Monday, July 21, 2014

baseball & science

Andrew just finished up his season of baseball and he really enjoyed it! 
We had taken a couple of years off since he didn't seem to really understand it back then, and I think it helped, because now he had fun!
Grace's daddy was the coach, which was really nice because he knows Andrew and Andrew really likes him.
We were so proud of him!
He did a good job batting!
And running the bases!
Kerigan loved hanging out with Emily.  She always had something for them to color, or they would play in the field, or on the iPad.  Emily is like having a built in babysitter!  My kids just love her!
I love this part!

It's so nice for Andrew to be part of a team!  We are blessed.

And this is totally random but I wanted to include a few pictures from Andrew's field trip towards the end of the school year.
I was so happy I got to go along with him and his class!

Watching themselves on the news!
Andrew's favorite part of any museum- racing lego cars!
He and his friends also enjoyed making and launching rockets!

The ball wall!
These boys were best buddies.  We are hoping they get in the same class again next year!  Andrew is so lucky to have made such sweet friends this year!

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