Saturday, September 1, 2012

first day of kindergarten

How did this happen?  How is my baby a Kindergartener already?
Last month Andrew started his very first day of Kindergarten.

This is what he did during my photo shoot!  Ha!  That's typical Andrew!
We all got up that morning and took him to school.  He wasn't scared a bit.  He seemed happy and excited, and we were so proud of him.
Doesn't he just look too little to be attending a school this big??
But he walked in with confidence...
We practiced the routine- he'll stop in the nurses office every morning to get his FM system hooked up to his hearing aids.  His teacher wears a special microphone so her voice is heard louder than everything else.
Then he joined all the other kids in what seemed like the longest line of kindergarteners ever.
But his happiness made me so happy.  He was ready.

Walking down the hall to his new classroom.  They didn't let us go into the classroom with him, which made this picture-loving mama not very happy!  I wanted so badly to watch my boy get started with his day.  But I guess it was better this way.  
Sister walked the big hallways too...slow down baby girl, it's not your time quite yet!!
Andrew is so happy his best friend Mya goes to his school too.  They have gone to day care together since they were 2.  She is in a different Kindergarten class (which is probably a good thing!  Ha!) but they play together at recess and see each other at lunch.  How precious are they??
I was so glad Andrew started school the week before I had to go back, so I got to drop him off and pick him up the first 3 days.  When I picked him up the first day he had a little surprise waiting!
He had been wanting this movie and I waited until he started school to give it to him.  This is the dinosaur from his favorite book "How do Dinosaurs go to School?"
Reading his book to his dinosaur. 

So...there were no tears.  Andrew has been going to "school" since he was 2.  We always called day care "school" so he would get used to it.  He has learned so many things since then.  I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that he doesn't cry or tell me he misses me.  I am happy that he's well adjusted and confident.  But part of me still wants him to be my baby and crawl into my lap and rest his head on my chest.  The truth is, it's time to let him grow up.  Be independent.  Try new things and explore his little world.  Yes I'm fearful of the not so good things that happen in school- mean children, teasing, bullies...I'm a teacher, I've seen it all.  I just have to hope and pray that he will be able to stand up to those things.  That we've equipped him well to conquer the world.  It won't always be easy, but God has had Andrew in His hands from day one.  

I know He'll hold him forever.
And just for's last year's list!  Look how much he's changed!

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