Tuesday, June 21, 2011

36 weeks and some outdoor fun

When I really think about being 36 weeks pregnant, I just simply cannot believe two things.  #1- how much time flies and #2- that this baby girl is still cooking in there!  Ha!  I certainly never thought I'd make it this far with her.  I have never carried a child over 4 pounds, and let me tell you...there is a big difference!  This girl is over 6lbs now, and I can feel the difference!  It is not easy lugging around that extra weight!  Ha!  

Some random things I've been noticing as things progress...

1.  I get full super fast!  I am not nearly as hungry as I was last trimester, and I still crave sweets!  If I could just live on them I'd be good to go!  Ha!  I have no desire to eat anything healthy or even meals, because I just fill up after a couple bites anyway.

2.  I bump into the kitchen counter when I am at the sink or trying to cook, etc.  It is like I can't quite get close enough anymore!  Guess it's time for Craig to start cooking and doing dishes!  Ha!

3.  I have never been this pregnant before, so I never got to experience the movements like I have been.  I will sit at night and just watch my belly and sometimes it makes me laugh out loud.  My whole belly moves and shifts around and in certain spots it is harder than a rock!  It is so fun to watch her move.  Andrew gets a kick out of it too!

4.  I am in a major nesting phase.  I am constantly looking for things to get done and I feel like I have to have every single thing done and accounted for before she comes.  (Like for some reason, once she's here I'll no longer be able to do anything!)

5.  I am finalizing the nursery, and it has been the most fun thing for me (that and the clothes shopping!)  I spent over 2 hours in Hobby Lobby the other day, just dinking around every aisle and finding a million ideas and things to put finishing touches on her room.  I can't wait to get it all put together and post pics!

6.  I have been having fun compiling all my belly shots and seeing the growth of baby girl.  I have taken a picture every month so far, and I cannot believe that I am now on the last picture.  The last picture will be taken on July 11, the day before our scheduled c-section.  I will be 39 weeks.  We scheduled our c-section for July 12th, as close as we could get to Ga Ga's birthday with my doctor being on call.  Unfortunately they won't schedule them on Saturdays (which is her actual birthday).  We are scheduling this one because I have already had one with Andrew, and quite frankly, after being hospitalized for contractions at 31 weeks, I can honestly say I made my decision to have another one when I felt how painful they were!  That was enough of that!  Ha!  So, unless baby girl decides to come on her own before then, July 12th will be her birthday.  She and Ga Ga will always get to celebrate together.  My mom is so excited for her birthday gift this year!

In big brother news... he hit a major milestone!!!!  He finally learned to PEDAL!!!!!!!
We have been working on this for two years!  
We decided it was time to get him a "real" big boy bike with pedals in the right place (not on the front wheel like his old one) so the only way he can ride it is to pedal- he can't touch the ground on this one!
He was so cute helping daddy put together his special McQueen bike.  He was so excited! (Although I think he might cry when he sees his Thomas bike go on sale this weekend at our garage sale!)
Daddy took  him out to practice, and he just flew right up the sidewalk!
He figured out that if you push back on the pedals, you stop.  He sometimes has trouble keeping his legs going forward,
But daddy did a good job helping him figure it out!
Just a little more practice and he'll be a pro.  He gets better every time he rides it now.  He goes a little farther on his own.  The trick for him is getting the momentum going and staying at that speed.  His favorite thing is to fly down the driveway and give mommy a heart attack!  Ha!
One night my mom came to watch him and he rode for her to show off his new skills!  When we got home, this is what I found!  Ha!  They were relaxing after a long evening bike ride!
This just cracks me up too.  He got these skates for his birthday when he was about 2, and I have kept them in the basement until I thought he'd be ready for them.  Well, we were down there organizing for the garage sale and he found them.
Insisted on putting everything on, including the knee and elbow pads!
He was a little unsteady, but he got the hang of it, and now it is all he wants to do!

Even after a few falls on his bum!
I just thought he looked so funny and cute in all his gear!  Ha!
Another afternoon I was putting away dishes and I came around the corner to see what he was doing.  Do you see a pattern here?
He was sorting all his dinosaurs into groups!  I couldn't believe it (which is why I took a picture, of course!)  He put all the same kinds of dinosaurs together.  I was quite impressed!  Ha!  Then he was pretending they were going to school and coming back home to their "family."
Some fun in the tub!  He loves putting bubbles on his head, especially after I rinse his hair out!  He thinks he is just hilarious!

I just had to post his big boy school pictures too!  We got them towards the end of school and I think he just looks like such a big boy.

This one is my favorite.  He just looks so sweet and innocent... Ha!

I am working on catching up on updates- we had an awesome Heartwalk this past weekend, and also celebrated Father's Day and our Anniversary!  It has been such a busy time, but so fun.  I will post again soon with all the latest activities!

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