Monday, December 17, 2012

day of silence

My heart has been so heavy these past few days.  I cannot get the haunting images of those precious little children and the teachers who loved and cared for them out of my mind.  Being a teacher for the last 13 years, and knowing that it was also my dream to become a teacher, I just see these young, beautiful teachers who gave their life for their students, and I just can't even describe how I feel about that.  All I know is that the amazing teachers I have worked with in my past and currently, I know we would all have done the same.  Because that is just what you do when you love children.  I have so much more swirling around in my head, but this is all I have for tonight.  Tomorrow will be a blog day of silence.  We will be honoring the victims of this horrific tragedy.

And I'll be hugging my children even more tightly.  Putting my laundry list of things to do aside so I can play a game, or color a picture with my kids.  Life is too short.  You just never know when a day will be your last.

Prayers and blessings to all the family and friends of victims in Newtown.

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