Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lately I have just been writing down things that Andrew has been saying because they are so funny and I want to remember them.  I have them on sticky notes, notecards and pieces of paper strewn all over the house!  Ha!  So I wanted to compile them and do a post all about Andrew (along with a few of the things we've been up to lately!)

So, we've noticed that Andrew has just been talking up a storm the past couple months.  He'll just go on and on and on, telling us stories, or all about things.  Sometimes we can't get him to be quiet (ha!)  Anyway, Ga Ga and Papa went on a vacation and drove through Jellystone Park so they had to get him some Yogi Bear toys.  He has been loving them and drags them everywhere with him.  Well, the other day he was lining them up and feeding them food from his kitchen, which I found funny, since Yogi is always stealing people's picnic baskets!
Then he would talk to them.  I hear him saying "You're eating so good!  Good job!" It was so.stinkin.funny!
• Then later I heard him talking to them again and he put Yogi in time out for some reason.  He said "You stay right here until I come get you!"  Then pretty soon he comes back and was explaining why Yogi was in time out and he looked right at him and said "Do you understand??"  Ha!  I was dying laughing around the corner.  He obviously knows the drill!  Ha!

• Something else I've gotten a kick out of lately... it is quite obvious that I rarely get dressed in the mornings around here!  In fact, if we have nowhere to go, I very rarely ever change for the whole day (Andrew too!  He is obsessed with his jammies).  So it makes me laugh when I do decide to run an errand or something and I come downstairs all showered and dressed with make up on.  He takes one look at me and says "Bye bye Mama!"  Ha!  He totally can tell the difference when I'm staying home or leaving!  I love it!

• The other night he ran into the bathroom (connected to our laundry room) and saw a huge pile of clothes I was sorting through and ready to throw in the washer, laying all over the laundry room floor.  He stopped dead in his tracks and said "WHOA Mommy!  What a MESS!"

• The other day when I was actually dressed and getting ready to run an errand, I asked him for a hug and kiss before I left and he goes "No, I'm busy!"

•  We were getting the finishing touches on the nursery done (pics to come soon! I promise!) and I was showing my mom and Jim when they were over for dinner one night.  My mom had her hand on the crib and Andrew said "No!  Don't touch it!"  Then before we left the room, same thing with Papa, he was just resting his hand on the side and Andrew set him straight!  "Papa!  Don't touch it!"  I was cracking up, because I was telling him this the other day when I was trying to arrange the quilt and pillows on it and he kept climbing in and throwing everything out!  Ha!  I guess now he thinks no one is allowed to touch it!

•  His latest thing he loves is something special my dad used to do with me that I remembered and thought Andrew would like.  Sometimes if I go to the store and pick him up a little something inexpensive, or if he's earned a prize for whatever reason, I always tell him "Andrew, close your eyes and hold out your hand..."  then I put it in his hand.  I loved this when I was little, and Andrew loves it too!  He gets so excited.  Now he also loves bringing things to us and telling us to "close your eyes and hold out your hand!"  It is so funny.

The other night we took him out for a special date to eat out, see Cars 2 and do some shopping at our favorite mall.  After the movie, we made a special gift for baby sister.
I loved this part- he kissed the heart to put inside her bear.
Putting the heart inside... We plan to have Andrew and his baby sister exchange gifts when she is born.  I have heard this is a good way to make him feel special and included, especially with all the attention baby will be getting.
Combing and giving the bear a "bath."
This isn't the best picture, but Andrew wasn't real happy because he wanted to get something else from the store!  I think he thought we were crazy to leave with nothing for him and just his sister!  Ha!  Even though he seemed excited and picked this bear out for her himself.  I just think he thought he'd get a turn!  Oh well!  We reminded him that baby sister would be getting him a present too!  Of course that helped a little!
This is my latest "nesting" project!  Ha!  My poor husband, he always gets stuck doing all the work for my projects!  The truth is, we have needed to landscape since we moved in about 7 years ago!  We have never had landscaping, and just didn't know where to start (neither of us knows anything about it!)  So our sweet friend Greg came over a couple different days and helped us get going!  
A work in progress... luckily we picked a couple of days that weren't too hot, and my mom kept Andrew overnight for 2 nights so we could get this done!  Andrew loved the time with Ga Ga (because they had been on vacation and missed each other!) and we loved having time to get things accomplished.  I feel so good about things now, and definitely more prepared for baby to arrive! (Not that landscaping has anything to do with her arrival!  Ha!  Craig totally thinks I am nuts, I know!)
I am still getting a little ornamental tree for the far left side, by the bistro table.  That little table was my mom and dad's first table when they got married.  We had it at the lake for years and ate breakfast on the porch together almost every morning at that table.  So I wanted to include it in the landscaping somehow.  I plan to get bigger pots to put in the seats and plant flowers in them.
My sweet hubby posing in front of his project (I made him take the picture! Ha!).  Thanks for doing all this work, honey!  I love you!
While Craig was busy working on the house, I made a trip and met mom and Andrew at my grandma's since it was her birthday.
Andrew loved her little cake we bought.  It had balloons and pinwheels!
He just loves it when it is someone's birthday!  He doesn't even care that it isn't his, he just gets so excited to sing happy birthday and have cake!  Ha!
Helping Tootie blow out the candles...
Happy 83rd birthday, Grandma Tootie!  We all love you lots!

So we have been keeping very busy, enjoying having daddy home a lot, and doing things together as a family.  We got maternity photos taken last night.  I can't believe we have less than 2 weeks before baby is born.  Where has the time gone?  I am definitely ready (physically) for her to come anytime.  It is harder to get around, find a comfortable position in bed, and do my normal "tasks" of cleaning and doing things around the house.  But I have enjoyed this pregnancy so much- every minute of it.  I know it is my last, and I am savoring it!  And since I never made it even close to this far with Andrew, I have enjoyed my third trimester and getting to feel her move more and watch my belly move.  I love it!

We are taking one last mini trip to the lake this weekend for the 4th of July (I got doctor's permission!) I hope the weather is good and these hot days pass quickly!  Have a safe and happy 4th!

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