help me mama!"  (This freaked me out for a second!) I asked him what he needed help with and he said, "I want to grow up!"  Oh my, it was the most precious thing ever.  I hugged and kissed him and told him he was already growing up too fast and I wanted him to be my little baby forever!  So sweet.
 Then I smiled at him and told him I loved him "to infinity and beyond!"


Courtney said...

What a wonderful day. I love all pictures of him sitting up nice and staight to watch the movie.

Stefenie said...

Glad you guys had a great time at the movies. We have yet to see it so "shhhh" don't let my boys know you guys saw it! LOL!!!

I love the part at the end where Andrew says he wants to grow up. So sweet!

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