Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disney- Epcot continued!

When we got back for our mid day break we took some pictures because we were always getting to our resort in the dark!  This is the kids outside our room - we had a nice view!
Andrew loved this statue of Rafiki
He just kept saying over and over how cool our hotel is!  
I am sure he will always remember it.
They were so excited to try out the pool!
They hadn't been swimming in a while and they just loved it!  It was such a nice break from the parks and a good way to cool off a bit.  The weather was unusually warm the first couple of days we were there and we were hot by the afternoon!
After swimming Kerigan took a nap and we got dressed for our dinner back at Epcot!

We loved walking around and looking at all the decorations for Christmas
Ga Ga and Papa joined us for dinner too.  We loved having them along with us!
I wasn't sure what to expect with this dinner, but it was one of my favorite meals.  It was in Norway at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.  Before being seated you get your picture with Belle.
Kerigan was just in complete awe, I just loved watching her interact with all the princesses.  She was so happy.
Sometime during your meal the princesses come around and get all the kids to parade around the restaurant with them.  Look who got involved in the conga line!  Ha!  Andrew liked to pretend he didn't like it, but he ate it up!
This was so funny!  We knew Craig's aunt, uncle and cousins with their families were going to be at Disney at the same time, but we hadn't really planned on meeting up with them.  As the kids were doing the conga line, we ran into them!  What are the chances we would have reservations at the same place and time!?  So funny!
 Andrew and Cash- 2nd cousins.  These boys are the same age and always enjoy seeing each other at big family gatherings!
This Cinderella was by far my favorite princess the whole trip.  I think we met 3 different Cinderella's- Ha.  This one was so sweet and took so much time with us.  She loved Kerigan's necklace and just kept talking to her and hugging her.  Kerigan still talks about Cinderella and how she liked her picture on her dress, and her necklace.  It was magical.
Actually all of these princesses were awesome.  We all enjoyed this dinner so much.
Kerigan wore her dress with several princesses on it this time, since we were meeting a lot of them!
We didn't know Mulan would be at the meal too!  So we met her twice this day- ha!  The characters were funny because if we didn't have them sign the book they would say "Oh!  Did I already sign it?"  Like they knew earlier in the day or at another park it had been signed by "them."
 Kerigan loved getting special princess pink lemonade!
Can you tell how much these kids love their Ga Ga?

We had saved our fast pass for Spaceship Earth for after dinner.  Spaceship Earth is a ride that goes inside the Epcot ball.
Andrew wanted to ride with Ga Ga and Kerigan wanted me, so that left Papa and Craig riding together!  Ha!  The ride was a little boring (although the kids liked it), until the very end.  They had taken our picture at the beginning and we didn't know why.  The cars you rode in had little screens in them and at the end it asked you some questions and then made a little movie with the pictures!
We were dying laughing!
Andrew was behind us and he was just cracking up the whole time.  It was a good laugh!
Then at the end it put them up on the screens and you could have them emailed to you so of course we had to do that.  More laughs!
Simply beautiful at night.

Again, we left before the fireworks- the kids were just exhausted.  Even after our break and nap during the day!  Craig practically had to drag me out, I wanted to stay so badly!  But I just kept telling myself next time when they're older we'll stay!  Because we will definitely be back!

Next up- Universal Studios!

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