Sunday, November 4, 2012

if I only had a heart

This year I cheated and took my little goblins out one weekend for a photo shoot in their costumes so I wouldn't have to worry about taking a good one on the night of trick or treat.  I knew we'd be in a hurry and rushing since it was during the week and I was really glad I did!
Kerigan was a witch this year.  Her costume sort of came together with bits and pieces from different places.  I was wasting time getting lots of great ideas on Etsy (pretty much my favorite website ever) for costumes.  I had a free tutu that I could order since another one I got didn't turn out so I decided to get her Halloween colors.  Then, I found her shirt and hat on a different Etsy site, and I could not resist the hat.  It was a splurge but have you ever seen anything cuter??  Her broom was from Target (we just cut it down to her height) and her pail is the Pottery Barn kitty from last year.  Every witch needs a black cat, right?
And my little tin man.  We think his costume is extra special and meaningful this year!  We wanted to choose a Wizard of Oz character (which he just started watching the movie so he was totally into it!) since Kerigan was a witch and he picked the tin man, very fitting with his special heart.  I just love it so much.  It came together after a trip to Menards and digging for boxes in our basement.  

The picture on the right she spotted her brother coming her way and got really excited!  I just love her face.
Andrew was so cute, he kept saying "oil...oil" in a squeaky voice!

After the photo shoot we took the kids to my grandma's to show her their costumes. She was so surprised!
This year we went to Trick or Read at our local library with cousins Evelyn and Jayden.  Evie and Andrew had fun making a haunted house...
And Kerigan loved it too!  She was totally into the craft thing.  I didn't think she'd last a minute but she loved sticking the stickers on and coloring.
She spotted the owl from a distance and headed straight for it!  Not scared at all!
They have all kinds of stations set up around the library like story time, crafts, and a movie "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" with popcorn.  The kids always have fun!
The other weekend we went over to some friends to celebrate fall some more!  These two were so cute- this is sweet little Kenna, and she and Kerigan have been in the same class at day care since they were babies.  Kenna has moved up (she is a few months older) and I think Kerigan missed her!  They thought it was pretty cool to be able to play at one of their houses together!
And Kerigan had a blast playing with all the fun boy's toys!  Ha!
We ordered the Papa Murphy's Jack-O-Lantern pizza and it was so yummy and the kids thought it was so fun!
Drew and Andrew have also been in the same class forever.  They are both 5 and they had a great time playing together and dressing up in costumes.  And look at all this amazing food my friend Kate made!  The daddies had fun watching football and eating and we all just had a great time together!  Can't wait to do it again soon!

Now that Halloween is officially over, I am slowly bringing out the Christmas stuff as usual!  I need to do a couple more catch up blog posts and by then I hope my house is all decorated for the holidays!  I love to do it early so I can relax and enjoy!  I just love this time of year!

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