Friday, July 11, 2014

kerigan the third

I had to split Kerigan's birthday party update into two parts because there are a million pictures!  I absolutely loved this party.  Kerigan picked Sofia the First for her theme, as it is her very favorite show and Sofia is her favorite princess.  This update is mostly pictures of the decorations and party preparations.
I used the Sofia logo and changed it to "Kerigan the Third," since she was 3!  Each girl got a wand and a Sofia the First necklace (I had these made on Etsy).
We had a "royal" tea party (there is a tea party episode of Sofia) so I had to do teapot invites!
I punched out little "tea" bags and put Sofia's picture on one side.  On the other side it said that a special guest would be arriving and the time of arrival.  This was a surprise for Kerigan, and I could not wait!
This is Charlyn, our "cake lady!"  My mom has worked with her for years and she started a business a few years ago and started making cakes.  She is amazing!  I love that for my kids parties every year I know who will be doing the cake and she always carries out my vision perfectly!
Kerigan's actual birthday was on Saturday this year, so that is when we did the party.  I gave her a bath in the morning and did the sponge rollers so her hair could dry during the day and her nap.
When daddy brought home balloons she was beyond excited!  Nap time was difficult!
My precious 3 year old!
She loved sitting in her tent and looking at princess books I had out for the party.  As my mom and I were getting things ready for the afternoon, I told my mom I actually think I like it better when her birthday party is on a different day than her actual birthday.  I felt like we were rushing around, working on decorations and food and didn't get to spend a lot of time with her during the day.  Then her party is so busy and I am hosting so I can't really sit down and relax with her then either!  So now at least it won't be on a Saturday again for a long time!
My favorite part of the decorations was this tea cart.  This was on our screened porch at the lake every year since I can remember.  My mom loves this tea cart.  She let us use it for the party and it was perfect sitting here when you walked in the front door.
It held all the treats!  The girls got to fill a sack to take home along with their other favors.
The tea party room!  We used our dining room, and I just moved our table to the wall and used it for the food and cake.  Then our coffee table was brought in from our family room (we needed the space in there for our special guest!) and this way the little girls could kneel around the table for the tea party.  I also spread my great grandma's quilt on the floor like a picnic blanket, and we had a wicker tray set out for a couple girls to sit there too.  I struggled with the set up but I love how it turned out.  There were 12 little girls coming, so they didn't all fit at one table and I had to figure something else out!
Cookies shaped like teacups!
We had mini cupcakes for the little girls at the tea party.  The big cake was for the family party that evening.  I loved the bottom layer of the cake- it was like Sofia's dress, and it had amulets all around it!  Kerigan loves amulets!  She has known that word since she was 2, and what it means!  Ha!
I found some cute tea cups at the good will that I set out as decorations.
The food was so easy!  I loved the time of the party (it was from 3-5) so this was mainly just a snack.  My mom made all the sandwiches and cut them all out in little crown shapes!
We had good ol' PB&J and ham and cheese.  I wanted to do little cucumber/cream cheese or something more fancy but if the little girls coming were anything like my kids, I knew they wouldn't eat them!  These were a hit!  And they were still cute!
I made all the food tags and the sticks with Sofia and her animal friends.  They really are easy to make. I just use my computer, scrapbook paper and my circle cutter.  I used Photoshop to remove the original logo and add my own words.
We had princess punch at the drink station (just pink lemonade), and tea cups and mason jars for the moms with purple chevron paper straws.
My mom and I decorated the plastic tea cups with purple sparkly washi tape and tied ribbons around the handles and they were so cute!  I made little labels with each child's name so their cups wouldn't get mixed up.  The girls loved them and several people took them home as a party favor, too!
Up next... the royal tea party with these little princesses... and a big surprise visitor!

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