Friday, September 28, 2012

soccer player!

We have a soccer player on our hands!
Andrew is starting his third week of soccer this weekend and he is really enjoying it this year!
For the first 15 minutes they do practice, like kicking and passing the ball back and forth to each other.
Then they play a game against another team.  Andrew's team is called the Bengals, which he loves because it is a type of Tiger!  Ha!
This year Andrew really "gets it."  Last year when he played I'm not sure he really understood the game and what he was supposed to do.  He didn't particularly enjoy it.  But this year I wanted to have him try it again, just in case.
And I'm so glad he did, because he really likes it!
He was actually even brave enough to be a leader and tell the coach he wanted to start the game with the first kick!  I was so proud of him for being assertive, because normally he just hangs out in the background.
His face cracks me up in these pictures!
I'm not sure what he was saying, but he was just being silly.
Taking a break!
I swear he never stopped chasing that ball!  He ran and ran just like the other kids and kept up just fine!
We were so proud of him!

Look at him go!  Determination!
Little miss watched from the sidelines, but she wanted to run out on the court!
Andrew- 5 year old soccer player!
Last weekend he even scored a goal!  Of course, I didn't have the camera for that one!

In other news, Kerigan has learned a new trick!
She's pretty proud of herself...can't you tell?
She can now stack the stars on this toy and she loves it!  I love that she's at the age where things like this will entertain her for longer periods of time now.
And she's a little fashion diva... anytime anyone has shoes laying around anywhere, she's got them on her feet within seconds!  What can I say?  The girl loves shoes!
I keep getting these "growing up too fast" pictures from day care!  Now she's sleeping on a cot... what happened to the crib??

And I like to call this payback...
Andrew was pretty well known for grabbing people's faces!  Ha!
Look out, Bubba!  She's gaining on you!

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