Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Miss {five months}

My sweet Kerigan... you are FIVE months old today!  I cannot believe that next month you will be a half a year old.  It just doesn't seem possible.  You have blessed our lives with so much joy.  We can't even remember life without you ~ it's like you've always been here.  Been a part of us.  Now you are just here for us to enjoy you!  God always had you in His plans.  And I'm so grateful you are ours.
You were laughing at your brother here.  Something you do ALL the time.  He is always entertaining you, but you giggle and laugh and smile at just about anybody.  Everywhere you go people comment on your smile and how friendly you are.  The other day we were in line at Target and I never even noticed you flirting with a man behind us.  He was so funny, he said "I've still got it!"  I laughed, but I didn't have the heart to tell him you do that to everybody!  Ha!
You were insisting on looking at your brother during our photo shoot and he insisted on getting up here with you.  So here you are!  Two peas in a pod.  I'm sure you're already plotting things you are going to trick me with someday!  Watching the two of you together is one of my very favorite things to do.  There is so much love.  Andrew calls you "baby dolly" and that is just what you are.
I am so glad the two of you have each other.  
Your personality just shines.  You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  That face- the cheeks, the smile, the big blue eyes... I can hardly stand how much I love you sometimes!  You are and always will be my dream come true.
You "talk" all the time (big surprise!  You are my daughter!  Ha!)  It is so funny when we are out places because you will just go to town with those funny noises.  You love it when we talk back to you.  It just gets you going even more!
You blow raspberries.  Lots of them.  And drool and spit fly everywhere!  You just keep going and going, and you are too funny.
Your hair is getting longer and thicker.  I love it!  A bow will stay in pretty well by itself now.  And you know I can't get enough bows!  
Your favorite time of day is your bath.  You kick your legs and grin so big when we take you in the bathroom.  I now just lay you in the bottom of the tub with shallow water so you can stretch out and kick your legs and splash.  You were outgrowing your baby tub anyway.  You wanted to be in the water!  I love giving you baths because they always make you laugh and smile.
You are getting so strong.  You push way up on your arms now as far as you can go.  You will bring your legs in like you know what you are supposed to do, but can't quite get it yet.  I know you'll figure it out soon, and out world!  We can already tell you want to move.  You sit up by yourself after we feed you, you just lean forward with no effort at all.  Now we just need to work on your balance and soon you'll be sitting up all by yourself.

We don't have your height and weight this month because we haven't had a check up, but I am guessing you are a little over 16 pounds.  You were 15.5 at your 4 month check.  You are still going through clothes so fast I can't keep up.  You are eating 6oz every 3 hours like a champ, and you are enjoying your cereal too.  Soon we are going to add in some baby food.  I'm sure you're going to love that!  

You love to do "big girl."  This is what my mom and dad used to do with me.  You take our hands, start out on your back and we pull you up to stand while saying "BIG GIRL!!!!"  You just love it.  You smile and act so "tough!"  You just want to be independent and do these things on your own.  You are learning so much every day.
One of your many nicknames is "bright eyes."  Because that's what you are.  You are just bright, smiley and happy all the time my sweet girl.  You just light up the room.  We love you to pieces and couldn't be more proud of you!  You have made us the family that we are, like the missing piece of a puzzle that is now complete.  We love you more than words can express.... to the moon and back!

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