Sunday, December 23, 2012

american girl

I never want to forget this day with my little girl.  It is something I have dreamed about my whole life.
While daddy and Bubba went on rides at the MOA, Kerigan and I hit the 2 story American Girl store- we were both in heaven!
We will definitely be bringing her back here as a tradition for her birthdays and eating in the tea room.  You can bring your doll and it sits at the table with you to eat!  So girly and fun!  I cannot wait!
This was the first thing she did when she picked up a baby.  My heart could just melt into a puddle looking at these pictures.
It is so neat because they have everything on display so the kids can play with it.  It's very "hands on!"  My kind of store!
People might think she's too young for her first American Girl doll... but seriously people??  She knew just what to do with these babies.
It even surprised me watching her play.  She played with all this stuff for an hour (while I took pictures- ha!)
Everyone in the store was having a fit about her.  I had to admit she was pretty darn cute.  One lady said she looked like a little dolly, and I told her that she IS my little dolly!  Ha!
I loved my babies growing up.  I had a special one named Anna that I carried everywhere and pushed in a buggy.  I still am in awe that I now have my very own real life dolly to dress up, and take to places like this.  I am blessed beyond belief.
She just kept amazing me with everything she did with the babies.  She put it in the carrier (which she is getting for Christmas), and she would put the little teddy bear beside it.
I think it is just a girl's instinct to know how to be a little mommy.  I was just in heaven watching her.
No words.
She wrapped the babies and patted their backs... put them in their crib, put her little finger up to her mouth and gently said "Shhhhhh."
This baby looks just like me! 
(Brown hair, blue eyes... this is the baby she will be getting from Santa).
Be still my heart.

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