Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Miss {15 months}

I figure I haven't done an update on the little miss since she turned one!  I loved doing her monthly updates her first year, but her second year I decided to hit the milestone months- 15 & 18 since she will get weighed and I can share her stats.  After that, she'll go to yearly updates like her brother!  She was actually 15 months on October 12, but I couldn't get her appointment until today.  These pictures were taken at exactly 15 months.  How on Earth does time go so fast?  Wasn't she just born??
Kerigan, my beautiful daughter.  You just keep growing and changing and doing so many cute, new things I can hardly keep up.  I think you are getting more adorable by the day (if that's even possible!) and your big blue eyes are just captivating.  
I took you to the doctor today and you weighed 23 lbs!  You are in the 72% for weight, which I think is funny because your brother was always in the 1-3%!  Ha!  You are still tall- 32 in, which is the 86%.  You wear mostly 18-24 month clothes, and some 2T.  You just changed to size 5 shoes and you wear a size 4 diaper but I think you are ready to move up.
You love food.  You have lots of teeth now (four top and four bottom, plus your one year molars) so I think you just love to give those chompers a work out! You come home from day care starving and you go straight to your high chair.  I don't even have time to cook dinner before you are whining for something to eat.  When food is in front of you, you gobble it nonstop and have every bite in your mouth at once.
Your favorite foods are any kind of fruit (not bananas), but you also like most veggies.  You also love pizza, mac and cheese and most anything I make in casserole form (with hamburger, etc).  You hate your high chair and you try to stand up and turn around constantly.  We tried you in the booster too but you wouldn't keep your place mat or plate still so I don't think you are ready for that either.  You keep us guessing, girl!  
You are learning right from wrong and you think you are so funny when you are naughty!  You throw your milk on the floor every.single.time we give it to you.  You hit our faces when we are holding you and giggle when we pretend like it hurts.  The other day you had your brush and you hit Bubba on the head with it a few times.  This made him cry, to which we laughed and told him he deserved it!  Ha!  You are finally starting to get him back for all those times he's yanked on your arm, pushed you down, etc.
You are obsessed with playing with your hair.  I have a love-hate relationship with this trait of yours, because I think it is the cutest thing ever, but you refuse to keep bows or rubber bands in your hair.  It's not that you don't like them, you just play with your hair so much that you end up pulling them out!  You especially do it when you are tired, and when we give you your paci.  It is how you put yourself to sleep every night.  You could care less about a blankie, or lovie, as long as you have your hair to play with!
You are probably the best sleeper I could ask for.  I don't know how we got so lucky with our kids, but you and Andrew go to bed so perfectly it's amazing.  You are usually ready around 7:00.  After your bath we play for a little while, have a snack and then you want your paci and you are ready.  We give kisses to daddy and bubba and I just take you upstairs, turn on your music, put you down and I never hear another peep from you until 6:30am.  Thanks for making life so easy for mama!  After you go to bed is when I get everything done around the house!  Ha!
You love to mimmick everything we do.  The other day you got behind our curtains, jumped out and said "Boo!!!!!!"  It was so adorable.  You love playing peek a boo.  You say so many words I can't remember them all.  You say everything we say, or tell you to say.  Some of your new words are thank you, more, kitty, doggie, cookie, bye bye and "cheese!" (as in, whenever I get the camera out!  Ha!)  You also have heard me say "Good girl!" a number of times, so you will repeat that a lot, which I love.
You are the sweetest little girl.  I cannot wait to get to you once school is over.  My 20 minute drive to pick you up I am thinking about how much I've missed you all day and I can't wait to see you.  You come running and giggling to me when you see me, and it just melts my heart.  You love to give hugs and kisses, especially to your brother.  You think he is pretty much the coolest little guy on the planet.  He loves to blow on your tummy and you have the biggest belly laugh every time he does it.
You are fiesty and dramatic.  When you get mad you are not afraid to let us know and you will throw yourself down and plant your head face down on the floor and just scream.  It makes us laugh so hard.  You are so funny.  You are a big time daddy's girl.  Whenever you see him you get this huge grin on your face and your eyes get wide and you reach for him.  Whenever he's not home, you wander around the house saying "daddy?  daddy?"  You go to the window and look for him (or Ga Ga too).  When you see my phone you say "daddy" because you like to call him and hear his voice.  We put him on speaker and you grab the phone and kiss it.  It is the most precious thing I've ever seen.
You are a fashionista!  You love pretty clothes and mommy's jewelry.  In the mornings when I'm getting ready you come in our room and wander around.  Every time you want to grab all my jewelry off the dresser and say "pretty."  I usually give you a necklace to play with and you put it on and stomp around like you are such a big girl.  
While you love to be girly and dress up, you also love to be outside.  You will walk over to our sliding door and press your hands and face against it and whine to go out (you say "ow-siiiiide") and it is so cute.  A couple times daddy has taken you out in the cold just to appease you!  You love it and cry when it's time to come in.
You are my little dolly.  Dressing you up is getting more fun by the minute.  I love nothing more than planning your outfits and fixing your hair.  You are so fun and precious and everywhere we go strangers come up to me to tell me how adorable you are.  Daddy and I love you so much, baby girl!  We are so proud of you!

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