Saturday, December 10, 2011

a whole lotta christmas!

We have been having so much fun getting in the spirit of Christmas around here!  I am so thankful that I got a jump start on decorating, because I've been able to focus my time on other things, like baking with my boy, and doing fun things on weekends with the kids.
One of our traditions is to bake my great grandma's sugar cookies.  They are the best in the world.  We usually make four batches of them and freeze them so we have some left after Christmas!  We only had time for 2 batches this weekend, so we'll have to make more soon!
Andrew loved helping this year more than he ever has.  He stayed with me the whole time and put everything in the bowl for me and stirred and mixed things.  His favorite part was using the mixer.  He discovered that when you turn the knob on the side, it speeds up and he loved watching it and giggling!  It was all fun and games until he pulled the knob and flour flew everywhere!  He thought it was hilarious though.  That, and he basically cracked an egg by smashing it in his fist.  Nice.
We'll see how they turn out!  Maybe we won't share any this year?  Ha!  While the dough was chilling, we took the kids to see a special event that was going on in town.
They had live reindeer!  Andrew would not go over to that reindeer.  I was completely shocked because he is not scared of anything.  Literally, nothing.  But I had to bribe him (the elf went to give him candy and I told her no!  Ha!  Not until he stood by the reindeer!)  Mean, aren't I?  Ha!
So he reluctantly obliged.  But seriously?  I think it was that he was just in awe of this whole Christmas thing.  It is so magical to him this year.  I am enjoying watching the wonder on his face when Santa is spoken of, or when the "Elf" finds a new spot every day and he is giddy with excitement.  There is just nothing better than the innocence of children.  
So, the reindeer freaks him out, but he's more than happy to stand by this scary looking Grinch?
Santa was inside, along with Mrs. Claus and lots of cookies!  Kerigan is just as delightful to be with right now.  She even loves Santa (just wait till you see our Christmas card picture!)  Everyone was having a fit about her and how smiley she was.
I'm not kidding you, she is like this all the time.  She smiles at everybody, it is so adorable.  This sweet little dress I found before she was born on a clearance rack at Crazy 8.  It was $3.  I had to buy it and hope she could wear it at Christmas (it is 3-6 month).  Well, I had to get some good out of it now, because I don't think she'll be fitting into it much longer.  The sleeves pretty much cut off her circulation and she looked like she was going to pop!  But it was adorable anyway!  I was determined to get some good out of it!
Look who we spotted on the way out!
When we got home, Andrew helped me roll and cut out the cookies.  Again, he was totally into this.
This is so special to me because every generation has made these cookies together.  My great great grandma and my grandma, my grandma and my mom, and my mom and me have all made these cookies together over the years.  I want Andrew and Kerigan to remember making these with me someday.
Sweet little helping hands...

The best part is eating them!  Andrew couldn't even wait until we frosted them!  That is another project for another weekend!
We had hot chocolate and marshmallows with our cookie.
One of Andrew's very favorite things to do this season (besides look for the Elf every morning), is to move Santa on our advent calendar.  I just love our calendar- it was given to us as a gift a couple years ago (from Pottery Barn Kids) and it is just perfect for what I want it for.  There are pockets for us to write special things to do each day.  This year I plan to just fill up the week before Christmas, but maybe some year I'll get brave and do every day.  I know Andrew is going to look even more forward to seeing what we get to do when we read the activity for the evening.  We'll add things like driving around to see the lights, drinking hot chocolate, playing a game, play in the snow, etc.  So fun!
This is sweet!

The advent calendar didn't have anything to put in each pocket to move day to day, so I had to think of something to use.  I went to the basement and dug out my old Christmas treasures from when I was a little girl and found this little Santa.  He was perfect.  Andrew loves him.  He'll say, "We forgot to move Santa!" (usually this is in a rush on the way out the door to day care in the mornings when we're running late), so he'll say "We'll have to move Santa to number eight when we get home."  It's so funny.  He remembers what number he is on every day, and he'll count the number left until Santa comes.  

It's been so nice to be able to relax and enjoy the season this year with the kids.  Being home together on the weekends has been so fun, just enjoying our Christmas tree and doing some shopping, wrapping and baking and other projects.  I love this time of year more than anything.  I never want it to be over.  But I guess the good part is... it always comes again next year!

Is it bad to want to leave my Christmas stuff up until then?  Ha!

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